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The HeroClix Watch List: Upcoming Changes

Greetings HeroClixers, it is at last time to circle back on the Watch List and announce some big changes. As discussed in previous articles (The Announcement and An Update), by launching the Watch List, our goal is to encourage a healthy game environment for HeroClix. The list below gives a very high level description of the changes that will be made.  Note that the specific rules language hasn’t been finalized yet, as we’re checking for corner cases, but the essentials of each change is below.


The process of analyzing and testing the items on the Watch List demonstrated there was one general issue  contributing to an unhealthy game environment – the ability to create situations where a single character could make multiple attacks during the course of a turn. Therefore, the first major rules change to come out from the Watch List is: “Each time a character makes an attack in a turn after their first, their damage value is modified by -1 until the end of the turn, minimum 1.”

Now, this causes a trickle-down of other errata. Duo Attack and Multiattack are both combat abilities that already do this, so the modifier in those combat abilities will be removed, which slightly improves Multiattack. Flurry is a standard power that was never envisioned to have this penalty, so it will get language that would prevent this new general rule from affecting it. This modifier will be just like other modifiers, so it will be subject to the rule of 3, a locked value would not be modified, etc. Right now, we don’t envision errata to any characters that make multiple attacks via a special power that doesn’t use Flurry – they’ll get the -1 to damage.


While the Working Together ability is impacted by the new general rule, it was not quite enough to bring this ability to where it needed to be. Therefore the number of actions a team base gets from this ability is being toned down as well. Going forward, while using Working Together, a team can be given up to 1 action as a free action for every 200 points (or fraction thereof) of the team’s point value. The same restrictions apply, only up to one of each power, move, close combat or ranged combat action, and then the rest can be attacks.

While the Working Together ability was the primary focus of team bases during this analysis, two other changes for team bases are being implemented. First, being able to heal a character up beyond the click it was brought into the game is a mechanic that needed to be revisited. While the basic mechanics of Solo Adventure remains the same, the characters brought on the map through this ability will consider that colored click number as their starting line. Now, there are still isolated cases where characters have the ability to heal beyond their starting line (like Black Queen), but outside of those isolated cases, these characters won’t be able to heal up past the click they are brought in on.

The other change is to the roll to see who goes first. The bonus a player gets as a result of playing a team base will change. Instead of being +1 for each character on the team base, it will be +1 for per 100 points (or fraction thereof) of the team’s point value.


A late addition to the watch list, he bubbled up as the “piece to play” if everything else on the list was addressed. Again, many different approaches were tried, with the goal to keep him a solid piece to use, but to remove the abuse of being able to bring a character to attack anyone/anywhere. To that end, he will be issued errata preventing the teleported character from being given a non-free action this turn. This alters his play style significantly. You’ll be using him to position offensively when you can afford to wait until your next turn to act with the teleported character or, more likely, you’ll see Shatterstar’s teleportation being used defensively much more frequently.


Another character that brings the danger of teleportation, but this time it already had a clause preventing the non-free action. The flip side with Bat-Mite was the Idol’s likelihood to be making a close or ranged combat attack as a free action. Now, the first thing is the new general rule scales this back a touch. In addition, we are issuing errata for this mechanic. Instead of dealing unavoidable damage on a 1 only, the risk to the Idol is now going to result in unavoidable damage on a result of 1-2 (and the ability for Bat-Mite’s player to control the location and not take damage occurs on a 3-6 instead of a 2-6).


This ATA made a huge splash at Nationals and brought characters like Ghost Rider to top teams. While the ability needed to be toned down, we wanted to maintain a similar mechanic. Going forward, Heroes for Hire will allow the character to remove a Hired token to make a close or ranged combat attack as a free action, instead of being given any action as a free action. And, of course, the general rule would apply to this as well, so if they’ve already made an attack this turn, this one will be at -1 damage.


