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July Player’s and Tournament Guides

With the release of the 2012 Core Rulebook and the World Championship just around the corner, it’s time for a refresh of the core documents for HeroClix. This week, Tyler is going to talk you through some of the updates, and I’ll meet you after his article with some files and links.

Tyler (vlad3theimpaler) Howsare here with the info on the new Player’s Guide for Chaos War and some new ATAs for your teams.  As always, the Player’s Guide has been updated with the full text for the powers and abilities in recently released sets as well as errata and clarifications that have come up since the last edition.  Here’s a few of the noteworthy items.

First up, ever since the Split and Merge combat abilities were previewed, people have been wondering how these abilities will work with older characters.  The new PG provides the list of qualifying characters for duo figures to split into in the entry for each duo figure.  For example, if we look at Justice League 038 Batman and Robin, we find that this figure can split into a figure named “Batman” or with a real name of “Bruce Wayne” and a figure named “Robin” or with a real name of “Tim Drake.” Lastly, if a character’s listed real name has a nick name in quotation marks, that doesn’t affect the character’s name for purposes of Split/Merge. For example, The Avenger’s Movie The Avengers Movie’s #017 Bucky Barnes lists his real name as James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. The original Duo figure, Captain America & Bucky would be able to choose this figure when it uses Split, as the Player’s Guide points out that one of the figures you need could have the real name James Buchanan Barnes (as for the other half of this duo, well, you can probably make a good guess).

A few clarifications on naming have also been added that will make splitting and merging a little easier.  First, a definite article doesn’t affect a figure’s name—Flash and The Flash are considered the same name.  Second, characters without a character card use their printed names as their real names unless otherwise stated.

The standard powers and abilities have been updated to reflect the wording of the 2012 rulebook, and the chart for the improved movement and improved targeting abilities from the PAC has been duplicated for easy reference.

Multi-base characters now have a clarification that when they are first placed, if they can’t fit into your starting area otherwise, they can treat all squares they occupy as clear grounded terrain, until they move from that spot.

And there’s also a bunch new ATAs for you to add to your teams, but you guys aren’t interested in that, are you?

Wait, you are?

Alright then, let’s see what we have…

For 5 points each, your Elders of the Universe can prevent opposing characters from rolling for any relics. A nice way to keep those gems for yourself!

Avengers get quite a few options.  For 4 points Mighty Avengers lets you make objects by smashing blocking terrain.  For 3 points, Avengers Response Unit helps your Avengers team gang up on people in close combat.  Or for 2 points, you can play Avengers (Heroic Age) and have a chance to remove an action token after giving your character a move action.  Or if you’re more of the covert type, Secret Avengers gives you some protection from Outwit and Perplex for 5 points each.

For 3 points, the Howling Commandos ATA will keep your soldiers in the fight with some conditional Support.

The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division ATA increases…. hang on a sec, I need to catch my breath – that is a mouthful…. ok. This ATA increases the reach of your Perplex, Outwit, or Probability Control of your S.H.I.E.L.D.  team for 5 points, while on the evil end of the spectrum, the HYDRA Deep Science Division ATA cuts the range of your opponent’s use of the same powers for 3 points.

For 4 points, the Inhumans ATA lets them carry other characters using the same team ability, regardless of symbols, and for 3 points, the FF ATA provides a new twist on the Fantastic Four by letting them heal when they KO an opposing character.

And my favorite keyword, Asgardian, gets a cool new 5 point ATA that gives characters Willpower on their first click, AND prevents their Willpower or Indomitable from being countered, making it great for both characters that already have Willpower and those that don’t.

That’s all for this time.  Happy clixing!

Thanks, Tyler! Below you will see each of the ATAs that Tyler mentioned, ready for printing. Also, you’ll find links for the Player’s Guide (both Golden and Modern) as well as the updated Tournament Rules. Always remember hat if you have any questions – how a figure is played or how a tournament might be run – you can reach us at


And here are the rules documents.