HALO Heroclix Preview

Beware the Flood!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Accidentally released upon an unsuspecting universe by the Convenant, these creatures represent a significant threat to the galaxy and to the forces of the UNSC! We are pleased (and maybe a little scared!) to present the Flood Infection!

At only 33 points, the Flood Infection seems harmless enough, however underestimating the Flood is what makes it so dangerous! The Flood Infection begins play with Leap/Climb allowing them to move aggressively ignoring terrain and other figures in the way of its prey! The Swarm special power allows the Flood Infection to use Poison but if that’s not bad enough, this special power also grants a +1 bonus to the Flood Infection’s attack value for each friendly chracter adjacent to it! Willpower on the first two clicks allows the Flood Infection to repeat its attacks as it searches for a new host form!

Late-dial the Flood Infection becomes a double-threat; in close combat it attacks with Flurry or the Flood Infection can instead use its deadly bursting attack with Pulse Wave for a range of 2! Regardless of which choice is made, the Flood Infection is going to make things uncomfortable for its victims!

The Flood’s threat doesn’t end there though! Next up we have an example of what happens when they’re able to take hold and infect a sentient with the Infected Elite!

The Infected Elite begins play laying in wait to ambush its foes with its Camouflaged Combat Form special power.  This special power grants the use of Stealth and also Charge, meaning the Infected Elite can not only hide from its foes, but also go on the offensive when necessary! An opening click of Super Senses helps protect the Infected Elite as it uses what is left of its active camouflaging tech.

Early- to mid-dial, the Infected Elite moves into the melee and switches tactics by first picking up Toughness and then Combat Reflexes.  Late-dial, the Infected Elite also gains Flurry, demonstrating its deadliness in close combat and Shape Change which represents its ever-shifting form!

At only 55 points, the Infected Elite has seven clicks of life and a consistent combat dial, and makes a great secondary swarm-styled attacker (particularly when paired with the Flood Infection above).  The Monster keyword on both figures makes each an excellent addition to a variety of strategies and thematic play!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later in the week as we continue our exploration of HALO HeroClix!