Heroclix Preview Superman

Born Under a Bad Sign

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we spotlight none other than the self-proclaimed Prophet of Darksied, the man who would remake the villainous Society is his dread master’s image, Libra!

Working behind the scenes for years, Libra begins play lurking in the shadows thanks to Stealth while his charismatic mystique is represented a number of ways.  Firstly, his Uniting Leader special power modifies his attack value by +1 if he is the highest point character on your force at any time, and Leadership allows you to further take advantage of adjacent lower point teammates as Libra potentially removes action tokens from them.

Some initial clicks of Mastermind allows Libra to further exploit, er-, get the most of his followers while early- to mid-dial Steal Energy helps keep Libra on his first few clicks.  Mid-dial Libra picks up some new tricks in the form of Mind Control as he deftly sways more heroes and villains to his cause, while Probability Control represents his visions of a future to come!

Toughness and then Energy Shield/Deflection, replace his initial Mastermind as Libra demonstrates his tenacity to see Lord Darkseid’s vision to fruition.  Late-dial, Libra gains enhanced battlefield mobility as he picks up Phasing/Teleport while Exploit Weakness represents his willingness to strike his foes where the damage will be greatest.

Lastly, Libra’s Prophetic Manipultion trait allows him to further stymie his foes by forcing a reroll should his selected target attack a friendly figure of Libra’s choosing!

Thank you for joining us today, and be sure to check in later this week as we continue to spotlight some more of your favorite characters in HeroClix!