Captain America Heroclix Preview

Commandos and Superspies!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we preview a little of the past and the present, beginning in the halcyon days of World War II and moving right along to the modern age! That’s right! In bold Friday tradition we have a two-for-one preview today and we begin our article with the Howling Commando!

At 29 points, the Howling Commando is easy to fit on many teams.  Charge allows the Howling Commando to manuever in close for attacks while Combat Reflexes helps protect him from the inevitiable hand-to-hand retaliation.  Late-dial, the Commando demonstrates his handiness with a blade in close combat with Blades/Claws/Fangs.

The Howling Commando picks up a new trick on his second click; theWait to Shoot ’til I Tell Ya special power provides the Howling Commando with some extra “pepper” for more potent ranged combat attacks when within 8 squares of their intrepid leader, Nick Fury!

Nick Fury is every bit the capable warrior at 109 points.  Early-dial Fury demonstrates his aptitude for manuevering his forces into position and getting the most out of them with his You Have Your Orders, Now Move! special power.  Fury’s special power allows him to command from the shadows with Stealth, and if he’s given a move action you can remove an action token from friendly figures that were also given move actions who share a named keyword with Fury.

Dedicated to the missions and not one for sentimentality, Mastermind allows Nick Fury to pass damage off to friendly figures and his talent for exploiting his foes’ weaknesses is represented by Outwit.  Mid-dial, Fury’s Mastermind is replaced by Toughness as he demonstrates the tenacity he’s famous for.

Toward the end of the dial, Nick Fury gets more involved in the fight as he uses Running Shot to manuever into position while Enhancement allows Fury to get the most out of his troops and their attacks.  Lastly, end-dial Regenerate gives Nick Fury the chance to keep striking at his enemies!

With consistent combat values and  great selection of powers, Nick Fury will be the ideal choice when leading your force into battle against the opposition!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us next week as we check in with a certain savate-master from Marseille.  Until then, keep on clix’ing everyone!