DC HeroClix Monthly OP

DC HeroClix 2014 Gen13 Monthly OP Kit: Sarah Rainmaker!



Greetings HeroClix fans!

Thanks for joining us for the next preview in the DC HeroClix: Gen13 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit!

This figure from the Organized Play kit can be used with the Gen13 team base found in the DC HeroClix: The Teen Titans set. Today’s figure is Sarah Rainmaker, let’s find out whether or not she can weather the storm.


Sarah Rainmaker is an inexpensive 80 points that has the Flight combat symbol and a 6 range with 3 targets. This will work great with her top 3 clicks of Energy Explosion! In addition, her top 2 clicks have the same powers. Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Perplex. The Perplex really gives her some great options for attacking your opponents force.

Sarah Rainmaker has the trait Psionically Controlled Water that states if Sarah Rainmaker is occupying water terrain, she can use Barrier as a free action. When she does she may place the blocking terrain markers in water terrain. Map choice to be able use her trait can really be important so you may want to have a theme team. Her only keyword is Gen13 and choices to make a theme team, while limited, are great. Used with a team base

Click 3 of Sarah Rainmaker’s dial changes her Running Shot to Force Blast and she loses Perplex. She also changes her Energy Shield/Deflection to the special power Sheets of Rain that says Sarah Rainmaker can use Willpower. Sarah Rainmaker and adjacent friendly characters can’t be targeted by opposing characters 5 or more squares away. Willpower is great for pushing, but the other part of this power can be used really strategically as well. A map with water terrain will give her free use of Barrier and this special power can force your opponent to come closer to you. Characters with higher range values or close combat bricks would be great to pair up with her. Her last 2 clicks have Penetrating/Psychic Blast, so if your opponent wants to target her, they have to be in her range as well.

Overall Sarah Rainmaker is a very strong secondary attacker and with her powers can offer herself as a strong support character as well. Lastly, while Sarah Rainmaker is attached to the team base, instead of (the DC HeroClix: Teen Titan’s version of) Sarah Rainmaker’s Asset power it uses the following one: T004 Gen13 This team character can use Running Shot.

Thanks for weathering this preview and be sure to stay close by for the next reveal from the DC HeroClix: 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit!