Heroclix Lord Of The Rings Preview

A Brandybuck and a Took!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we take a reprieve from exploring the darker lands of Middle Earth and instead look to the Fellowship for our preview.  We are pleased to present Merry!

Merry begins play with his I know a Shortcut special power which enables him to use both Leap/Climb and the Carry ability.  Better yet, he can carry up to three (!) friendly figures if their combined point value doesn’t exceed 100 points! You can maneuver your support figures around the battlefield with the greatest of ease when Merry is around!

Merry also enjoys early-dial Incapacitate  as well as Energy Shield/Deflection.  After his first click, Incapacitate gives way to Merry’s Barrow Blade special power.  Barrow Blade allows Merry to use Blades/Claws/Fangs but due to his smaller stature and unfamiliarity with the arts of war, his damage potential is capped at 3.  Stealth rounds out Merry’s mid-dial as he exhibits his penchant for hiding from discovery (honed through many attempts at mischief we’re sure!).

Late-dial Merry enjoys some additional defense in the form of Shape Change as well as increased mobility thanks to standard Leap/Climb.  Lastly, Merry’s Took-Friend Trait grants both he and an adjacent, friendly Pippin a +1 bonus to their speed values, all the better to make their getaways!

Next up is Merry’s inseperable companion and constant partner-in-crime, Pippin!

Pippin begins play with a very hand special power called Fool of a Took!. Fool of a Took! allows Pippin to use Stealth and, with a lucky enough roll, confer Stealth upon two adjacent friendly figures as well! Talk about an expert at hiding! (No doubt due to many attempts to avoid blame for missing crops and the like!)

Pippin also begins play further demonstrating his ability to seek hidden spots with Smoke Cloud, while Combat Reflexes represents his quick thinking and nimbleness.  Early- to mid-dial Pippin gains the Barrow Blade special power which is identical to his friend Merry’s, while late-dial he displays his trademark agility thanks to Leap/ClimbEnhancement rounds out Pippin’s dial as he demonstrates his willingness to help wherever he can.

Lastly, Pippin’s Brandybuck-Friend trait grants both he and an adjacent, friendly Merry a +1 bonus to their defense values!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into the upcoming Lord of the Rings HeroClix release.  Be sure to join us later this week as we continue to explore the lands of Middle Earth!