The Utility Belt was the first HeroClix piece to allow you to customize your force after you had seen what you were up against. With its ability to allow you to use Prep Time to get to the +2 click, the focus of the Belt has been all about the bonus and the items have been an after-thought. While this change will certainly drop the Belt in terms of its effectiveness, it will encourage the player who is making use of Utility Belt Items to make the most of them. Prep Time will be issued errata to say: “Give the assigned character a double power action and turn the Utility Belt to any click that does not have a special power. Do not otherwise turn the dial at the end of your turn.”

In addition, game effects allowing the Belt-holder to also make attacks as free actions created an unintended loophole where the dial was not clicked. So we are adding a clause to the Turning the Dial section so that it says: “At the end of your turn, if the assigned character was given a non-free action or made an attack, roll a d6”


As we took a look at the non-attack capability of the GCPD Cruiser, other vehicle-related issues came up. While many of these changes might not be “Watch List” caliber, it was felt that they bring a more rational set of rules for vehicles in general. For one thing, from now on, pilots can’t be bystanders. Secondly, since we use the damage symbol to communicate “size”, pilots are also prohibited from being larger than the vehicle they are piloting – so Giants and Colossals can no longer be pilots (except Giants may pilot the Bug which has the Giant symbol). Lastly, vehicles can no longer be assigned a resource (with resources like the Book of the Skull that apply to your entire force, the exact wording of how this is going to be implemented is still in the works).

With the general non-Watch List related items out of the way, the tweak for the GCPD Cruiser is a very simple change. It maintains the capability to still move characters about and it will continue to deal damage, but the “penetrating” aspect of the damage it deals with Clear the Streets is being removed.

Well, folks, that is a whole lot of changes for the game environment. While it was certainly not our…

What’s that?

You were expecting more?

Let me check my papers here…

(shuffle shuffle)


Yes. There was indeed one more topic to cover.



No one on the Watch List generated as much passion and discussion as this girl. Comments ranged from as extreme as “just leave her be, there are other ways to address her” (with a long list of strategies) to the other end of “just remove the trait altogether.”

So, it is known that whatever change is being made here, it’s going to be seen as “not enough” for some people and “way too much” for others. Our primary goal was to bring Spiral to a place where she could be a playable piece, worth fielding for her point value, and not an automatic go-to in order to circumvent the map choice.

With that in mind, we’re implementing the following changes to Portals. It will now read: “Give Spiral a double power action, remove all of her Gateway markers from the map and place 2 Gateway markers on the map. Place one in an adjacent square and the other may be placed in any square on the map. Starting with your next turn, give a friendly character occupying the square of a Gateway marker a free action and place it in the square of the other Gateway marker.”

That’s 3 important changes, each underlined separately.

First, the Spiral on one force no longer messes around with the Gateway markers of an opposing Spiral. While this was a good thing to have in balance on the original version, with the other changes made, this was no longer a necessary exploit.

Next, the opposing team will now have a turn to react before Spiral’s force starts utilizing the Gateway. While you certain can place the Gateway marker among your opponent’s force to get maximum attack capability, the opponent might take that opportunity to scatter, occupy the Gateway, or other strategies to address it.

Lastly, it is no longer a simple “move” to go from one square to another. You have to give a character a specific free action to change from one Gateway to another. That will mean that the other Gateway will need to be clear. It’ll mean that if you aren’t occupying the Gateway at the beginning of the turn, you need to find a way to get that character to that square in order to be able to get to the other side.

In short, Spiral’s Portals are still useful but they aren’t the shortcut to alpha strike that they used to be.


Those are some pretty big changes and it will no doubt be some time before they are all included in the Player’s Guide with final language. We would advise judges running events to work with their player base and consider adopting these rulings sooner rather than later.

That’s it for this iteration of the Watch List.  Brother Voodoo was determined not to need refinement at this time.  The Watch List is closed for now, but if gameplay issues come up again, either through new figures or new exploits of previous game elements, we may reopen the list with new additions.

And, with that, we really are done. Other games would issue “bannings” to these pieces, but that’s not the path we chose.  We want you to be able to play these pieces, but we don’t want them to be the only option for competitive play.  So we have reduced the power on some of these pieces and are hopeful that these changes bring about a more balanced field of choice.  We always want a healthy gameplay environment, but we also want a dynamic environment with innovative mechanics and character designs that intrigue players.  From time to time, that means we may need to tidy things up, as every other collectible game that has lasted more than 10 years also needs to do.  This is why we instituted the Watch List.  Lots of amazing pieces have come out in the past year that may get a chance to shine now, and there’s more amazing stuff on the way.  Stay tuned!


