DC HeroClix: World’s Finest – Ragman

Published on January 15th, 2016

Greetings HeroClix fans,

Welcome to a preview from the magical side of the DC universe in the upcoming DC HeroClix: World’s Finest set! Today, we’re looking at one of Gotham City’s defenders and member of the Shadowpact, Ragman!

DC HeroClix: World’s Finest- Ragman

­­Ragman is a 6 click piece, and comes in at 70 points – a bargain for what he brings to the table. To start, he can be played on themed teams featuring the Gotham City, Mystical, and Shadowpact keywords – two of which have significant representation in this set, increasing the possibility of being able to reap the benefits of a themed team in a sealed event. Ragman also has the Mystics team ability, allowing him to deal 1 damage back to an attacker who dealt damage to him.

Let’s explore the powers that Ragman possesses to truly see his staying power. To start, he has a trait called Collecting Souls for Redemption, which states that at the beginning of the game, and whenever an opposing character is KO’d, you’ll place a Soul token on Ragman’s card. You can, in turn, use those Soul tokens by giving Ragman a free action to remove a token, thereby modifying his combat values by +1 until your next turn.

Aside from that trait, Ragman brings some significant standard powers to the mix as well. He has nearly a full dial of Steal Energy, meaning that, ideally, he’ll be able to heal up on almost every click if he successfully deals damage on a close attack. With that, he also has Phasing/Teleport, Toughness, Super Senses, Regeneration, Exploit Weakness, and the always necessary Probability Control. Rory also has a special movement power on the first three clicks of his dial called Skulking From Shadows to Rooftops, which grants Ragman the use of both Leap/Climb and Stealth.

But, that’s not all for today, ‘Clix fans! Visit the WizKids Facebook to see Scott Porter unboxing a booster from the DC HeroClix: World’s Finest set each day, leading up to the Pre-Release! Find stores near you hosting the DC HeroClix: World’s Finest Pre-Release Events and Release Day OP Events in the WizKids Event System today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at one Gotham City’s mystical defenders. While not as well-known as the Batman, Ragman has enjoyed a successful career fighting evil and injustice in the dark alleys of the city, as well as defending the mystical realm as part of the Shadowpact. Until next time, may all your Regen rolls be sixes!

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