Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Bad Moon Rising!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Put on your space suits because we’re going to the Moon with John Jameson!

The son of former Daily Bugle owner (and current New York City mayor) J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson’s varied career is represented by the Avengers, Celebrity, and Soldier keywords.  After his initial click John Jameson gains Super Strength and Toughness! And although his father considers Spider-Man a menace, John Jameson also possesses the Spider-Man team ability allowing him to copy most friendly team abilities.

At only 39 points, John Jameson leaves plenty of room on your force to include his new wife, She-Hulk! If you play the two together, John Jameson can add some offensive punch with his Married(!?) Duo trait, which modifies their attack values by +1 when they are adjacent to each other.

Toward the end of his dial, John Jameson loses Super Strength and Toughness but gains the ability to switch to his alter ego, Man-Wolf!

Jameson gained the abilities of a werewolf from the mystical Godstone. Man-Wolf starts with Charge to get into position and can follow up with Blades/Claws/Fangs. Defensively, he can avoid attacks with Shape Change and Super Senses.

Eventually, Jameson discovered the origin of the Godstone and briefly gained the ability to transform into the mighty Stargod! Mid-dial, Man-Wolf gains the Stargod, Briefly special power, which lets him use Penetrating/Psychic Blast as if he had a range of six. In addition, Stargod, Briefly gives Man-Wolf the Power Cosmic team ability to prevent others from countering his powers, as well as protecting him from pushing damage!

As the Stargod, Man-Wolf has Running Shot to make better use of his newfound Penetrating/Psychic Blast ability and Invulnerability to soak up more damage. Stargod’s vast intellect is also represented on Man-Wolf via Perplex.

Man-Wolf regains the use of his normal werewolf powers (Blades/Claws/Fangs and Super Senses) on the back half of his dial. However, this 94-point wolf still has a trick up his sleeve and switches from Charge to Leap/Climb to chase down opposing figures or retreat and regroup.


That’s all we have for today but be sure to join us next time as we reveal more mysteries from Marvel HeroClix: Hulk!