DC HeroClix: World's Finest

DC HeroClix: World’s Finest – DeSaad

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview article of the DC HeroClix: World’s Finest set features a character from Scott Porter’s latest unboxing video. It takes us to the searing fire pits of Apokolips, where we meet Darkseid’s head torturer and a character who hasn’t been seen since the very first DC HeroClix set, Hypertime.  Tread carefully around the treacherous DeSaad!

DC HeroClix: World’s Finest - DeSaad

DeSaad has the standard movement, attack, defense and damage symbols, and can shoot two targets up to seven squares away.  DeSaad can be added to your force for 75 points, which leaves you with plenty of room to add attackers and support characters.  DeSaad has a quartet of keywords (Apokolips, Deity, New Gods, and Scientist) available for you if you choose to include him on a themed team.  DeSaad also has a trait, Serve the Strongest Leader, which takes effect at the beginning of the game.  Serve the Strongest Leader makes the highest-point friendly character on the map not named DeSaad the Master.  When DeSaad’s Master damages one or more opposing characters and actions resolve, you may remove an action token from DeSaad.

The Master comes into play with one of DeSaad’s special powers, Cowering ServatorCowering Servator lets DeSaad use Toughness.  Additionally, when DeSaad is targeted by an attack and his Master is within seven squares, you may choose to replace DeSaad’s defense value with the printed defense value of his Master.  DeSaad’s other special power is called Innovative Sadist and allows him to use Outwit.  When he does, after actions resolve he can use Perplex targeting the same opposing character.

As we look at the rest of DeSaad’s dial, we see that he starts and ends his speed slot with Phasing/Teleport to easily get him in or out of a fight.  Sandwiched between those clicks of Phasing/Teleport is a short run of Stealth, so choose a map with hindering terrain to help keep lines of fire from being drawn to DeSaad.  Defensively, DeSaad has Cowering Servator on all but his last click, which features Regeneration to potentially heal you to better clicks.  In DeSaad’s attack slot, he starts with two clicks of Energy Explosion, a standard power which makes good use of his ability to target multiple opponents.  Those two clicks are followed by three clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast to help you get past damage-reducing powers.  Finally, DeSaad’s damage slot starts with two clicks of Innovative Sadist, followed by three clicks of standard Outwit.

Again, DeSaad shouldn’t be your force’s primary attacker but he can dish out a few clicks of damage when needed, thanks to Energy Explosion and Penetrating/Psychic Blast in his attack slot.  DeSaad’s main role on your force should be to disrupt opposing characters’ plans through the use of Innovative Sadist and Outwit.  If DeSaad does find himself the target of attacks, make sure to stay within 7 squares of his Master on order to borrow his printed defense value through Cowering Servator. DeSaad plays very well paired with some of his other denizens of Apokolips that were seen in the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set such as the Brimstone colossal, Steppenwolf and Brutaal.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we reveal more exciting characters and highlight strategies and team builds from the DC HeroClix: World’s Finest set! Keep a look out on the WizKids Facebook for more unboxing videos with Scott Porter.