HALO Heroclix Preview

Beware the Covenant and Their Prophets

Greeting HeroClix Fans!

Today we have two previews for you from the forces of the Covenant.  We begin our spotlight into their theocratic forces with the Brute (Brute Shot)!

The Brute (Brute Shot) begins play manuevering into the fray thanks to his Running Shot, while Energy Explosion and the Grenade ability allow him to potentially damage multiple foes at once! Early-dial Outwit gives the Brute (Brute Shot) the opportunity to counter a critical power on an enemy figure, either for his attack or for that of a friendly figure, or simply remove the enemy’s ability to launch a counterstrike by decreasing their options with a carefully-selected Outwit!

Mid- to late-dial the Brute (Brute Shot) picks up the always-useful combo of Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs allowing him to get in close to his foes and potentilly deal up to 6 clicks of damage to them! And with only one click with an attack value less than 8, the Brute (Brute Shot) is definitely going to make his presence known to opposing figures!

Almost a full dial of Toughness helps protect the Brute (Brute Shot) from retaliatory attacks and at 93 points his Covenant team ability allows him to carry up to two other Covenant figures so long as they have a lower point value.

However, a lower point value will not be found on our next figure, the legendary and highly-revered Prophet of Regret!

The Prophet of Regret begins play moving unhindered by terrain and opposing figures thanks to his Flight ability and early-dial Phasing/Teleport.  Once he’s in position, his Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows him to cut through the strongest defense as he fires away at the enemy from up to 8 squares away.  Meanwhile the Prophet of Regret’s I WILL Complete My Sermon! special power grants him the use of both Perplex and Probability Control allowing him to alter the odds of the battle in his favor!

The Prophet of Regret enjoys an opening click of Impervious while the majority of his early- to mid-dial he is instead protected by Imvulnerability.  Late-dial the Shield of Faith special power reduces all damage from ranged attcks to 0 against the Prophet of Regret.  Furthermore, Shield of Faith is a great compliment to the Prophet of Regret’s Quake which allows him to knock opposing figures away from base contact.

Lastly, the Covenant team ability and his 150 point value allows the Prophet to carry along plenty of protection to further dissuade opposing figures from getting to close or being able to draw a clean line of fire.

Thanks for joining us for this special double Covenant preview.  Join us again next week for even more figures from the upcoming HALO HeroClix release!