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A Whole New World – Attack Powers

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to the section of this special Rules Review series dedicated to discussing the changes which are on the horizon for the standard attack powers.  There are quite a few changes coming with the upcoming release of the new Powers and Abilities Card.  Some of the changes are minor while some will prove to have quite a significant impact.


The change in Incapacitate is a very simple one, but it is also a very potent one.

Under the 2012 definition for Incapacitate, the power has no effect on figures which already have 2 tokens.  Now, you’re able to go ahead and target that figure with 2 tokens and try to hit, not just for 1 damage, but for 1 penetrating damage.  Those pesky Indomitable figures with damage reducing powers need to fear every figure with Incapacitate, even those with a damage value of 0.

And if you think this new version is potent, wait until you see how it works combined with Energy Explosion.


There are two basic changes happening to this power.

First, it is now using the new “area of effect” mechanic in the determination of the targets.  In this case, however, all that is changed is the terminology.  The distance is still half of the range of the character using Pulse Wave.

The other aspect which has changed is somewhat of a return to previous language.  The current rules only allow the Pulse Wave character to ignore hindering terrain and characters for line of fire purposes. But that meant that characters with game effects that used other types of terrain/conditions to prevent the line of fire would activate against a Pulse Waver. So the language returned to describing the few limited things that can block the line of fire (blocking terrain, elevated terrain, walls, etc.) and became that much more dangerous to those characters trying to hide!


The difference here is very subtle, but it is a significant difference.  When a character uses Quake now, all of the targets which are hit are knocked back 2 squares – event if they don’t actually take any damage from the attack! The same restrictions on knock back apply, of course, such as being unable to knock back characters with a multi-base dial or those using the Charge power, but there is an improvement in that a character using Quake still has the potential to affect many characters who would usually be unaffected due to their ability to reduce damage.


So this is another one with several significant changes.

One thing which should be readily apparent is the addition of 2 more hindering terrain markers being placed for a total of 6 squares.  This addition will be a big improvement all around due to the options that these two extra squares of instant hindering terrain will provide.

The next thing one may notice is something which doesn’t apply to every character who uses Smoke Cloud, but it is a pretty hefty boost for many.  The minimum range for this power has been increased from just 1 to a full 4 squares.  This extension makes those low range/low cost Smoke Cloud users much more enticing for their ability to provide the needed cover to boost their allies’ defenses.

Finally, included with this change is another benefit, though that benefit is potentially a double-edged sword.  The hindering terrain markers which are placed by this power now provide a penalty to the attack values of all figures occupying these markers.  With optimal placement, a Smoke Cloud user now has the capability to apply a two point swing in favor of the Smoke Cloud user’s team by not only giving a figure a -1 to his attack, but also by forcing the lines of fire to pass through hindering terrain in order to get +1 defense value boost.  Beware, however, as the -1 attack values will be applied to your own guys, if they occupy those squares.  Mastering the timing of the placement will be something one will need to do, but the payoff will prove to be worthwhile. It is worth noting that if the target character can use Smoke Cloud or can ignore hindering terrain, this -1 will not apply to them.

Putting all three of these changes together, Smoke Cloud has been transformed from something frequently overlooked and rarely utilized to something which is now a formidable asset for inclusion on many teams.


The dreams of many have come true with one of the changes seen here.  For the first time ever, a character using Super Strength to hold an object may choose to place that object back on the map.  The ability to drop an object a figure is holding may be one of the most frequently requested effects over the years.

The practical applications of this newly gained ability are numerous, but foremost among them is the capability of one figure to pass off the object to another figure so they might get that additional damage boost right when you need it. The important thing to remember is that during a single move, a character may either pick up an object  or it may place it on the map. It can’t do both.

