DC HeroClix: Batman - Arkham Origins

DC HeroClix Arkham Origins: Copperhead!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

We continue our previews from the DC HeroClix: Batman – Arkham Origins set by spotlighting an assassin with a serpentine set of powers!  Please welcome Copperhead!


Copperhead comes into play at 115 points and has a trait called Hired Assassin, which reads: “During your first turn, choose an opposing character.  If Copperhead KO’s that character, you score an additional 50 victory points.”  The slinky Copperhead also has an Improved Movement ability called Serpentine Stalker which allows her to ignore hindering terrain and characters when moving.

Like her namesake, Copperhead is quick to strike at those who oppose her so her dial begins with two clicks of Charge and Exploit Weakness that are backed by attack values of 10.  Super Senses with defense values of 17 lets Copperhead potentially evade attacks.

Once Copperhead has cut the distance between her and her opponent, she has a special power in the opening clicks of her attack slot called Hallucinogenic Poisons that can keep the damage flowing.  Hallucinogenic Poisons lets Copperhead use Poison.  Additionally, Copperhead can be given a power action to choose an adjacent opposing character.  That character is dealt 1 penetrating damage and is given a Poison token (if it doesn’t already have one).  Even if Hallucinogenic Poisons is lost, characters with a Poison token modify their attack and damage values by -1 until they are given a power action to remove the token.

Copperhead has the Calculator team ability and three keywords:  Arkham Asylum, Assassin, and Gotham City Underworld.  With a set of combat values that don’t drop too quickly and the Hallucinogenic Poisons power to weaken opposing characters, Copperhead makes a viable choice as a secondary attacker.

We can have some fun with the Poison power by pairing Copperhead with #047 Doctor Phosphorus from the DC HeroClix: Batman set.  For players who are new to HeroClix, let’s look at the power as it’s described on the 2013 Powers and Abilities Card (available in the Rules section):

POISON At the beginning of your turn, give this character a free action and deal 1 damage to each adjacent opposing character.

Doctor Phosphorus, like Copperhead, has a dial with an abundance of PoisonDoctor Phosphorus’ first four clicks feature the Burning Touch special power, which lets him use Poison; however, he may be given the free action to activate the power at any time during your turn.  Doctor Phosphorus ends his dial with standard use of Poison.

Doctor Phosphorus and Copperhead share the Arkham Asylum keyword.  Additionally, Doctor Phosphorus comes in at 92 points and has the Batman Enemy team ability, which Copperhead can copy in order to lend her attack values.

Since Poison requires the character to get close to an opponent in order to deal damage from the power, the tandem of Doctor Phosphorus and Copperhead could use some help in keeping their powers from being countered by Outwit or their combat values from being adversely modified by Perplex.  Enter #039 Hugo Strange from the DC HeroClix: Batman set, whose I Know You As Myself trait prevents other characters within 4 squares from using Outwit or PerplexHugo Strange also has Outwit on his opening clicks, which can come in handy when you need to counter a defensive power prior to triggering damage from Poison.

Hugo Strange makes an ideal teammate for Doctor Phosphorus and Copperhead as he has the Arkham Asylum keyword, Batman Enemy team ability, and comes in at 89 points.  This brings our trio to 296 points!

We’ve avoided talking about the rest of Copperhead’s dial long enough.  Let’s get back to the show!

At the heart of Copperhead’s dial she retains Exploit Weakness for a click before switching to Shape Change, which stays for the remainder of her dial.  Copperhead also switches from Charge to three clicks of Stealth as she awaits her next opportunity to strike.  On those same three clicks, Copperhead drops Hallucinogenic Poisons in favor of standard PoisonCombat Reflexes appears for two clicks before she regains Super Senses for two clicks.

Copperhead’s last two clicks are highlighted by the return of Hallucinogenic Poisons and the addition of Sidestep.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Batman – Arkham Origins preview as we look at a villain with a penchant for pyrotechnics.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KO’s!