Galactic Guardians Heroclix Preview

Back…To The Future!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today in our preview of the new Galactic Guardians set we visit the 31st century.  Here we meet the former Avenger Wonder Man (who has lived over 1,000 years thanks to his ionic energy body) and is now known as Hollywood!


Hollywood begins play with the always useful combination of Charge and Super Strength, and utilizing the Flight ability, should be able to get to most opposing figures to do the most damage!  On his opening click, and every third click thereafter, Hollywood has his defensive special power Almost Immortal, which allows him to ignore all but 1 damage that would be dealt to him, with the added benefit that this power can’t be countered!  Add in the Indomitable ability, and the potential damage Hollywood can cause to open a game is pretty solid.

For the first half of his dial, Hollywood has Super Strength on all clicks, and on alternating clicks, Charge, keeping him fairly mobile.  At the end of this run of clicks, he gains Exploit Weakness for 2 clicks to make sure whatever damage he deals goes through.  Two clicks each of Impervious and Invulnerability between his Almost Immortal  special power means Hollywood will be very hard to damage through this stretch of dial.

On the back half of his dial, Hollywood gains a couple clicks of Flurry as he pummels his foes with his fists.  This gives way to 2 end-dial clicks of Close Combat Expert.  Toughness closes out Hollywood’s dial defensively.

With damage reducers and a solid 10 attack on every click, a good selection of keywords and at 138 points, Hollywood is sure to find his way onto many force builds.