The other aspect of this power which has changed is that the +2 damage bonus for destroying terrain is being removed. While it’s certainly a decrease for the power, when you consider how often the damage bonus is needed/gets used and weigh that against the frequency with which the “putting down objects” will prove useful, it’s an equitable exchange!

Well, that just about wraps up the attack powers. We thought we’d get it all done in one, but the “paragraph” for Energy Explosion decided to get bigger and bigger, so we’re expanding this article into 2 parts. Stay tuned next week as we explore what is possible the biggest change in the attack slot from this year’s release.

If you have any more questions about these alterations or anything else in the rules, send an e-mail to or hit the Rules Deputies up on the forums!



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EpicCon 2011

EpicCon: Philadelphia  is less than two weeks away and excitement here  at WizKids Tournament HQ is growing. Army Sheets are being printed, palettes of product are getting ready to be shipped, hotel reservations are being made, and so on. For more information on the convention itself, click here

Players will have lots of opportunities to win some of the convention exclusives at this event. Each four-player Battle Royal will award an exclusive to the winner. In addition, each grinder will be award an exclusive to both the winner and the runner up. Grinders will be run in both the sealed format (2-boosters of Captain America) and the constructed format (300 point Modern Age). Grinder winners also qualify to play in Sunday’s Main Event. While attendance at EpicCon is free, the events are not:

Battle Royal$12.00
Grinder (Sealed)$25.00
Grinder (Constructed)$15.00
Sunday’s Main Event$25.00


Sunday’s Main Event is an interesting format as the 2-booster sealed portion (with shiny new Superman boosters) will run for a few rounds until a “Top 8” can be identified. The Top 8 will have all undefeated people and players with one loss that have the highest number of victory points. These Top 8 will switch to their Modern Age 300 point constructed teams for a single elimination event to identify the EpicCon Champion. This winner gets to go home with an armful of prizes including a Captain America Factory Set and a complete set of the convention LEs (that’s all 3 Horsemen, Moonstone, and Wonder Woman)!

In addition to all of this, on Saturday afternoon, HeroClix players have another opportunity to win a ton of prizes but they can help save a life at the same time! The 2011 World Champin, Daniel Joynes, has put his prizes from GenCon 2011 up to benefit DKMS Americas. This organization helps find bone marrow donors for leukemia patients. This event will kick off at 5:00 PM on Saturday, but as seats are limited, you will want to contact Daniel about signing up. For details on this event, click here.

So the countdown has started, the prizes are piling up, are you ready to CLIX?



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Summon the Helicarrier!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we pay a visit to the flying fortress that serves as the headquarters for the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.  That’s right! We are proud to present the latest battleground for all of your amazing HeroClix action, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier! (click on image)


The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is an exciting addition to your map collection.  Now your HeroClix teams can do battle in one of the most iconic locations in the Marvel Universe!

Since the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is an aerial battleground, your non-flying figures will have to watch their step! One wrong move and they may find themselves with an additional action token per the map’s special rules:

(click on image)



The incredible HeroClix action doesn’t stop with just one map though! The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is actually the LARGEST map we’ve ever created! By joining together the different sections of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (represented by seperate maps found in your Captain America Organized Play kit) you can act out your most awesomely epic HeroClix battles in the greatest arena of them all!

Here are sections two and three of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier battleground (click on images below):













As you can see, if you lay the maps end-to-end you can recreate the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in its entirety! That’s right! You can create a larger battlefield for your games but you don’t have to use all three sections, you can instead use just two if you prefer.  Sections one and two, or sections two and three all work equally well if you would rather not use the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for your game.  Let’s take a closer look at the special map text for combining the maps:

(click on image)

Essentially, when you combine maps you ignore the starting areas where the maps meet, and instead use the starting areas at the furthest edges of the combined map.  Nothing could be easier to do!

The action doesn’t stop there! We can make the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier even larger still! By combining maps two and four (four?!?), we can create an indoor and outdoor map for your Helicarrier battles!  Let’s take  closer look at the interior of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier:

(click on image)

Now you can stage battles on the deck of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and the interior of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier’s command center! Of course, moving from section to section isn’t as easy as stepping through a door on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, but instead of security checkpoints and clearances, we have these special rules for you:

Map two (click on image)

Map four (click on image)

Give your figure a power action and you can move them between the map sections, but watch out for the orange squares on map four! If you’re knocked into these squares your figure will end up with a click of unavoidable damage!

