HeroClix Rules

Errata & Clarifications

Dear HeroClix Players,

Since the launch of the WizKids Rules Forum, we have been working on a new method for communicating errata and clarifications for HeroClix game elements to players.

Errata & Clarifications documents for figures and other game elements will be posted in the WizKids Rules Forum and also on the HeroClix Rules Page of

The first of these documents has just been posted: Comic Modern Age Errata & Clarifications.

This replaces the corresponding sets in Section 3 of the Player’s Guide and will be used as the official source for Errata & Clarifications for Modern Age figures and ATAs at WizKids events (including the U.S. Nationals).

Over the course of the next few weeks/months we will be posting the Errata & Clarification documents for all other game elements.

For any rules questions, please visit the WizKids Rules Forum.

Thank you.


By Lee

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