2017 Convention Exclusives

Marvel HeroClix: Giant-Man Con Exclusive

Greetings, HeroClix fans! Welcome to another peek into the future, as we take a gander at one of the upcoming 2017 Winter WizKids Open Convention Exclusive Figures. Today, we’ve got the sometimes pint-sized, but this time giant-sized, Hank Pym, Giant-Man!

Giant-Man is a Colossal-sized figure, meaning he has access to Great Size, Giant Reach: 3, and Colossal Stamina. These abilities give him several effects starting with Improved Movement – Ignores Elevated, Hindering, and Outdoor Blocking Terrain, and he may move though squares adjacent to or occupied by opposing characters. He can attack characters up to 3 squares away with close attacks with Giant Reach, and Colossal Stamina allows him to be given a non-free action if he has two action tokens, but he will take 1 unavoidable damage, and won’t be able to clear action tokens after that round. He is also able to Carry characters that are a smaller in size than he is, which can be useful for positioning your force.

Marvel HeroClix: Giant-Man Con Exclusive

So – we’ve covered his size, now let’s take a closer look at Giant-Man’s card and dial. First thing’s first, at 19 clicks of life with his full value, Giant-Man is built to last. He’s also Indomitable, which means you can push him normally without taking any pushing damage. He’s playable at three point values of 200, 125, and 15, giving you options for having the big guy on your team. And then comes the bevy of standard powers – Charge, Sidestep, Quake, Super Strength, Toughness, Combat Reflexes, Super Senses, Outwit, Exploit Weakness, and Perplex. Truly, Giant-Man is a marvel, and that’s before we even start to look at his special powers!

The first special power you’ll encounter on Giant-Man’s dial at his full point value is a special defensive power, Your Bullets Are Like Pebbles. This power states that Giant-Man can use both Energy Shield/Deflection and Toughness – meaning that from range on his top dial, he’s has a 21 defense! The next special power you’ll encounter on Giant-Man’s dial appears on his attack line, called They Fall Like Dominoes… This power states that Giant-Man can use Quake, and when he does, he can use Giant Reach: X, where X is his current click number!

Lastly, we look at the two special powers appearing on his final click of life, Colossal Indifference and Colossal Retaliation: Wing Sweep. Colossal Indifference is a STOP click, and states that if Giant-Man began the game on the 15-point starting line, he can’t attack smaller characters, except via Colossal Retaliation. Colossal Retaliation states that you can give Giant-Man a free action if no other Colossal Retaliation power has been activated this turn, and choose an opposing character that attacked Giant Man or a damaged friendly character since your last turn. Then, place Giant-Man such that he can make a close attack targeting the chosen character, and he targets all other characters within 3 squares and line of fire as well. Hit characters are each dealt 3 damage instead of normal damage, and hit characters without the Flight movement symbol are knocked back.

There you have it! In all his colossal glory, Giant-Man will be available at the 2017 Winter WKO events. Be sure to register soon on the WizKids Info Network and find an event in your area! Keep a look out on for more previews including Giant-Man’s Pym Pocket Tank and Pym Particle Tank! Until next time, may your days be merry and bright!