HALO Heroclix Preview

Battle Rifles at the Ready!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our HALO HeroClix preview series with a pair of hardened fighting men from the UNSC beginnning with the Spartan (Battle Rifle)!

The Spartan (Battle Rifle) manuevers onto the battlefield taking aim at the enemy thanks to some early-dial Running Shot.  Combined with the UNSC team ability on all UNSC figures, coordinate your actions so that the Spartan (Battle Rifle) can take full advantage of friendly figures with this team ability, or position him just right after a Running Shot action so that another figure on your force can utilize it!

Mid- to late-dial the Spartan (Battle Rifle) also picks up his Scoped Shot special power which allows him to receive a +2 bonus to his ranged attack rolls when he has no tokens and is given a power action! Talk about careful aim!

Initially Toughness helps protect the Spartan (Battle Rifle) from harm but late-dial this is replaced by Willpower as the Spartan (Battle Rifle) demonstrates the tenacity the UNSC forces are known for!

Lastly, the Spartan (Battle Rifle) adds two to your Grenade pool and has access to the Frag and Thermite Grenade types himself.  All in all, for 70 points the Spartan (Battle Rifle) is a tidy package of good powers and consistent combat values for your force!

Next up we have the Master Chief (Battle Rifle)!

The Master Chief (Battle Rifle) begins play with his Soften Them Up special power, allowing him to throw a Grenade and, if he successfully hits one or more targets, the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) may then make a ranged combat attack against one of those targets hit by the attack! An intial click of Outwit also allows the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) to potentially get the most of his attacks as he counters powers on the opposition, or he can instead support another figure’s actions with it instead.

Early-dial Invulnerability helps protect the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) from harm, while mid-dial Toughness takes over the damage reduction-duties.  Finally, late-dial Willpower and Outwit continue to allow the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) to demonstrate how dangerous he is on the battlefield.

The UNSC team ability and the ability to add two to your Grenade pool, combined with his combat values and power selection make the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) an attractive addition to your force at only 98 points!

That’s all we have for today but we’ll continue our HALO HeroClix previews later this week in preparation for the release on September 28th! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!