Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

An Inhuman of Few Words…

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we travel to the blue area of Earth’s Moon to visit with royalty! No, we’re not talking about Prince William and Princess Kate! Please bow (or curtsy) as we turn the spotlight to the monarch of the Inhumans, Black Bolt!

The King of the Inhumans rarely speaks since he can shatter mountains with the merest whisper! This is represented by Black Bolt’s special power, Silent Scream, which allows him to use Pulse Wave normally or, if given a double power action, use it as a free action. If Black Bolt uses Pulse Wave as a free action, his damage dealt becomes his printed damage value instead of 1! On the front half of his dial, Black Bolt cycles between a Silent Scream and Penetrating/Psychic Blast. On the back half of his dial, he switches to two clicks of Energy Explosion, then two clicks of regular Pulse Wave.

Black Bolt sports a range of 9 and can target three characters. He also has the Sharpshooter combat ability, which allows him to make ranged attacks while adjacent to opposing characters!

Since Black Bolt isn’t very chatty, his decisions are voiced by his lovely wife, Medusa. To represent the unspoken bond between the king and queen of the Inhumans, Black Bolt has a special power on the first three clicks of his damage slot. This power, She Speaks for Me, lets Black Bolt use Leadership normally. However, if he’s adjacent to a friendly character named Medusa, Black Bolt can instead remove an action token from each adjacent character that shares a keyword with him and add that many actions to your action pool for the turn!

Defensively, Black Bolt starts play with two clicks of Impervious to help him partially or completely reduce any damage he takes. Mid-dial he switches for Invulnerability for four clicks. On the back end of his dial, Black Bolt gains Toughness to keep him in the game.

At 193 points, Black Bolt makes a great addition to many teams, particularly those that share his keywords (Illuminati, Inhumans, Kree, and Ruler)!

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview! Until next time, keep your clix off their KOs!