Heroclix Lord Of The Rings Preview

Beware the Many Colors of Saruman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we visit the once-beautiful plains of Isengard and seek audience with the wizard once charged with protecting Middle-Earth from the return of Sauron.  Unfortunately his corruption by the Lidless Eye has endangered all of the realms of the Free Peoples.  We can only be talking about the Wizard of Many Colors, Saruman!

Saruman begins play with his true allegiances hidden; content to strike from the shadows, Saruman is difficult to target with ranged attacks thanks to a full dial of Stealth and early-dial Smoke Cloud gives Saruman even more opportunities to obfuscate his opponent’s path (and line of fire to him).  Meanwhile his Palantir special power allows Saruman to use Outwit and Probability Control to further hinder his enemies.

Mid-dial Saruman goes on the offensive courtesy of his Embrace Your Own Destruction special power.  Embrace Your Own Destruction allows Saruman to use both Poison and Pulse Wave, making him a threat to foes both near and far! Late-dial Saruman adds Exploit Weakness to his arsenal as he uses more of his magic to find the fatal flaws in his opponents’ defenses.

Initially Saruman enjoys protection from Invulnerability, while mid- to late-dial Toughness and then Super Senses help protect the former White Wizard from harm.

Lastly, Saruman’s An Army Worthy of Mordor epic ability allows him to potentially make his allies’ attacks deal penetrating damage with a high enough attack roll!

At 167 points, Saruman is a ruthless and dangerous addition for your force.  With his consistent combat values and useful power selection, he will be sure to find ways to frustrate and endanger your opponents’ teams!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick visit to Isengard.  Join us later this week as we continue with a powerful minion of the White Hand! Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!