DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Suicide Squad Strategy Article!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we take a look at more team builds from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!  Today, we blur the line that separates heroes and villains and build a 300-point team utilizing the Suicide Squad keyword.  First, let’s start with a character found in the Justice League – Trinity War set, Copperhead!


Copperhead comes in at 70 points and makes for an excellent tie-up piece as he starts his dial with two clicks of Phasing/Teleport, then a pair of Plasticity clicks, and ends with two clicks of Sidestep.  Copperhead also can use the Swim combat ability, which allows him to ignore water terrain when he moves.

As a tie-up piece, Copperhead makes it difficult to land attacks on him.  He starts his dial with defense values of 17 and two clicks of Shape Change and Super Senses to double his changes at evading attacks.  Shape Change remains on Copperhead’s third click but defensively he switches to Combat Reflexes to buff up his defenses to 18s in close combat.

Like his namesake, Copperhead can be deadly when he strikes.  He starts his attack track with two clicks of a special power called Venomous Bite that lets him use Flurry and Incapacitate.  When Copperhead uses Flurry and hits the same character with both attacks, give that character an action token.  Venomous Bite is followed by three clicks of Poison before returning on Copperhead’s last click.

For themed team play beyond the Suicide Squad keyword, Copperhead has the Animal, Gotham City Underworld, and Secret Society of Super Villains keywords.

Our next Suicide Squad member is Fiddler from the DC HeroClix: Flash set!  At 76 points and with a range of seven squares, Fiddler adds a medley of ranged attacks and defensive strength to our force, starting with his Improved Targeting ability, I’ll Get In Your Bones, which lets him ignore elevated terrain and characters when he draws line of fire.


On the first two clicks of his dial, Fiddler starts with a special power called Let the Rhythm Move You which lets him use Mind Control and Sidestep.  Defensively on those first two clicks, Fiddler can use Defend through another special power, Sonic Force Bubble.  Additionally, Sonic Force Bubble modifies the defense values by +1 of adjacent friendly characters with a lower point value.  You may want to keep Fiddler and Copperhead close to one another so that the latter can enjoy a +1 bump to his defenses in addition to his use of Super Senses and Shape Change!

In addition to the Suicide Squad keyword, Fiddler has the Celebrity, Injustice Society and Secret Six keywords.

Pied piper

The next chair on our 300-point Suicide Squad symphony belongs to Pied Piper, who also comes from the DC HeroClix: Flash set and has a point value of 76 points.  Like Fiddler, Pied Piper has a range of seven squares and should play the role of ranged attacker on your force.

On Pied Piper’s first three clicks he has the combination of Running Shot and the special power Hypnotic TonesHypnotic Tones lets Pied Piper use Pulse Wave and lowers the damage values of hit characters by -1 until your next turn.  Additionally, Pied Piper can immediately use Mind Control as a free action to make a close combat attack with an area of effect that includes any hit opposing characters.  On those same three clicks, Pied Piper has Enhancement as an option when he’s not using Pulse Wave through Hypnotic Tones.  You can end Pied Piper’s Running Shot movement adjacent to Fiddler, then the latter can enjoy the +1 bonus to his damage value from Enhancement when he makes a ranged combat attack.

For theme team building purposes, Pied Piper has only the Rogues keyword.  Wait, what?  How can he be on a Suicide Squad keyword theme team?  Let’s introduce the last member of our 300-point team, Amanda Waller!

Also from the DC HeroClix: Flash set, Amanda Waller has a point value of 60.  Amanda Waller has a trait, Special Recruit, which reads, “When you build your force, choose a character with the Arkham Asylum, Injustice League, Rogues, Secret Society of Super Villains or Society keyword.  That character has the Suicide Squad keyword this game.”  Welcome to the Suicide Squad, Pied Piper!

This Suicide Squad force comes in at a total of 282 points, which leaves plenty of room for tactics such as bystander tokens, resources or special objects.