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Design Insight- ClixFX Bases

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We have recently announced the release of a new accessory kit for HeroClix— the WizKids ClixFX Base Game Accessory Kit (scheduled to release in April 2016).  ClixFX Bases have also been mentioned as being included in upcoming HeroClix sets of Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men (scheduled to release in May 2016) and Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man (scheduled to release June 2016). In this Design Insight article, we are here to answer the question “What exactly is a ClixFX base?”

Since the advent of special powers in HeroClix, there have been powers that require “markers” to track the effect of the power.  When instructed to put a marker on a character’s card, this is typically handled by players putting a penny, bead or any other small object that players use for action tokens.  When instructed to place a marker on the map, players can use the SPECIAL markers included in Starter Sets (or any other flat object) that can be placed on the map.

The basic idea behind ClixFX bases was to create a physical marker that not just acted as a visual reminder of the game effect in play but also one that looked cool! We have created different sculpted ClixFX Bases that are general archetypes of power that one might see in the comic universe—

  • Fire
  • Ice Blocks/Wall
  • Wind/Speed
  • Water
  • Smoke
  • Web/Net
  • Energy
  • Slash

So, how do they work?  Well, it’s very simple… the Clix FX Bases in themselves do not have any inherent game play effect, but rather can be used as visual indicators of game effects from standard powers as well as for traits/special powers/etc on certain characters (and, in fact, if players so choose they do not have to use the ClixFX Base and can instead use any other markers as has always been done). ClixFX Bases will be available in stores as a HeroClix accessory kit for use to indicate standard power game effects such as Smoke Cloud and Barrier.  ClixFX Bases will also be included with certain characters in upcoming sets that will utilize ClixFX Bases to indicate their specific traits/special powers/etc.

Let’s look at some general information about the ClixFX Bases themselves, then we can see a specific example of how a ClixFX Base would interact with a character’s trait/special power.

This is fire:

ClixFX Fire

This is what it looks like when you set the Hulk on fire: ClixFX- Hulk on FireWhere is water terrain?… Hulk must SPLASH!


The ClixFX Bases are flat plastic disks that fit under a single-base figure with a sculpted visual effect that can be seen above the base on roughly one third of the circumference of the base— this allows the ClixFX Bases not only to be used under larger base figures, but also so that multiple ClixFX Bases (up to 3) can be stacked under a single single-base such as seen below:

ClixFX Stack

Webbed, Frozen and Burning… I feel bad for this figure.


In general, characters that have special powers that utilize the same type of ClixFX Bases will have a similar game effect— so a special power that utilizes the Fire ClixFX Base will have a similar effect as special power that utilizes a Fire ClixFX Base on another character.  Through use of different colors of the ClixFX Bases, we can also customize them to match that characters with which they are packaged— so the Smoke ClixFX Base in the ClixFX Base Accessory Kit will be grey, but Nightcrawler’s Smoke ClixFX Base will be purple.

ClixFX- Smoke on Nightcrawler



As an example of what type of game effects we might see that would utilize a ClixFX Base, let’s take a sneak peek at the front of the character card of the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces X-23 to check out her trait that utilizes the Slash ClixFX Base:

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men- X-23 Character Card          FX7-Slashes_HiresRender

So, as we can see from her trait, whenever X-23 successfully hits an opposing character with a close attack, you may choose to place a Slash marker on that hit character— packaged in the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces will be a Slash ClixFX Base that can be used as this marker.  The Slash marker tracks the ongoing effect that whenever the character with a Slash marker is given an action token, they are dealt 1 penetrating damage.  The character with the Slash marker can remove the Slash marker by clearing action tokens or healing the character. Having the Slash marker on a character can really make your opponent think twice about taking any action to retaliate against or even try to run away from X-23.  One important note: X-23 may only place one Slash marker out at a time so, if you were to hit another character while the ClixFX Base is already out on another character, you would have to choose if you want to keep it on the character who currently has it or move it to the new hit character.

Look for ClixFX Bases in the ClixFX Base WizKids Accessory Kit releasing this spring as well as included with select figures in upcoming HeroClix sets.  We look forward to showing you more X-citing game effects utilizing ClixFX bases when we officially start previews of the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set scheduled to release in May!