Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

A Hulk of a Different Color!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we shine the spotlight on a Hulk whose skin isn’t green, grey or red. Please welcome the blue-skinned Cosmic Hulk!

Imbued with Captain Universe’s Uni-Power, Cosmic Hulk has a range of five and begins play with Running Shot on his first two clicks to help him maneuver and fire at opposing characters. Cosmic Hulk also has Super Strength on his first two clicks, allowing him to grab objects as he maneuvers around the battlefield! Early- and late-dial, Cosmic Hulk has Probability Control as he utilizes the Uni-Power to change the odds.

But Cosmic Hulk hosted the Uni-Power while it was in a weakened condition. To represent this, Cosmic Hulk gains a special power mid- to late-dial called Weakened Uni-Vision. With Weakened Uni-Vision, Cosmic Hulk’s line of fire is never hindered and is blocked only by walls and blocking terrain! Cosmic Hulk has Super Strength on his last two clicks.  Mid- and late-dial Cosmic Hulk also enjoys a sprinkling of Pulse Wave as he unleashes cosmic energy in dynamic blasts!

After his Running Shot clicks, Cosmic Hulk gains Flurry for two clicks. That’s followed by two clicks of Hypersonic Speed! On the back half of Cosmic Hulk’s dial he picks up Charge, then ends his dial with Shape Change. You’ll also note that Cosmic Hulk can dish out four clicks of damage throughout his entire dial!

Defensively, Cosmic Hulk opens with four clicks of Impervious, followed by four clicks of Invulnerability. He ends his dial with two clicks of Super Senses.

Cosmic Hulk weighs in at 280 points and has the Brute and Cosmic keywords. He also has the Power Cosmic team ability, which allows him to ignore pushing damage and prevents his powers from being countered!

That’s all we have for today! Please join us next time when we visit a character whose words have had quite an impact on the Marvel Universe! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!