Heroclix Preview Superman

Fists of Fury!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Now that we’ve returned to the 21st Century (after our recent visits with the Legion of Super Heroes), our first stop is to check in with the Great Ten’s resident master of the martial arts.  We are pleased to present the Seven Deadly Brothers!

The Seven Deadly Brothers begins play with Leap/Climb, allowing him to manuever into melee against the foes of the State, ignoring opposing figures and most terrain as he moves across the battlefield.  Combat Reflexes throughout his dial helps protect Seven Deadly Brothers from retaliatory close combat attacks while late-dial Flurry, and then Close Combat Expert, give Seven Deadly Brothers a greater opportunity to damage his opponents!

However, what really makes Seven Deadly Brothers a force to contend with is his ability to create multiples of himself, each a master of  different martial arts discipline, and coordinate attacks between them all! The 7 Deadly Brothers trait grants a bonus to his attack values if you control four or more figures names “Seven Deadly Brothers“! Or, if you control seven or more figures named “Seven Deadly Brothers“, all of his (their?) combat values are increased!

At 30 points, the Seven Deadly Brothers is an easy addition to your force.  Whether you want a capable and inexpensive tie-up piece or if you prefer to make him a force of one, the Seven Deadly Brothers will be sure to give your opponent pause!

Thanks for joining us today, be sure to join us later in the week as we continue to spotlight more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix release, Superman!