Prepare yourselves for the biggest, baddest, and most epic HeroClix battles as we get ever-closer to the exciting release of the latest Marvel HeroClix expansion, Captain America! Join us Wednesday as we continue our exploration of the Captain America HeroClix Organized Play kit.  Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!




DC 75th ends the year on a high note



December 16, 2010 (HILLSIDE, NJ) — WizKids Inc. announced the manufacture sell-out of their most recent set, DC HeroClix®: 75thAnniversary.  WizKids’ entire inventory of DC 75th Anniversary, released December 15th, 2010, has been completely sold in to distribution in North America due to overwhelming demand.

DC HeroClix: DC 75th Anniversary brings fan-favorite characters from DC Comics’ past and present (including the mysterious White Lantern Corps!) to players’ tabletops so they can re-live their favorite comic storyline battles.

“DC HeroClix: DC 75th Anniversary is tracking above expectations and should provide a nice bump to holiday sales for retailers” said Justin Ziran, V.P. of Marketing for WizKids, Inc. “the set speaks to the rich history of DC Comics and has exciting content for fans ranging from Golden Age Superman to the White Lantern Sinestro”

Although supplies are limited, American retailers can still purchase the DC 75th Anniversary set through Alliance Game Distributors or Diamond Comic Distributors and should contact their sales representatives for order information.  International retailers should contact their local distributors for ordering information.  Friend us on Facebook at

About NECA/WizKids:

A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association Inc. (NECA), WizKids/NECA is a New Jersey-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating games driven by imagination. The HeroClix brand is the most successful collectible miniatures games on the market today, with over 250 million miniature game figures sold worldwide. For additional information, visit

©2010 NECA/WizKids LLC. All rights reserved. HeroClix, the HeroClix Logo, HeroClix, and WizKids are trademarks of NECA/WizKids LLC.

T M & © DC Comics.



Houston. We are go for launch.

Lots of news coming your way over the next few weeks.  I’ll start off with the the top of mind stuff….

DC 75th Release – I am happy to report that DC 75th will be in stores 12/15.  The last container made it to Chicago and is filling the channel as we speak. Enjoy the previews and let us know what you think about the set.

DC 75th Redemption – We will turn on redemption for the set in mid January.  I want to make  sure those who are getting HeroClix DC 75th as a gift will have an equal shot at the brick figure.

DC 75th is moving quick – We’ll be making an announcement in the coming days.  Make sure your venue owner speaks with the Diamond/Alliance sales rep early and often.

Product Replacement – The factory just finished production on the replacement figures.  They are being shipped from China shortly and I will post details on how to request replacements once they are in the warehouses.  I appreciate the patience, this issue has dragged on longer than I find acceptable.  Sorry again.

Beta Invites – The first wave of invites went out today.  Good response rate so far – if we need more players to fill our quota I may send out another small set of emails in a few weeks.  Please check your email and junk mail folders.  Please do not send me status requests.  If you signed up for Beta duties, I have your information.  We will contact you please don’t contact us.  There are several waves of testing, even if you didn’t make the cut this time, you might make it next time.  Thanks in advance for volunteering.

New HeroClix Base Design (the Oreo Base) – A few months ago I shared some photos of a new base design we were considering.  The design was based (no pun intended) on the Mage Knight Champions base.  Well, the prototypes have arrived and we’re gathering opinions.  I am going to see if I can get a few of these bases into your hands.  Check your snail mailboxes over the coming weeks!

That’s it for now.



DC 75th Anniversary Update

I’d like to give everyone and update.  The DC 75th shipment from China is on the water and should be landing in stores on December 15th, 2010.  Retailers and distributors are being notified of the new release date today.

We appreciate you patience and understanding.


