Heroclix Preview Superman


Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we journey to the forboding planet of Apokalips! However,this vile and evil planet is not our ultimate goal, rather we seek it’s dread lord and master, Darkseid!

Darkseid begins play manuevering himself and others into position thanls to his Boom Tube Invasion special power.  This power allows Darkseid to use Phasing/Teleport and carry up to three friendly figures as he does, regardless of their speed symbols! And if that weren’t enough of a benefit, if one of those figures is less than 125 points and shares a keyword with Darkseid, that carried figure may still take a non-free action after being carried! Not only can Darkseid carry along fodder for his Mastermind, but he can also bring along another attacker as well!

Darkseid enjoys an eleven range value with Penetrating/Psychic Blast to represent his deadly Omega Beams while his high attack and damage values do the rest! There aren’t many foes that can resist that much penetrating damage and since Darkseid also possesses the Quintessence team ability, he’s going to be doing his fair share of attacking his enemies! The Quintessence team abiilty also protects the Dark Lord of Apokalips from opposing figures attempting to counter his powers but they are not so lucky! Darkseid’s Outwit is sure to aid him as he quests for nothing less than total domination!

Early- to mid-dial Darkseid enjoys protection from harm thanks to Impervious and then late dial he switches to Invulnerability while he also adds Mind Control to his repertoire, representing his more subtle manipulations of his enemies.  Toward the end of his dial, Darkseid resorts to standard Phasing/Teleport as he returns to Mastermind to protect him.  Lastly, his Stony Lord of Apokalips trait allows him to ignore 1 damage whenever Penetrting damage is dealt to him!

At 267 points, Darkseid is a hefty portion of your team but he brings the fight to the enemy as few can! With an aggressive power selection at his disposal, and excellent and consistent combat values, Darkseid is sure to make his foes cower in his presence!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview as much as we! That’s all we have for today but be sure to join us next week as delve even deeper into DC HeroClix: Superman!