Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween HeroClix Fans!

We are very pleased to present to you all the most Halloween-y of figures from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix release, the Incredible Hulk.  Without further ado, let’s all give a warm welcome to Ghost Rider!

Ghost Rider begins play riding his demonic motorcycle into battle whipping at foes with his Hellfire-powered chain courtesy of Running Shot.  After his initial click, he changes tactics and leave his bike behind to engage his enemies fist-to-fist and face-to-face thanks to both Charge and Quake!  Speaking of Face-to-face, Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare allows him to deal penetrating damage to any figures he hits that have damaged a friendly figure since your last turn! Now that’s one special power that will surely make your opponent’s regret their actions!

Early -dial, Ghost Rider is protected from harm by first Toughness and then Invulnerability.  Mid- to late-dial Ghost Rider gains Poison and Plasticity, a potent combination that keeps Ghost Rider’s enemies near and potentially hurts them as well! Toughness makes a brief re-appearance and is then replaced with end-dial Regeneration, giving Ghost Rider the chance to return to his mid-dial Invulnerability clicks.

Ghost Rider also possesses two very useful Team abilities which reflect his demonic origins (the Mystics team ability) as well as his brief stint as a member of the “new” Fantastic Four! (Foreshadowing anyone?) At only 125 points, Ghost Rider is ready to bring judgement and vengeance to opposing figures everywhere with a great power selection and consistent combat values!

Thanks for joining us for this special Halloween preview! Be sure to to join us in the coming weeks for the rest of the all-new Fantastic Four! Trick or Treat!!!