Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Guardian of the Bifrost: Heimdall!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie preview takes us to the rainbow bridge Bifrost as we visit it’s guardian, Heimdall!


Heimdall opens his dial being able to Charge into combat, where he can deal his printed 3 damage, or opt to roll for Blades/Claws/Fangs, giving him a 50/50 chance to deal more damage!  Defensively, Heimdall has a special power in his damage slot called The All-Knowing, allowing Heimdall to use Super Senses to try and avoid an attack altogether.  Should the roll for Super Senses fail, Heimdall still benefits from his printed Invulnerability, reducing damage by 2!

Mid-dial, Heimdall changes half his powers as he can now use Phasing/Teleport to position himself where he can be the most useful to his force.  Blades/Claws/Fangs is less of gamble now as Heimdall has a printed 2 damage.  His special powerThe All-Knowing is still in place to try and avoid attacks, but his damage reducer is now Toughness.

End-dial, Heimdall keeps his mobility as he continues to use Phasing/Teleport for the rest of his dial.  For his last three clicks, Heimdall puts away his sword, and his special power, and uses his fists to pummel his foes in the form of Close Combat Expert.  Heimdall enters this ending stretch still using Toughness, and trades up to Impervious on his last click.  Also on his last click, Heimdall gets all of his highest stats back as he gives his all to defend Asgard !

Heimdall possesses the Indomitable combat ability, allowing him to use Willpower for his entire dial.  He also possesses a trait called The All-Seeing, that makes opposing characters modify their attack value by -3 when attacking Heimdall if they don’t occupy the square in which they began their turn.  The Asgardian, Deity, and Herald keywords are all on Heimdall, giving him a good selection of theme team options.   At 135 points, Heimdall is a solid, mobile brick of a figure to add to your forces!

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to come back next Wednesday when our Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie previews conclude with a scientist and his dark inner self!