Clix for the Cure – Gaming for a Worthy Cause

Hey everyone!  I wanted to give a shout out to the group of people who are putting together this

years Clix for the Cure event.  I asked one of the organizers, Karl, to give me some background on the event so I could share it readers of, and our Facebook fans around the world.

From what I know of the event this year, it sounds like weekend of fun will be had by all.  It sounds like the event will be fun and the prizes don’t sound so bad either.   Besides, its all for charity so how could you go wrong?

Without stealing any of Karl’s thunder, please take a moment to visit one of these stores (this weekend)

Saturday, November 6th @ Just For Fun in Peoria, IL (The original old skool Midwest!)

Saturday, November 6th @ Comic Book Ink in Lakewood, WA (West Coast)

Sunday, November 7th @ The Family Game Store in Savage, MD (East Coast)

There is also a thread on with all the DETAILS.

Have a great weekend!



The History of Clix for the Cure

Way back in 2005, Tim “Frontman” Scallon had a thought…  HeroClix players come together eve

ry week to play their favorite game, so why not come together and support a cause when we get together?

At the time,Tim’s mother was battling breast cancer.  Over the course of a conversation, Duane “DS-00-0, FSD” Bruun took Tim’s query and literally ran with it.  Clix for the Cure was born.

The idea was to get a bunch of Clix players together and raise money for the Susan Komen Foundation.  Right from the start Duane wanted this to be big.  Really big.  Duane immediately took to organizing the event.  He worked with his local venue in Bloomington, IL to arrange a date and secure the space needed.  He advertised the event every chance he could, posting on the different HeroClix forums.  He even hit people up for donations of LEs to give away as prizes.  It’s at this point that Karl “hair10” Markovich got involved.

At the time, Karl was the Rules Arbitrator for HeroClix and he spoke with Jason “BrotherMagneto” Mical, a WizKids employee at the time, about the event.  With his help, WizKids immediately came to the aid of the event by donating LEs, including a couple of very rare Masterpiece figures.  Throughout the years, WizKids has stepped in to help with this worthy cause every year except for last year when WK was ‘on hiatus’.

That inaugural year had a good showing.  34 people got together from all over the Midwest and raised a total of $891.  The event received positive reviews and praise from all who were involved and discussion started on making it an annual event.

And so, it became an annual event with the 2nd Annual Clix for the Cure.  Due to some personal conflicts on his time, Duane couldn’t organize the second Clix for the Cure so Karl took up the task.  The second event took place in 2006 and was held in Peoria, IL.  At the time, the local venue had very little space… not nearly enough for an event like this.  Working with a local hotel Karl was able to secure one of their meeting rooms for the event.  Many of the same faces showed up as well as some welcome new ones.  2006 featured a raffle for a Spectre colossal figure and factory set giveaway, with WK being instrumental in providing support once again.  The 2nd Annual Clix for the Cure event drew in approximately 30 players and $770 was donated to the cause.  However, thanks to a generous “matching gifts” program, Karl’s employer matched that amount thereby bringing the grand total to a whopping $1,540!

For the 3rd annual event in 2007, Duane was back on board and getting things set up in Bloomingtononce again.  This year coincided with the 5th anniversary of HeroClix and to celebrate Duane wanted to do something a bit different.  He came up with a ‘Kill It and Keep It’ idea.  He worked with the owner of Gryfallia’s Aerie, Ken, who donated 2 cases of Supernova boosters.  The first would be used by participants and the second case would be opened for the ‘Kill and Keep’ prizes.  Each player was also given a Diamond Lil (a character in Marvel Comics that has battled breast cancer) figure to use on their force.  But Duane would never let something as simple as a “play your booster” game take place.  He had to include a rather unique twist!  Each player in the event could also include two other figures (besides the contents of their booster and the Diamond Lil) in their force.  But there’s always a catch with Duane and the catch was that those additional figures fell under a venue wide highlander rule.  That meant if some player chose Superman as one of his extra figures, no other player could play Superman!  This made for some interesting choices of figures that were used as well as quite a few laughs.

That third year was a great showing.  36 people got together from all over the Midwest and raised a total of $1,443.  Some of that was through entry fees and some through prize raffles, but a large part of it came from yet another harebrained idea that Tim and Duane cooked up which has become a hallmark of the event…. “Probability Control for a buck”.

