Clix It Up DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman

Clix It Up- Wonder Woman

Hello HeroClix fans,

Welcome back to another deep dive into the world of DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman ! That’s right – it’s time for another Clix It Up! Today, we’re taking a look at the mighty Princess of Themyscira herself, Wonder Woman!

DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman 002

Much like her cohort in the naming of this set, Superman, we’re starting with the Golden Age representation of Diana! Appearing first in All-Star Comics #8, before headlining her own series in Sensation Comics, Wonder Woman eventually joined the Justice Society of America, the precursor to the Justice League! In ‘Clix form, the #002 version of Diana comes in at 100 points, and possesses the JSA Team Ability. With that, you get a series of standard powers that you’d expect to see with Wonder Woman, including Charge, Super Strength, Impervious, and Close Combat Expert. She also has two powers that work well to assist her team in Perplex and Defend.

DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman 033

Moving forward to modern times, we have the #033 version of Wonder Woman, this time representing the New 52 version of the character who became the God of War! Much like the #002 version of the character, there are standard powers that one would expect with Diana, like Charge, Super Strength, Impervious, and Close Combat Expert. However, there are some unique, or not often seen powers and abilities on her dial, including the Mystics Team Ability, Blades/Claws/Fangs, and Support. Where this Indomitable demigoddess really shines, however, are with her special powers and traits. Similar to the Super Rare Superman from this set, Diana possesses The Odds are Against Me, which states that if at the end of your turn Wonder Woman was given a non-free action, and an opposing force has more characters on the map than your force, you may place an Outnumbered token on her card. When you have 2 tokens on your card, you may remove them, and give Wonder Woman a free action to make a close or ranged combat attack! She also has a trait called Divine Aura, which states that Wonder Woman can’t be targeted by Outwit or Probability Control from opposing characters, unless the character targeting her is of a higher point value, or has the Deity keyword. Moving onto her special powers, Gift of Hermes appears on her first three clicks of life on movement, and allows her to use Charge, Flurry, and Sidestep. Finally, appearing on her final four clicks of attack is the special power New Goddess of War, which states that at the end of your opponent’s turn, deal 1 penetrating damage to each character on that player’s force within 2 squares of Wonder Woman that didn’t make an attack this turn – a nice callback to one of the most popular heavy hitters from the DC 75th Anniversary HeroClix set, Ares!

DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman 066

Finally, our study on Wonder Woman takes us to one of the chases from this set, featuring a long requested story arc to be made into figures – Superman: Red Son. The #066 version of Diana can be played at either 165 or 125 points, and is built for destruction and board control. First, like most versions of the character, she comes loaded with the expected standard powers, but really comes into her own when her special powers and trait are taken into consideration. Up first is Communism is Social Justice which states that a friendly character with a lower point value than Wonder Woman is targeted with an attack, modify the attacker’s attack and damage values by -1. Her board control comes into play with her special movement power, Lasso of Domination. This grants her both Plasticity and Sidestep, as well as stating that at the beginning of your turn, Wonder Woman may use Mind Control as a free action targeting an adjacent opposing character. Finally, her special defensive power Catatonic State in Superman’s Care appears on her final click of life, and states that she is able to use Regeneration. In addition to that, once per game, when the click is revealed due to damage from an opponent’s attack, stop turning the dial. On top of that, when she’s finally KO’d, you’ll remove all action tokens from all friendly characters. We’re also pleased to announce that all characters from the Red Son storyline in this set possess the Red Son keyword, meaning that you can mix and match characters from opposing factions into one cohesive force!

That’s it for today, ‘Clix fans! Which version of Wonder Woman that we’ve shown today is your favorite? Is there a particular version of the character from older sets that’s your go-to Diana? Let us know on your favorite social network, and we’ll talk to you soon as we Clix It Up!