Normal Distribution – Web of Spider-Man added to Player’s Guide

With the release of Web of Spider-Man, it must be time for an update of the Player’s Guide. I’m really in quite of a time-crunch this evening so instead of the usual long review of what’s inside, all I’m going to post today are the PDFs for the updated Player’s Guide. I’ll come back with a review of the changes in a few days – and that includes a “summaryof changes” document that people have been asking for.

To make up for the quick post, here’s a bonus – a corrected version of the Cosmic Spider-Man character card:


Redemption Update 09/13/10

We’re in the process of switching to our backup mailer. The following fix is about to go out:

If you signed up for an account but received no email: You should be receiving a confirmation email shortly that your account has been created, but not yet activated. If you forgot your password, use the link at the top of the Wizkids website to reset it.

If you paid for a Redemption via paypal but did not receive an email: A copy of your pre-filled form should be sent to you shortly as a pdf via email.

For both of the above, you might receive our emails in your spam folder. This can be fixed by adding the sender to your contacts.

If you were previously unable to reset your password, you should now be able to do so.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience, and would like to emphasize that a Wizkids account is not required for normal redemption methods (other than paypal).

The normal redemption form can be downloaded freely at

Manual Paypal Payments

You also have the option of downloading the “non-Paypal” form and initiating paypal payment  of $6.99 for US or $8.99 for International orders from your account.  All you need to do is include you Paypal receipt, the redemption form,  your store receipt and 10 UPCs from the boosters in your mailing to Alliance games.

You can send your Paypal payment to:


Web of the Spider-Man redemption going live today!

Within a couple of hours, we will activate the redemption page for Web of the Spider-Man.  The process is somewhat different than previous online redemptions so I thought I would walk you through it.  Before I get into details, here are a couple of reminders.

DO NOT SEND YOUR FORMS TO THE NECA OFFICE: Please follow the instructions on the redemption form

PLEASE INCLUDE PAYMENT (OR YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT): You can use personal check, money order, cheques or Paypal

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE & RECEIPT: 10 Web of Spider-Man UPCs & a receipt are required, don’t forget!

PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY: If we can’t read your information, we can’t send you stuff!

Here is a brief overview of the process

1:  Create a WK account

2:  Activate the account

3:  Select how you will pay for redemption (Paypal or non-Paypal)

4:  Follow the instructions for each respective method

5:  Mail in your forms and proofs of purchase & proof of payment if using Paypal

6:  Hang tight for a couple of weeks

7:  Enjoy your Brick Figure!

NOTE:  The address we will ship your redemption figure to is pulled from your address on file with PayPal.  Be sure to update your address

You can find the redemption page HERE

Here are some screen shots with call outs

1:  Start by creating a WizKids account – Click Create Account (upper right corner)

2:  Fill in all the relevant information
3:  Once you submit your information, you should get an email within a few minutes.
4:  Check your email and activate your acoount, then login and click Redemptions
5:  Once you click Redemption, you will be taken to your payment options screen.  Select the method you will use for the S&H fees
6:  Pick you payment option and follow the instructions
Non-Paypal redeemers:  Download the form and redeem as usual.
Paypal redeemers:  Select your country, Log into your Paypal account, make payment and then check your email.
You should get 2 emails sent to you within a few minutes
Email 1:  A Paypal receipt from Paypal
Email 2:  A pre-filled redemption form from WizKids
NOTE:  If you don’t get your emails within a few minutes, please check you spam folder.

Print both emails and follow the instructions on the redemption form.

Redemption Update 09/10/10

Hi Everyone!

We finished our walk-through/testing with Paypal today and tweaked a few items.  Despite being feature ready, I asked Matt and Mike (our developers) to push the redemption go-live date to Monday, September 13th.

I want to make sure we’re on site ready to pounce on any problems, should any arise.

WoS has been a big release and I expect a sizeable turnout for the brick figure and I want things to go well.

I appreciate your patience as we grow.  See you Monday.



Seeking Redemption….

Here is a quick update on the redemption system.  I am going to delay the go-live of the redemption system until I have a chance to a walk through with our fulfillment partners at Alliance games.  Ordinarily, I’d roll the dice and kick the system live but on something as important as redemption, I would prefer to make sure all the stakeholders are comfortable with the system.  A small issue can quickly turn into a large issue when 2000 redemption hit the system at once.

