Heroclix Preview Superman

Bald is Beautiful!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today as we continue our exploration of the Superman Fast Forces packBattle for Smallville, we preview Superman’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor!

Lex Luthor begins play manipulating events from the shadows utilizing Stealth to keep himself hidden.  Early-dial Enhancement allows Lex to further operate behind the scenes by increasing the potential damage dealt by friendly figures while the Everything Superman is Not special power grants Lex the ability to use Mastermind.  Better yet, Luthor can use Mastermind on any friendly figure that is 150 points or less so long as both he and the target figure can use the same team ability, and since Lex Luthor possesses the Calculator team ability, synching up those team abilities will be easy!

After his initial click, Lex Luthor trades Enhancement for a couple clicks of Perplex, and then mid- to late-dial Lex switches tactics and shows he is not afraid to get his hands dirty to accomplish his goals; Charge and Exploit Weakness allow Lex to go on the offensive! Defensively, Lex Luthor demonstrates his iron will and tenacity via Willpower.  

At 50 points, with a good selection of keywords and utility powers as well as the Calculator team ability,  Lex Luthor will find his way onto many forces!

Join us next week as we conclude our look at the Battle for Smallville Fast Forces pack. Thanks for reading and be sure to keep your dials off their KO clicks!