Galactic Guardians Heroclix Preview

Cosmic Powered Defender!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of the Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians set as conclude our lineup of Defenders, the shiny, bald man himself, the Silver Surfer!


As do all the Defenders in Galactic Guardians, the Silver Surfer begins play with a trait designed to help his team move around called Defenders, Ride with Me, allowing the Silver Surfer to carry up to two single-base characters regardless of their combat symbols or possessing Battle Fury.  When Silver Surfer carries only characters with the Defenders keyword or team ability, modify his speed value by +2.  That’s a taxi for your team!

The Silver Surfer begins play with some of the greatest first strike capabilities in a long time as he has an 8 range to go with his 12 movement, and movement special power, A Distress Call Half a Galaxy Away, which allows Silver Surfer to use Running Shot, but he doesn’t halve his speed value when using it!  This special power is on his first two clicks with a printed 10 attack and 4 damage!  Invulnerability will protect him from some counter attack.

Once past his special power, Silver Surfer gains other options on his next two clicks in the form of the always popular move and attack power Hypersonic Speed, or the ability to make damage stick with Penetrating/Psychic Blast!  A click of Impervious protects the Silver Surfer before switching back to Invulnerability for 2 more clicks.

Mid-dial, the Silver Surfer starts a trend he keeps for the rest of his dial by alternating powers on his movement and damage slots.  Hypersonic Speed is on the even clicks of the Silver Surfer, and swaps places with Phasing/Teleport on the odd number clicks.  On his damage slot, the Silver Surfer shows his use of the Power Cosmic to heal others in the form of Support on his even number slots, while his odd number slots show how he uses it to empower others in the form of Perplex.

Offensively, the Silver Surfer has two more clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast on clicks numbers 6 and 8.  Defensively, the Silver Surfer has one more click of Impervious, and closes out his dial with a run of 3 clicks of Toughness.   The Silver Surfer possesses the Annihilators, Cosmic, Defenders, and Herald keywords, giving him plenty of theme team building options.   The Silver Surfer also possesses the Defenders team ability to share defenses as well as use the benefits of their traits as well as share his own, and the Power Cosmic team ability, preventing his powers from being outwitted and preventing pushing damage.  At 236 points, the Silver Surfer will be a large chuck of your force in smaller games, or a great corner stone in higher point games.

Thanks for reading, and join us next Wednesday as we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie expansion as we visit the halls of Asgard to check in with a master of the sword, and the ladies.  Be sure to come back Friday as we continue our previews of Marvel Heroclix: Galactic Guardians as we check in with some high ranking officials in a galactic congregation.