The idea was ludicrously simple and insanely fun.  Basically, ANYONE could pay $1 to force a re-roll  of the dice.  It might be someone involved in the current game, or someone playing at the map over, or someone just standing by watching the event.  If someone put down $1, those dice would have to be rolled again.  The “PC for a buck” has become a standard at the Clix for the Cure events and driven some crazy games, especially tightly packed Kill and Keep matches where a large crowd is gathered to play and $1 bills are being thrown around from every direction!

The 4th annual event again took place in Bloomington.  The “Kill and Keep” scenario was popular enough that it stuck around for 2008’s event.  This time around everyone received a booster each of Justice League and Mutations & Monsters and made a 500 point team out them.  The figures the players would be facing and trying to win on the other sides of the maps were all LEs, uniques, and super rares that were donated by the HeroClix community and WizKids.  All total, there were over 100 figures donated to be used as prizes.  To coincide with this event, Karl ran an online auction and Michele “KitsuShel” Angelo’s homemade cookies were raffled off.  “PC for a buck” was once again back in play as well.  The 4th annual event was an unqualified success by any measure.  The event itself saw an attendance of 43 players raising an astounding $2,070!  Additionally, $560 was raised through the online auction and $200 through Michele’s cookie raffle… a grand total of $2,830 that was donated to the Komen Foundation!

Last year was the 5th Annual Clix for the Cure.  Everyone involved knew this event was going to be a challenging one.  WizKids had been closed by their parent company, Topps.  There would be no help from them when it came to prize support.  Duane, always thinking of new and creative ideas, turned to the HeroClix modding community.  He reached out to them for donations and they came through big time.  The community donated a number of very creative and very cool custom creations to be given away as prizes.  In addition, part of each player’s entry fee went towards a booster which was placed into the prize pool for another ‘Kill It, Keep It” event.  However, this time around the games were themed.  One round featured an attack on Master Mold, where the players went up against an army of Sentinels.  The second round saw the players teaming up to defeat the hordes of the Sinestro Corps.  These games were made even better thanks to the donation of some custom “Sentinel Factory” and “Green Lantern Corps” maps designed and created by Steve “ibeatdrew” Coblentz.  After the events were over, the maps were then raffled and auctioned off.  Even with WizKids being “dead” during that time, the event still drew over 40 people and raised $1,450.

This year is the 6th Annual Clix for the Cure.  In an effort to make this the biggest event yet, it has been expanded to three locations, extending the reach of the event from coast to coast.  The “original” Midwest event will be held in Peoria, IL this year.  Additional events will be held at the same time in Savage, MD and Lakewood, WA.  Full details of this year’s event can be found at

When the organizers left that first event, everyone agreed that it was a great time for a worthy cause.  There was talk of making it an annual event.  But it’s doubtful that anyone thought it would have continued on for as long as it has and continue to grow as big as it is.  To date, the Clix for the Cure events, with the help of the players, community, and WizKids, has donated over $8,000 to the Susan Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.  Congratulations and be sure to come out this year if you can make it!


WizKids Announces the re-launch of the Mage Knight ™ Property

NECA/WizKids Announces the re-launch of the Mage Knight ™ Property

(WizKids to release Mage Knight Board Game by Vlaada Chvátil)

HILLSIDE, NJ – October 21, 2010 NECA/WizKids, the leader in collectible gaming, is proud to announce the re-launch of the Mage Knight property.  In 2000, Mage Knight defined miniatures gaming by combining a rich back-story, detailed pre-painted miniatures and revolutionary game play.  Mage Knight will honor that spirit of innovation within the property by expanding it across several platforms.

The initial Mage Knight offering for release will be a board game designed by Vlaada Chvátil, designer of the acclaimed games: Dungeon Lords, Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker.

“For me, Mage Knights combine the greatest fantasy archetypes – honor and wisdom, strength and magic.  I want to bring to life a Mage Knight as an individual who steers the wheels of history and gives birth to legends. My hope is to capture that essence in a new and engaging way for fantasy fans around the world” says Chvátil.

