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Players and Tournament Guide – March 2012

Hello there Clixers,

We have a new Players Guide and Tournament Guide ready for you all.  We’ve added the Additional Team Abilities for Incredible Hulk and Superman, plus we’ve clarified the Gauntlet and defined the Resource Dial for everyone.

Let’s talk about a few of the new Marvel Additional Team Abilities.

Wouldn’t it be great if you get that GSX Wolverine a boost!  How about a “THE HAND” Additional Team Ability?  Now you can give Wolverine a bit of pseudo-Stealth.










Don’t you just hate it when many of the Hulked-Out Heroes get to click #2 and lose Super Strength….Well not any more with the “HULKED-OUT HEROES” Additional Team Ability your Hulked-Out Heroes will keep that Super Strength through their while dial!


And how about finally getting an Additional Team Ability for those Marvel Knight keyword figures like Punisher, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  Well now you have it.  The “MARVEL KNIGHTS” Additional Team Ability gives any Marvel Knight keyword figure the use of Stealth.










There are also ATA’s for “INTELLIGENCIA”, “HULKBUSTERS” and “SAVAGE LAND”.  Go check them out and start thinking about how best to use them in your next themed build.












So let’s talk about the Gauntlet.  The Gauntlet is the very first of the Resource Dials that HeroClix will have, we hope that everyone is enjoying the Resource Dial concept.  But with so many questions hopefully the new section will answer many of them.  One of the question I’ve had asked to me is “Can I use more than one Gauntlet on my force?”.  Well the answer is now official, no you cannot, Resource Dials are limited to just one Resource Dial per force, so choose wisely as we start getting more of them.  Another question I’ve been asked “Can I change who get the Gauntlet each game?”, again the official answer is no.  The choice of who get the Resource Dial is made during force construction and must remain constant throughout the event.   With those questions answered hopefully that explains the Resource Dial concept for everyone a little better.

Now on to the DC Additional Team Abilities, the Superman set has a couple of great subthemes.  One of them is “FLASHPOINT”; this Additional Team Ability allows the Flashpoint characters to use Probability Control once per game per character when a friendly character makes an attack.  But wouldn’t it be cool if you could only reroll that “1” and leave that “6” on the table…..well that’s exactly what you can do with the FLASHPOINT ATA.







Another subtheme is the futuristic Legion of Super Heroes, what do you do with a Wild Card Team Ability to make it cool?  The “LEGION LOST” Additional Team Ability allows you make it so that when you play a Legion of Super Heroes Themed team and have no Team Abilities to copy, you can then choose any DC team ability (other than other ATAs) that can be used by Wild Cards and make it their own instead.



Lastly we have those characters that have been banished to the “PHANTOM ZONE”.  These Phantom Zone figures using the PHANTOM ZONE ATA might be able to ignore one big hit with the only drawback of them having to place the figure back in your starting area.



As if those weren’t enough we have Additional Team Abilities for  “KRYPTONIAN” and “JUSTICE LEAGUE (SILVER AGE)”.  Go check all the new ATA and clarifications in the latest Players Guide by downloading it from the links below.












I almost forgot the Additional Team Ability that was designed by the 2011 HeroClix King of the Hill Champion Nick Stanton.  His ATA is for those Flash Villians know as “ROGUES”.  Flash and all characters with Hypersonic Speed should be very wary when the Rogues have this ATA attached to them.  At GenCon 2012 this year there will be another opportunity for a player to win the Design an ATA Prize.  Look for details in the future and plan on attending GenCon 2012.


Finally we have updated the Tournament Guide.  This version does include the 2012 retirement plan.  Starting July 1st 2012 all sets after Brightest Day forward will be Modern Age Legal.  This means that Web of Spider-Man to Infinity Challenge will be Golden Age.


Well that’s about it for now.  And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.




HeroClix Comprehensive Tournament Rules 2012-03