I will confirm the go-live time tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.

While I have you, I thought I would share a little about the redemption process.

1:  Redeemers using Paypal will need to create a account.  Yes that’s right!  We’re starting to plan out functionality for the system and getting you contact information is important.

It’s doubly important that we have an accurate email as we will use the email address to activate your user account.

Your mailing address will be pulled from your Paypal account.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT HAS THE CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS

2:  Redeemers using a non-Paypal method to pay Shipping and Handling will NOT be required to create a account.  However, I would urge you to create an account regardless.  Periodically, we contact you via email for special announcements (of course we’ll ask for your permission before we do so).

Talk to you tomorrow.



Happy Release Day!

Hope all is going well with your respective release events.  For those of you playing tonight or this weekend.  Good luck.

A quick note on Web of Spider-Man redemptions.

Given the holiday shipment schedule, I thought it would be best to wait one more day to make sure all product has hit the stores. I thought it would be better to make sure the majority of stores had their product before kicking this page live.  I want to make sure we create as even of a playing field as possible.

The Redemption page should go live tomorrow afternoon (September 9th).


6 Days and counting

It’s been a while since we’ve posted.  Believe it or not, it’s taken about that long to dig out of the backlog of work from the the GenCon trip –  We basically close the office to go to a convention and as much as I would like to hope we can get work done at GenCon, we just never seem to get as much work done as week need to.

But I digress.

Let’s get to some updates.

The Brave & The Bold Redemption

As of September 8, 2010, we are closing the redemption window for Batman and Catwoman.  The original cutoff date was July 16th but given the 25 day delay internationally, we decided to honor all redemption request that are postmarked up to September 8th, 2010.

Watchmen 25 Collector Set

Great response to the product so far and the product is moving quickly.  However, no good set goes unpunished and we have a small QC issue that will require a figure replacement.   We have ordered product from China and we’ll post a product replacement policy that looks similar to our current redemption process (sans the S&H fee).  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Web of the Spider-Man Information

Paypal will be an option for paying S&H fees for the WoS Brick figure.  Based on some informal surveying, I am pretty confident that most of our customers already have or can get access to a PayPal account pretty easily.

For those of you that don’t have PayPal, you can still use the Personal Checks, Money Orders and Cheques payable to Alliance Game Distributors.

Please DO NOT send your redemptions to the NECA office. We received at least 20 redemption forms at the office and they had to be redirected to Alliance Games which probably delayed your shipment.

We’ve also adjusted the shipping & handling fees on the brick program to reflect our actual costs on this brick figure mailing.  The new costs are $6.99 for US redemptions and $8.99 (or local currency equivalent) for International redemptions.  I know price increases are difficult to stomach.  I hope the less expensive payment options for the S&H fees (Personal Check/PayPal) offset the increased fees.

Redemption Inquiries:  The delivery window for the Brick figure is 6-8 weeks.  We usually hit 2-3 week delivery turnarounds.  If you have not received you figure after 4 weeks please email   Please DO NOT send daily emails inquiring about status of your redemption.  Wait the 4 weeks before you start emailing.

Redemption for WoS will go live shortly after the release date – We want everyone to have a fair shot at the figures.  We will reject any forms postmarked earlier that 9/8/10.  More details will be posted  on the redemption page shortly.

Early Release Events

The release date for Web of Spider-Man is 9/8/10 @ 12:01 AM local time.  No permission has been granted to any store/person to run early events.  If you hear about early events, please let us know.

While we’re talking about release dates – Please re-verify release plans with your store. I hear that Diamond stores MAY be getting their product on Thursday due to the holiday.  Please check with your store before showing up at midnight.

International WoS release date:  In a strange twist of fate it appears that some international stores have received product ahead of the US stores.  I’ve been asked if they can release the product.  My answer is the release date is the WoS release date is 12:01 AM local time on 09/08/10.

Web of Spider-Man OP Kit Contents

There seems to be some confusion on the WoS OP Kit contents – probably caused by some of our earlier communications on the WoS set.

So here is the definitive, complete OP kit list (with a picture too)

15 Figures + Cards

(3) The Burglar

(3) Night Nurse

(3) Venom

(3) Toxin

(3) Daken

10 Objects

(5) Web Objects

(5) Webbed Person Objects


(6) The Bridge Maps

That’s it for now.  Enjoy your holiday and hope you have a great release week.


