Heroclix Preview The Dark Knight Rises


Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we launch our previews of the DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises movie set! We could think of no one better to begin our previews than the protector of Gotham City, The Dark Knight!

The Dark Knight begins play maneuvering into the action thanks to the Charge on his first 3 clicks.  The Dark Knight begins showing off his wonderful toys with the Sonar Surveillance special power.   Sonar Surveillance grants the The Dark Knight the Sharpshooter ability as well as a modified form of Outwit, which allows him to target a character within 6 squares without requiring line of fire!  early-dial Perplex rounds out The Dark Knight’s arsenal, representing his ability to adapt to a wide variety of threats.

Late-dial, The Dark Knight switches to more aggressive tactics with his gauntlets spikes, represented by Blades/Claws/Fangs.  On his last 3 clicksThe Dark Knight utilizes Leap/Climb to move around the battlefield unimpeded, easily allowing him to take best advantage of his end-dial Outwit!

Defensively, The Dark Knight’s armored Batsuit initially provides 3 clicks of Invulnerability, while late-dial the Armored But Agile special power grants The Dark Knight both Super Senses and Toughness!  

At 129 points, The Dark Knight possesses the Batman Ally team ability, granting him Stealth, while the Indomitable ability grants Willpower.   The Dark Knight possesses the Gotham City and Martial Artist keywords, allowing for some good theme team options, as well as a 6 range .

The Dark Knight can also come into the game as a 60 point Alter Ego.  For these 60 points you get 2 clicks each of Leap/Climb, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Outwit, and Super Senses and Toughness, from his special power, as well as Willpower and Stealth, from his printed combat and team abilities!

Next, let’s take a look at the man under the Cape and Cowl, Bruce Wayne!

One of the first things you’ll notice is Bruce Wayne possesses a trait called Your Plan is to Blackmail this Person?.  This Trait states offers a limited form of protection to both Bruce Wayne or an adjacent friendly character from Outwit.  Should an opposing figure attempt to counter one of Bruce’s powers or abilities, or that of an adjacent friendly figure, that opposing character runs the risk of being dealt an action token or one penetrating damage! This will definitely make an opponent think twice about using Outwit against Bruce and his friends!

Renown for his ability to avoid responsibility and meetings, Bruce Wayne begins play with Leap/Climb.    Early-dial Outwit and Defend demonstrates Bruce’s hidden talents, as he covertly finds way to prevent harm to the innocents around him.  Late-dial, Bruce Wayne is still hard to hit thanks to Combat Reflexes, while the Alter Ego special power on his last 2 clicks allows him to be replaced with either #001 The Dark Knight or #029 The Batman!

At 60 points, Bruce Wayne is a solid support figure and possesses the Batman Ally team ability, and his ability to Alter-Ego into 2 different versions of Gotham City’s champion is nothing to overlook as well when building your teams!

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at figure #029, The Batman!


The Batman is all about mobility! The Glider Cape Trait allows The Batman the use of both Charge and the Flight ability as he swoops down upon his foes!   Once in position, early-dial Leap/Climb allows The Batman to remain a maneuverable option for your force, especially when once considers his Summon the Bats special power.  Summon the Bats allows The Batman to use Smoke Cloud and Incapacitate as if he had 2 targets, both of which pair nicely with The Batman’s six range and allows for a level of  batteground control when used strategically.  Early-dial Outwit further enhances The Batman’s utility as he counters his foes’ powers or abilities.

Mid-dial, The Batman continues to enjoy the use of Leap/Climb and his Trait, and picks up Close Combat Expert as he moves on the offensive with brutal results.  Late-dial, the Close Combat Expert gives way to even more Outwit as The Batman displays his tactical planning and cunning.

Defensively, The Batman shows off his armored Batsuit with 2 clicks of Toughness initially.  He then switches to mid-dial Invulnerability, and finally returns to some late-dial Toughness.  

The Batman possesses the Detective, Gotham City and Martial Artist keywords, as well as the Indomitable ability and the Batman Ally team abilityAt 140 points, this is a solid Batman to add to any force!

When brought into the game with Bruce Wayne’s Alter Ego ability, The Batman has 3 clicks of life at 60 points. On those clicks, The Batman has a click of Close Combat Expert followed by 2 clicks of Outwit, as well as Leap/Climb and Toughness on all 3 clicks.  And with his trait and printed abilities added in, the Flight ability, Charge, Willpower and Stealth on all 3 clicks!

Thanks for joining us today as we kick off our newest DC HeroClix set.  Be sure to check us out next Monday as we preview another figure as we travel to the far East to visit one of Bruce’s first instructors.  In the meantime, enjoy these three figures from DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises, due out in stores this June!