Heroclix Preview Superman

Back…to the Future!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we wrap up the Limited Edition figures portion of our Organized Play Kit review.  We are pleased to present none other than Superman Beyond!

Superman Beyond begins play flying into danger to do battle with evil-doers thanks to early-dial Charge.  Familiar to Kryptonians everywhere, Super Strength allows Superman Beyond to bring a light or heavy object into the melee.  Perplex provides an unexpected boost to Superman Beyond’s abilities wherever you think best from turn to turn while Invulnerability and then Toughness help protect the Man of Steel from harm.

Mid-dial, Superman Beyond displays his speed with Flurry as he rains blows upon the enemies of Truth and Justice.  The Phantom Zone Projector special power also gives Superman Beyond another weapon in his arsenel against evil.  This special power enables Superman Beyond to target an opposing figure with either a close or ranged combat attack and, if successful, place the target figure in any starting area used in the game and deal them 1 penetrating damage!

Eager to remove a certain opponent from the field of battle for a turn or two? Would you like to re-position an opposing figure closer to your kill-zone? The Phantom Zone Projector is the special power for you!

Late-dial Superman Beyond lives up to his older press and uses Hypersonic Speed to prove he’s still “faster than a speeding bullet” as he swoops in and attacks his foes.  As with his early-dial, Super Strength and Toughness help the aged strange visitor as he continues to fight the good fight.

At 145 points, Superman Beyond’s power selection and consistent combat values are an asset to your force.  Team him up with the right support pieces, or allow him to lend the assist, and Superman Beyond will prove to everyone again why he is still held as an example to heroes everywhere!

That’s all we have for today, but please join us again next week as we continue to spotlight the remaining elements from the Superman Organized Play Kit!