Justin Ziran


Normal Distribution – GenCon Update!

I’m the kind of guy who likes a plan. I think I’ve been trying to make GenCon related plans for 4 or 5 months at this point. It always seems to be so far away until BAM it’s “oh-my-god less than 2 weeks to go!” A few days ago I posted the finalized Player’s Guide. Every time I post one of those, in the back of my mind there is the nagging feeling that whatever updates need to happen for the next release are already on the horizon. Nothing is ever final. But the one posted last week, because of the proximity to a major event really needs to be a stake in the ground that doesn’t move so that players can be ready for the big game.

The good news is that the Player’s Guide posted in Tuesday’s article is fine. Nothing has changed. Now, the images that got posted for the ATAs, I have to admit that I used the wrong version. The truth is that during the editing phases, I looked at a lot of different copies and when the time came to post the directory I picked from was simply the wrong one. I am truly sorry for the error and the correct images are below (click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the card).

Also in the category of “things I neglected” was in the list of tournaments. Thursday morning at GenCon, players will also be able to play in our 300 point Golden Age constructed event. I feel really badly about leaving this event out. When we first discussed changing the concept of “retirement” from Restricted/Unrestricted to “Golden/Modern” I personally loved the concept because of how it subtly changes the attitude the company has towards those older figures. They are no longer relegated to the back of the closet to be used on the rare days when a venue decides to hold an unrestricted event. Instead, Golden Age events are just as much a part of the HeroClix tournament. So bring your best 300 point team using any characters, ATAs, feats, battlefield conditions, objects, and/or bystanders you’ve got. The prizes for this event (which I wouldn’t have been able to announce last week because it was just a plan then) are going to sweep across a variety of time periods of HeroClix!

The other event running on Thursday is the Web of Spider-Man pre-release event. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you pre-register for this event at There are 128 seats for this event and the last time I checked, less than 50 of those seats remain. If you’re thinking that you’ll just participate in the Web of Spider-Man Team Up event on Saturday, that event is already sold out, so think again. And when we say that the seats are limited, that’s exactly what it means. After #128 is seated, #129 will be told that we’re really sorry, but that’s the cap. Priority will obviously go to folks with a ticket for the event. Generic tickets will be accepted but only after we’ve made sure that folks who pre-registered have been accounted for.

I’ve also been passed a notice that besides the tournaments, WizKids will have a booth at the show as well. I’ve heard rumors of this booth, but to be honest, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve had the opportunity to work at it. The booth will be one of your first opportunities to see some of the upcoming games that WizKids has coming up and some of them will have demos as well. An important thing to note regarding the items being sold at the booth is that payments must be in cash. When this has happened in the past, folks have asked us why we couldn’t give a little warning, so we are trying to make sure the message is out there. As for what your hard earned dollars will be going towards, you’ll be able to purchase any of the following (while supplies last, natch):

  • Dr. Manhattan
  • Blackest Night Starters
  • The Brave and the Bold boosters
  • Hammer of Thor boosters
  • Iron Man Classics (3-pack and 6-pack)
  • Gremlins
  • Freddy vs. Jason
  • The Hunger Games

Hope to see you at the show!!


Normal Distribution – Document Updates

Every day GenCon gets a little closer. I get a little more excited and, at the same time, as I see deadlines approaching, I worry as to whether or not I’ll get certain things done as early as I want. There are a number of documents that I wanted finalized at least 2 weeks before GenCon, to make sure that the information had time to get out into the public and settle before the big events.

First on that list, is the Player’s Guide. This edition does not have very many drastic changes in it. Powers on the PAC that could have used the “locking” mechanic but didn’t are now rephrased slightly to use locking. Power Barrage got clarified to be explicit what powers it allowed you to use to attack with in order to get the bonus. The Debris battlefield condition got reworded a bit given the new rules for objects.

Falling into the category of “most asked for” are the Marvel ATAs. Last month’s Player’s Guide included updates to all of the ATAs and we made the DC cards available. This month, as you can see, we have the art from the Marvel ATAs. Remember that all of these black-bordered cards override any orange-bordered feat cards that had ATAs on them.

Finally, we have some documents related to running a tournament. There is a new Comprehensive Tournament Rules which give players a picture of how WizKids prefers events to be run. In addition, we’ve created 2 new Army Sheets. If you are going to be GenCon, you can use these sheets to prepare for your constructed events.

