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HeroClix Design Insight- Visible Dials

Wizkids Heroclix


Greetings HeroClix Fans,

We would like to thank you for your feedback on visible dials. Below you’ll find a revised design with the dial on the back of the card.


Also the rules for use will be changed so that in game, the player playing the figure will be able to reference the dial but the opponent cannot view the back of the card that contains the dial. Special powers will be on the side of the card without the dial. We also moved some of the information that may be referred to by opponents to the front.

Now – a little bit about this process of communicating with you. Part of our transparency is that you are going to see some ideas that do have some wiggle room (not all the time, but sometimes), and our goal is to give you the logic behind them in a fully formed and considered fashion.  Did we think we’d be moving ahead with the original idea when we posted it? Yes. Do we think it would be better for the game long term for the card to be visible throughout a turn? Yes, but of course we can’t be 100% sure.

Part of being good business stewards is to listen to the people who aren’t at the table, so a lot of our consideration also involves players that are not easily accessible (players that never joined and might in the future, or perhaps players that have left the game).  But as we said in the original post, we do understand the delays that might occur with the original proposal and the seriousness of this decision, thus this change in direction.

This middle ground we hope will allow new players to not worry about piloting the team they are controlling. It will hopefully give them the feeling that memorization is not the key to excelling at the game.  We hope it lessens the burden for existing players to enjoy the game, and provides freedom for casual players to keep the dial unavailable for their home games.

We also want to reiterate that there is a lot we are looking to improve, for new players and existing, regarding the rulebook, PAC and other documentation. We are committed to trying to improve all aspects for new players and look forward to what we believe will be much less controversial changes to come.

Thank you again,

– The WizKids Team