Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Avengers Anger Management With The Hulk!

Greetings HeroClix Fans, and Happy Avengers Release Day!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie preview is a brilliant scientist with some pretty phenomenal anger management techniques.  Let’s check in with Bruce Banner!

Bruce Banner begins play with Stealth, evading those who would awake the power of the monster inside himHowever, should Bruce find himself cornered by the enemy, his Caught on the Run special power adds a unique twist to being targeted by an attack! Caught on the Run allows a d6 roll when an opposing character would make an attack targeting Bruce Banner;  on a result of 6, you may replace Bruce Banner with #014 Hulk (below) on its orange starting line before the attack is even made!  Existing action tokens are applied to the replacement, and the attack now targets Hulk (#014).  On his second click, Bruce gains a single click of Outwit, allowing him to further take advantage of his Stealth by countering an opposing figure’s key power hidden from view!

Late-dial, Bruce Banner gains a single click of Perplex and reveals a more familiar way for him to transform, courtesy of  his Alter Ego: Hulk special power.  Has your opponent angered Bruce Banner sufficiently? Well, give him a power action  and replace Bruce Banner with either #014 Hulk or  #202 Hulk (your choice!) on its orange starting line, and get ready to hand out some Gamma-powered punishment!

Bruce Banner is n effective Alter-Ego and support piece for only 40 points.  His ability to bring a less expensive Hulk piece into your games is useful for both Theme play (Bruce possesses both the Avengers and Scientist keywords) and team building.

Now let’s take a look atone of Bruce’s potential Gamma-powered alter-egos, the Hulk (#014):

Hulk (#014) begins play with the always-useful combination of Charge and Super Strength with the added bonus of Flurry thanks to his special power, Two Fists of Destruction!  An initial click of Toughness will provide some  protection from an inevitable counter attack, but after that first click Invulnerability become Hulk’s damage reducer of choice through his early-dial.  Leap/Climb alternates with Charge for the next few clicks, allowing for both easy mobility and move and attack respectfully.

Mid-dial, we see Hulk’s combat values rise in a very familiar Gamma-fueled fashion, Hulk (#014) also gains Impervious just as his defense values peak.    Leap/Climb and Charge continue to swap back and forth,  while Quake in conjunction with the Giant Size combat ability allows the Hulk (#014) to deal damage to a wide swath of multiple foes, or his printed 4 and 5 damages will be sure to give a single target a very bad day! Late dial, the Hulk (#014) closes out his dial with a couple of clicks of Super Strength, and Invulnerability makes one last appearance before giving way to two closing clicks of Toughness.

At 140 points, Hulk (#014) will be a powerful addition for many forces.   Thanks to the Avengers Initiative team ability, Hulk (#014) treats hindering terrain as clear terrain for movement and line of fire purposes, will not only make him very useful, but will also pair well with allies possessing a Wildcard team ability.  Hulk (#014) also has some great theme team options courtesy of his Avengers, Brute, and Monster keywords.

If Hulk (#014) is brought into the game via the Alter Ego mechanic, he comes into play with one click each of Charge and Leap/Climb for some mobility.  Super Strength will allow him to utilize any objects around, and Toughness will provide him a bit of protection from counter attack.

Now, let’s take a look at Hulk (#202):

Hulk (#202) begins play with a special power called Fury Embodied, which grants him the use of Charge. Hulk (#202) can use it normally, or he can be given a double power action to use Charge but does not halve his speed value if he doesn’t use the Carry ability or pick up or hold an object.  An opening 12 attack with 10 movement and 4 damage, along with his Giant Size ability will all but ensure Hulk (#202) smashes the opposition!

The Indomitable combat ability allows Hulk to press the attack tirelessly, while Impervious and a 19 defense affords its own protection from damage!  An entire dial of Battle Fury means Hulk (#202) is going to ignore opposing figures’ Shape Change, as well as shield Hulk (#202) from Mind Control or Incapacitate attacks.  Hulk (#202) will keep this power set into his mid-dial before he changes them up.  But before he does, his printed damage climbs on each of his first three clicks, up to a 6, making Hulk (#202) only the third figure on a single based dial to have this value.

Mid-dial, Hulk (#202) exchanges Fury Embodied for standard Charge (which he retains for the rest of his dial)while   Impervious gives way to InvulnerabilityHulk (#202) then gains Quake as he becomes an effective swarm disruptor.

Hulk’s late-dial is also the 40 point Alter Ego starting line; Charge combined with the Giant Size ability again ensures he can get around to where he will be most useful, while Quake continues to be a useful option to scatter your foes’ forces. Two clicks of Toughness will provide HULK some protection against counter attack, and a final click of Regeneration can keep him in the game longer.

Hulk (#202) possesses the Avengers, Brute, and Monster keywords, as well as the Avengers Initiative team ability.  At 255 points, Hulk brings an aggressive power set as a close combat “brick”, with move and attack options on every click, as well as consistent damage reduction and defensive values, and attack values that never see single digits.

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to join us later this week as we turn our spotlight upon our favorite God of Thunder as we preview the 2012 Free Comic Book Day figure! Until then, we hope everyone enjoys their Marvel HeroClix: Avengers release day!