(Click each thumbnail for the full image)



Normal Distribution – GenCon Prizes!

With less than a month to go until GenCon, many of the emails we’ve received these past few weeks has been asking what kind of prizes will be offered. It’s taken a little bit of time to cross the Ts and dot the Is, but here’s the skinny…

But first, let’s address one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been getting about GenCon… specifically, how would one play with the new Print-and-Play feats that were in last month’s Player’s Guide? The answer can be found throughout this article. The last piece of the Print-and-Play puzzle, the Marvel ATAs, have not been forgotten. Swing back here again later this week.

Battle Royales – each Battle Royale will start as it always does, with the 2 groups of 4 drafting their team. Once teams are set up, the judge will open an envelope letting folks know what the scenario for the match will be: Shock the Turtle, Ping of the Hill or a combination of the two! Once the match is over, the judge will open up envelope #2 that will reveal the prizes for that event – At least one prize for every event will be a Lantern special object or a chase figure, but other prizes may find their way in amongst the goodies.

King of the Hill – This event, the prize support kind of writes itself. While each player needs to pay to enter the event, each time they win, they will be getting 2 new boosters to play with to try to maintain their stance as the King of the Hill. On Sunday, our top 4 players (2 from each universe) will compete in a round robin event. For qualifying as a top player, each player will receive a starter set. The winner of the round robin event will go home with a Factory Set of The Brave and the Bold and the ability to choose and help design the mechanic for a new Alternate Team Ability!

Web of Spider-Man Release event and the Web of Spider-Man Team-Up event – each of these events have become a lot more rewarding for all players, because everyone is going home with product that you won’t be able to buy for a few weeks. These events will be peppered with goodies for players throughout the event as well as Lantern special objects for undefeated players.

Worlds Qualifiers – on Friday and Saturday, players will be testing their mettle in either a Sealed event or a Floor (50% TB&TB) event. Undefeated players will be awarded a chase figure on each day. No matter what your record is, if you place in the top 8 you will also be going home with some Lantern special objects.

The World Finals. The big event. A Modern Age, 300 point, constructed event (Modern Age sets include: Avengers, Justice League, Monsters & Mutations, Crisis, Batman: Alpha, Secret Invasion, Arkham Asylum, Hammer of Thor, The Brave and the Bold, Blackest Night and the various HeroClix Classics that have been released). Sixteen players will be seated, with 2008’s HeroClix World Champion Ben Cheung in the top seat.  After two rounds of Swiss, we will drop to 8 players and begin the events single elimination portion. Three rounds of elimination and we will be able to crown the 2010 Heroclix World Champion. That player will be going home with a bunch of chase figures, a factory set of The Brave and The Bold, Dr. Manhattan, and a full case of Web of Spider-Man! On top of all that, they’ll also be able to design the figure of their choice (subject to WizKids and licensor approval) with WizKid’s game designers for an upcoming set of HeroClix.

Finally, let’s talk about Watchmen. As you’ve probably read here, the release day for this set has been pushed out so that the product will not be available by GenCon. We wanted to continue to run a constructed event in this time period and pondered what would the right event be to play at the same time that the World Finals were going on? We settled on a “show those winners up” event. The Watchmen constructed event is being replaced with a standard 300 point Modern Age event. So if you spent your time honing your skills and planning your best constructed team, even if you don’t make it into the World Finals, you’ll have an opportunity to let your skills shine. Undefeated players in his event will also get to go home with a Dr. Manhattan, just like all those World Finalists! [Note: The Watchmen event has been canceled in the GenCon system – look for event NMN1017740 to sign up for the new “Show Them Up” event]

So far, all we’ve talked about are the events and who gets prizes for being the best. Sure, we’ve mentioned fellowship as well, sicne WizKids remains dedicated to rewarding or best players along with the players who make playing a positive experience for everyone. But would you like there to be even more? Well you got it!

Players participating in HeroClix events will receive a raffle ticket. About 20 minutes before the end of our day (see the white board at the sign-up station for the drawing time) we will pull tickets and have some great prizes. Dr. Manhattan, Lantern Special objects and other great prizes! So before you start the first round of any event you play in, make sure you stash your raffle ticket in a safe place!

So if you’re already going to GenCon and have signed up, you’re good to go, we’ll see you there. If you aren’t signed up for any events yet? What are you waiting for? Go to right now and reserve your space!