HALO Heroclix Preview

Double-Barrelled Action With the UNSC!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we check in again with the fighting men of the UNSC as they continue to hold the line agins the theocratic forces of the Covenant and the ever-present threat of the Flood! We begin our spotlight with the Spartan (Dual Magnums)!

The Spartan (Dual Magnums) begins play with Running Shot allowing him a greater chance to “first strike” against his targets, while Super Strength gives him the opportunity to grab an object while manuevering into position for his ranged attack.  With two targets at 6 range, the Spartan (Dual Magnums) can hedge his bets by going after his primary target as well as a backup just in case, and with his SAP-HP Ammo special power, the Spartan (Dual Magnums) has a one-in-three chance of his ranged combat damage becoming penetrating damage!

Early- to mid-dial the Spartan (Dual Magnums) gains his Double Pistol Whip special power which allows him to use Flurry, but that’s not all! If the Spartan (Dual Magnums) ends a ranged combat action within three squares of an opposing figure he targetted, he may immediately be placed adjacent to that figure and use Flurry with a locked damge value of 1!

The Spartan (Dual Magnums) initially enjoys a couple of clicks of Toughness for protection and then displays his Enhanced Reflexes courtesy of Super Senses.  Late-dial the Spartan (Dual Magnums) enjoys Willpower as he regains the use of Super Strength as well!

Next up in our assembly of two-gun fighting UNSC men, we have the Master Chief (Dual SMGs)!

Master Chief (Dual SMGs) also begins the game with Running Shot as he moves in for the attack aginst his foes! Energy Explosion and two targets at 5 range gives the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) the opportunity to potentially attack several enemies at once while early-dial Leadership gives him the chance to make the most of your actions each turn! Meanwhile, the Indomitable ability ensures that you will get the most out of the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) as he acts on consecutive turns without fear of pushing damage!

After his initial click of Leadership, his I Make My Own Luck special power allows the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) to use Probability Control on his own attack rolls throughout the rest of his dial.  Late-dial Master Chief (Dual SMGs) goes on the offensive in melee with Flurry, all the while his attack values don’t dip below a 9!

Initially, Invulnerability, and then Toughness, grants the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) some protection from harm while Super Senses rounds out his defensive powers towards the end of his dial.

Lastly, both the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) and Spartan (Dual Magnums) possess the UNSC team ability and the Grenades special ability, making each (or both!) a welcome addition to ranged combat-oriented teams!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to check in later this week as we preview the Covenant’s Elite!