HALO Heroclix Preview

Beware the Covenant!

Greetings HeroClix Fan!

We continue our exploration of HALO HeroClix with a sneak-peek at the forces of the Covenant today.  The Covenant is a dangerous and implacable foe, and their warriors are some of the deadliest the galaxy has ever seen and the Jackal (Beam Rifle) is no exception!

At only 50 points, the Jackal (Beam Rifle) is an efficient little addition to your Covenant teams.  Leap/Climb allows the Jackal (Beam Rifle) to manuever into position unhindered by terrain and opposing figures, while his Sniper special power grants the Jackal (Beam Rifle) the use of Stealth and Energy Shield/Deflection, providing a double layered defense against ranged attacks!

A top click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows the Jackal (Beam Rifle) to bypass his target’s damage-reducing powers, but that’s not all! The Jackal (Beam Rifle) also possesses the Particle Accelerator special power, allowing it to potentially ignore walls and blocking terrain for the duration of the turn! With a 9 range value, the Jackal (Beam Rifle) will definitely be a ranged combat asset to your force!

Our next preview is no less deadly at a distance, and remains equally dangerous in close range! We present the Elite (Carbine)!

The Elite (Carbine) could almost be the big brother to the Jackal (Plasma Rifle), especially considering how closely their skillsets align! An intial click of Stealth hides the Elite (Carbine) as he moves into position for the killshot.  Once in position, the Concentrated Fire special power allows the Elite (Carbine) to make a second ranged attack against his target provided his initial attack rolls succeeds and and is doubles!

The Anti-Armor Ammunition special power gives the Elite (Carbine) a 50% chance that his ranged attack will deal penetrating damage which is particularly useful when paired with his Sharpshooter ability, allowing him to make ranged attcks against adjacent opposing figures!

After the Elite’s (Carbine) top click it picks up Leap/Climb, allowing it to manuever away from foes or into position for a better shot.  Super Senses and Toughness protect the Elite (Carbine) from attacks early- to mid-dial, and late-dial Willpower and Exploit Weakness ensure that even on its least legs, the Elite (Carbine) remains a deadly foe!

The Elite (Carbine) also adds one to the Grenade pool and allows you to select to use Flashbang and Thermite Grenades against your enemies! Lastly, the Covenant team ability allows the Elite (Carbine) to move and carry friendly Covenant pieces, like the Jackal (Beam Rifle) above, into battle!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to join us next week as we continue to spotlight more figures from our upcoming release of HALO HeroClixavailable everywhere HeroClix is sold!