Heroclix Preview Superman

For New Krypton!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our previews of the Superman “Battle for Smallville” Fast Forces pack with a spotlight on the Kryptonian Renegade!

The Kryptonian Renegade begins play maneuvering into battle and taking careful aim at her enemies thanks to Running Shot.  After her initial click she switches tactics slightly and goes on the offensive while alternating between Charge and Hypersonic Speed.  Super Strength provides a nice potential damage boost as the Kryptonian Renegade makes use of whatever objects may be littered across the battlefield.

Late-dial the Kryptonian Renegade exchanges Charge for Flurry as she hammers away at her foes.  Defensively, Invulnerability and Toughness alternate throughout her dial and help to protect her from harm.

At only 100 points, the Kryptonian Renegade boasts consistent combat values and great damage potential on most of her clicks of life.  The Superman Ally team ability and useful Keyword selection further increases her utility to your force.

Thanks for joining us today, be sure to check out all of the exciting HeroClix action online as we continue with previews later in the week.  Until then, be sure to keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!