Heroclix Lord Of The Rings Preview

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our tour of the shire with the Hobbit responsible for bearnig the burden of the One Ring.  You my know him as Frodo Baggins but while on the road he goes by the name of “Mr. Underhill”!

 “Mr. Underhill” begins play moving unhindered and sticking to the shadows thanks to his We Stay Together, We Stay Off the Road! special power.  This special power enables “Mr. Underhill”to use Stealth, Phasing/Teleport, and the Carry ability so not only can he maneuver friendly figures to where they’ll do the most good, he can also potentially block line of fire to the carried figure and hide them from sight!

The benefits to sticking close to “Mr. Underhill” don’t end there though.  Adjacent friendly figures may also use Super Senses courtesy of “Mr. Underhill’s” We Must Not Be Seen special power.  However, don’t roll low or otherwise “Mr. Underhill” is going to take some damage!

Perplex and Outwit occupy most of “Mr. Underhill’s” combat dial allowing him to further stymie his foes’ efforts both directly and indirectly, while a full dial of Smoke Cloud enables him to take greatest advantage of his eqully full dial of Stealth!  Lastly, Willpower rounds out “Mr. Underhill’s” powers as he displays the tenacity and determination that mkes him so well suited for bearing the burden of the One Ring.

At only 45 points and with a host of useful support powers and abilities, “Mr. Underhill” will be the ideal candidate for your Fellowship!

Tht’s all we have for today but be sure to join us later in the week as we continue to share more upcoming HeroClix offerings! Until then, stay together and stay off the road!