Heroclix Preview The Dark Knight Rises

Gotham City’s Defenders: Lt. Jim Gordon and the GCPD!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises set continues today as we visit members of Gotham City’s police force.  Up first, please welcome the GCPD Riot Officer!


Featured in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the GCPD Riot Officer clocks in at 49 points and has two sets of powers and stats on its dial.  Both versions have the Gotham City and Police keywords, along with the Police team ability.

The rookie GCPD Riot Officer (011a) also has the Soldier keyword and begins play by alternating between Force Blast in its movement slot to push back angry mobs of Gothamites and Charge to rush into a mob and make a close-combat attack.  Defensively, the rookie GCPD Riot Officer starts with a nice, clean set of armored riot gear (Invulnerability).  That protection disappears for the character’s middle clicks but re-emerges as battered armor (Toughness) on its last two clicks.  Mid-dial, the rookie GCPD Riot Officer breaks out the tear gas canisters, represented by Smoke Cloud, to quell any disturbances.

In the rookie GCPD Riot Officer’s first three damage slots is a Minion special power, Coordinated Assault.  This power allows the GCPD Riot Officer to use the Police team ability without the need for adjacency if it is within eight squares of a higher-point character (friend or foe) that also possesses the Police team ability!

The experienced GCPD Riot Officer has developed a cruel streak and therefore drops the Soldier keyword in favor of the Brute keyword.  Crowd control for the experienced GCPD Riot Officer consists of using Charge to bulldoze into a crowd and attack any hooligans.  This power stays on the character’s dial for two clicks and is teamed with Quake in the attack slot, making it so the GCPD Riot Officer can knock back multiple opposing characters.  On the last three clicks of the GCPD Riot Officer’s dial is Flurry, for those times when two beatings are better than one! Defensively, the experienced GCPD Riot Officer relies upon its battle-tested riot gear (Toughness) for protection.

On the character’s last click, the GCPD Riot Officer has reached its breaking point (represented by Battle Fury in the damage slot) and resorts to using the billy club and a Tazer (represented as Blades/Claws/Fangs in the attack slot) to restore order to Gotham City.

When it comes to upholding the law in Batman’s city, Lt. Gordon has made quite a name for himself within the Gotham City Police Department!

From Batman Begins, Lt. Gordon comes in at 68 points and, appropriately, has the Police team ability and the Detective, Gotham City and Police keywords.

James Gordon’s ascent within the GCPD has been relatively quick so some Gothamites may think he still carries the rank of sergeant.  However, Leadership is on Lt. Gordon’s first click to represent his promotion.  Starting on his third click, Lt. Gordon picks up Perplex for the remainder of his dial to show that he’s got connections with a certain masked vigilante.  In his movement slot, Lt. Gordon has Running Shot to make use of his range of six.  Defensively, Lt. Gordon starts with two clicks of Willpower to show his determination in upholding the law in Gotham City.  Once he’s off those two clicks, his defensive power switches to Toughness to represent his police-issue Kevlar vest.

Lt. Gordon has a special power on all but the last click of his attack slot called Get These Men Into Position!  When Lt. Gordon is given an action to use this power, he and up to two adjacent friendly characters who possess the same team ability or keyword as Lt. Gordon can be given a move action as a free action.  These characters replace their speed value with Lt. Gordon’s unmodified speed value when moving in this manner.

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview!  Join us again this week as we continue to explore more exciting HeroClix releases!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KO’s!