DC HeroClix: World's Finest

DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest – Doom Patrol

Greetings HeroClix fans,

Welcome to a deeper dive into the DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest set! Today, we’re going to flex our team building muscles, and bring you a 300-point build featuring the Doom Patrol!

The first thing we need to cover with the Doom Patrol is that each of them have a trait called Weird Resurrection. This trait states that the first time any of these characters would be KO’d this game, instead roll 2d6 that can’t be rerolled. You then turn them to the click number equal to the result. For the members of our team with a blue starting line, you will add 4 to the result of your roll, with a maximum result of 12. While this trait isn’t a guarantee that your team will be sticking around long term, it certainly adds a tremendous amount of potential longevity to this five-character team!

DC Comics HeroClix: World's Finest - Doom Patrol Robotman

Up first, being played at his 50-point blue starting line, is Clifford Steele – aka, Robotman! On this version of the character, he has 4 clicks of life, each designed to make Robotman a close combat menace! Starting with Charge before his dial segues into Sidestep, Cliff couples each of those abilities with Quake, meaning he’s able to get into position (or attempting to reposition himself) each turn, while being able to attack numerous foes at the same time. In addition to that, he also has four full clicks of both Toughness and Close Combat Expert, representing Robotman’s ability to take a bit of damage, and dish out more than his fair share in a one-on-one scrap!

DC Comics HeroClix: World's Finest - Doom Patrol Mento

Next, we have Mento, a character who can control the board in a multitude of ways through manipulation or ranged offense. First, Mento possesses a range of 7 squares with two targets, allowing him to see nearly a third of a standard map! With that range comes a myriad of powers, such as Telekinesis, Incapacitate, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Outwit. However, his real bread and butter is his special movement power, which appears on all five clicks of his dial, called Mento-Intensifier. This power states that Mento can use both Mind Control and Phasing/Teleport. And when he uses Mind Control, you’re able to choose one of the following – increase his attack value by +2 (putting him between an 11 or 12 each click), or give hit characters an action token after actions resolve!

DC Comics HeroClix: World's Finest - Doom Patrol Negative Man

Next, we have a character who appears for the first time as a HeroClix figure– Negative Man! A 75-point piece featuring 5 clicks of life, Negative Man has a fairly straight forward standard power set – Stealth, Poison, Willpower, and Perplex – but where he truly takes shape is with his traits. Up first is his trait Negative Spirit, which states that Negative Man can be given a power action to place adjacent to him a Negative Spirit bystander, if there isn’t one already on the map. Additionally, he has the Hollow Man trait, which says that when a friendly Negative Spirit is not on the map, Negative Man deals penetrating damage. Conversely, when there is a friendly Negative Spirit on the map, Negative Man can’t be given move actions. Of course, that Negative Spirit bystander isn’t without it’s own powers, having both Poison and Super Senses, and a special power called Negatively-Charged Energy Being, which allows it to use Phasing/Teleport. And, when it is given a move action, after actions resolve, it may make a close combat attack as a free action, targeting any one opposing character occupying a square it moved through. Couple all that with the Spirit’s 60 Seconds trait, which states that Negative Spirit deals penetrating damage – but, when it isn’t within 6 squares of a friendly character named Negative Man, immediately KO it.

DC Comics HeroClix: World's Finest - Doom Patrol Elasti-girl

The next member of our team is a former Olympian and actress Elasti-Girl, represented by her 50-point, 4-click version. The first thing we need to cover with Elasti-Girl is her trait, Protoplasmic Physiology, which states that at the beginning of your turn, you may choose to have Elasti-Girl use the Tiny Size, Giant-Size, or Colossal Size combat symbols. If you do, Elasti-Girl has that chosen symbol until she chooses again. If she chooses the Tiny Size symbol, her combat values are modified by -1. Conversely, if she chooses the Colossal Size symbol, her combat values are modified by +1. Along with all of that, Elasti-Girl possesses the following standard powers – Charge, Shape Change, Super Senses, Perplex, and Close Combat Expert. She also has a special power called Malleable Form on the last two clicks of her life, which allows Elasti-Girl to use both Combat Reflexes and Regeneration.

DC18 WF 051 The Chief

Finally, we come to the leader of the team, The Chief. At 50 points, The Chief is all about versatility for his teammates. He possesses only two standard powers – Stealth and Support – but more than makes up for that with three special powers. First, on movement, is Assemble the Outcasts and Freaks, which states The Chief can be given a free action to choose a friendly character within a range of 6 squares and line of fire – that character can use Sidestep this turn. Next, on defense, is Secret Mastermind of their Creation, which states that The Chief can use Mastermind, and when he does, adjacent friendly characters are considered to be a lower point value. Finally, we come to his special damage power, called Protect You From Yourselves. This power states that The Chief can use both Outwit and Perplex. When he does, you may choose a friendly character within 6 squares that shares a keyword, and The Chief can count range and lines of fire from that friendly character’s square. At the end of your turn, if The Chief didn’t use Outwit, you may choose a character within 6 squares that shares a keyword with him, and that character’s powers and abilities cannot be countered until your next turn!

So here you have our take on the legendary Doom Patrol! At 300 points, you have a ton of options, running at lower point values, or instead opting for longer dials and heavier damage. Of course, at 400 and 500 point builds, you can run a mixture of full and partial dials, or even include the other Doom Patrol team member in this set— Crazy Jane. There are a myriad of options and builds you can create for the Doom Patrol, each utilizing different strategies and abilities. How would you build your version of the team?

Until next time, keep on ‘Clixing!