WizKids President Lax Chandra says “Mage Knight launched our company and created a new industry (CMG) of gaming. Ten years later, we have come full circle. We have wanted to work with Vlaada for a long time and we are thrilled with his vision to make this a new experience while still carrying forward the world that so many people fell in love with.”

In addition to the first boxed set, WizKids/NECA plans several brand extensions set in the Mage Knight universe, including a new take on deck building games and role-playing games.

About WizKids/NECA:

A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Entertainment Collectibles Association Inc. (NECA), WizKids/NECA is a New Jersey-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating games driven by imagination. The HeroClix brand is the most successful collectible miniatures games on the market today, with over 250 million miniature game figures sold worldwide. For additional information, visit

©2010 NECA/WizKids LLC. All rights reserved. Mage Knight, the Mage Knight Logo, HeroClix, and WizKids are trademark of NECA/WizKids LLC.


News from the Alliance Games Open House

Wow!  What a trip!

I’ve been on the road for about a week visiting a development partner in North Carolina and then I jumped on a quick flight to O’Hare to meet Lax and Drew for out drive to Ft. Wayne, IN for the Alliance Games Open House.  Besides the 5 hour delay in Philly as we watched paint dry on the tarmac (true story), it was a great trip.

So there is a lot of news to catch up on.

First, I’ll jump into some old business – Replacement figures.  The replacement figures are on the boat headed to the US warehouse.  There are still a lot of variables related to the timeliness of the shipment across the water.  As soon as I have definitive dates – I will give you a heads up on how to go about requesting a replacement figure.  I’d expect to hear something in December, possibly a little earlier.

The Alliance Open House – Where do I start?

We gave a small presentation about the our releases for 2011 and then had a little show and tell at the booth.

Brightest Day – We had the entire product on display.  The figures looked good and so does the package.  We’ll start previews shortly.

DC 75th – News was mainly focused on a a few extra figures we had on display.  We’ll ramp up previews over the coming month.  The set will feature 10 White Lantern Figures with 1 inserted in each brick.

Giant Sized X-Men – We announced the first Marvel set of 2011, Giant Sized X-Men (GSX).  I must say, it was pretty exciting.

Here are some Highlights

GSX will have a new Brick Configuration – I call it the 8+1 brick – 8 regular boosters and 1 super booster.  There are 8 different Super Boosters (all of which are blind and have unique content).  We moved to a new configuration b/c we wanted a way to deliver “extreme” content without the “extreme” price increase.  We think we struck the right balance.

Stores that pre-order GSX will be eligible to purchase additional supper boosters equal to the number of bricks they pre-order.  Super boosters will have an SRP of $23.98 (they replace 2 regular boosters in the brick)

The in store brick program will return with GSX.  You’ll be getting Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) when you purchase your brick at your local retailer.

I’ve included some images that we shared in the presentation.  Enjoy!

Street Fighter – We’re adding the Street Fighter property to the HeroClix product line.  The game will be fully compatible with HeroClix.  We’re considering new product configurations for the property.  More news on this in the coming months.

Star Trek: Expeditions (Co-Op Game by Reiner Knizia) was being demo’ed in full force at the show.  Expeditions is the mission based game where you (and your friends) assume the role of the ST bridge crew and venture to the planet below to help thwart the Klingon insurgency.  Co-Op games are big and I expect this game will be a solid contender in the field of co-op board games.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains (Starship Combat Game) – We had ~20 of the 24 ships on display and they were one of the big hits of the show.  It seemed like we had a non-stop line of fans looking to snap photos of the ships.  Can’t wait for this one!

Battle of the Bands Clix: We got Iron Maiden how about –  Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Guns n’ Roses, Skid Row, Great White, KISS, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Telsa, Van Halen, Dokken, Scorpions, Ratt, Warrant, W.A.S.P.  If you are still reading my wall of text, you’ll know this is a joke!

We’ll be releasing official announcements on each of the products I mentioned above in the coming weeks/months.  Stay tuned for more info.

The figure is about 6.5" tall "tip to toe"