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Galactic Guardian ATAs and New HeroClix Players Guide (May, 2012)

Hello there Clixers,

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Rules Arb, Sean aka “TechG0D”. We have yet another installment of the Players Guide and ATA’s. This time we are proud to bring you the Galactic Guardian ATA’s and HeroClix Players Guide updates.

So without any further adieu, here’s the first Additional Team Ability: The NEWER FANTASTIC FOUR, with the addition of the Colossal’s in Galactic Guardians you might need a bit more oomph to hit Galactus. If you play with the “Fantastic Four” keyword you can add the Newer Fantastic Four ATA, for just ONE point per character, and get yourself a +1 to your Attack Value when attacking figures with the Giant or Colossal damage symbols or even the Indomitable Defense Symbol. That should help you crack the Defenses of those Colossals and even some Dr Doom figures.





Like playing a team with the newest Minions and minion powers? Well then the new UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF TRUTH ATA is made for you. This FOUR point ATA gives your Defense a boost when your UCT characters are attacked and your opponent misses.




We have a bunch of new “Guardians of the Galaxy” keyword figures in this set…funny that as the set is called Galactic Guardians huh? While many of those figures have the Defender Team Ability, won’t it be great if you could just make them Wild Cards and copy a different Team Ability? Well now you can with the ONE point per character GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (SILVER AGE) ATA. Playing this card will remove their current team ability, if any, and give all the characters the Wild Card Team Ability.



We also have a bunch of Infinity Watch figures in this set. These guys understand the Infinity Gauntlet and the Gems better than anyone else. So their TWO points per character INFINITY WATCH ATA helps them do just that in game terms. They are able to pick up the Infinity Gauntlet Relics on a roll or 3-6 instead of 5-6. So play these guys with those Gems that you have and see them come alive with the power of the Gems!





We also have ATA for the following keywords: Annihilators, Negative Zone, Nova Corps and Defenders. These are pictured below. Check them all out, print them all out and use them in your next tournament!!






















Below you will also find the links to the latest Players Guide.  Well that’s about it for now.

And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Errata Heroclix Print 'n Play

Players and Tournament Guide – March 2012

Hello there Clixers,

We have a new Players Guide and Tournament Guide ready for you all.  We’ve added the Additional Team Abilities for Incredible Hulk and Superman, plus we’ve clarified the Gauntlet and defined the Resource Dial for everyone.

Let’s talk about a few of the new Marvel Additional Team Abilities.

Wouldn’t it be great if you get that GSX Wolverine a boost!  How about a “THE HAND” Additional Team Ability?  Now you can give Wolverine a bit of pseudo-Stealth.










Don’t you just hate it when many of the Hulked-Out Heroes get to click #2 and lose Super Strength….Well not any more with the “HULKED-OUT HEROES” Additional Team Ability your Hulked-Out Heroes will keep that Super Strength through their while dial!


And how about finally getting an Additional Team Ability for those Marvel Knight keyword figures like Punisher, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  Well now you have it.  The “MARVEL KNIGHTS” Additional Team Ability gives any Marvel Knight keyword figure the use of Stealth.










There are also ATA’s for “INTELLIGENCIA”, “HULKBUSTERS” and “SAVAGE LAND”.  Go check them out and start thinking about how best to use them in your next themed build.












So let’s talk about the Gauntlet.  The Gauntlet is the very first of the Resource Dials that HeroClix will have, we hope that everyone is enjoying the Resource Dial concept.  But with so many questions hopefully the new section will answer many of them.  One of the question I’ve had asked to me is “Can I use more than one Gauntlet on my force?”.  Well the answer is now official, no you cannot, Resource Dials are limited to just one Resource Dial per force, so choose wisely as we start getting more of them.  Another question I’ve been asked “Can I change who get the Gauntlet each game?”, again the official answer is no.  The choice of who get the Resource Dial is made during force construction and must remain constant throughout the event.   With those questions answered hopefully that explains the Resource Dial concept for everyone a little better.

Now on to the DC Additional Team Abilities, the Superman set has a couple of great subthemes.  One of them is “FLASHPOINT”; this Additional Team Ability allows the Flashpoint characters to use Probability Control once per game per character when a friendly character makes an attack.  But wouldn’t it be cool if you could only reroll that “1” and leave that “6” on the table…..well that’s exactly what you can do with the FLASHPOINT ATA.







Another subtheme is the futuristic Legion of Super Heroes, what do you do with a Wild Card Team Ability to make it cool?  The “LEGION LOST” Additional Team Ability allows you make it so that when you play a Legion of Super Heroes Themed team and have no Team Abilities to copy, you can then choose any DC team ability (other than other ATAs) that can be used by Wild Cards and make it their own instead.



Lastly we have those characters that have been banished to the “PHANTOM ZONE”.  These Phantom Zone figures using the PHANTOM ZONE ATA might be able to ignore one big hit with the only drawback of them having to place the figure back in your starting area.



As if those weren’t enough we have Additional Team Abilities for  “KRYPTONIAN” and “JUSTICE LEAGUE (SILVER AGE)”.  Go check all the new ATA and clarifications in the latest Players Guide by downloading it from the links below.












I almost forgot the Additional Team Ability that was designed by the 2011 HeroClix King of the Hill Champion Nick Stanton.  His ATA is for those Flash Villians know as “ROGUES”.  Flash and all characters with Hypersonic Speed should be very wary when the Rogues have this ATA attached to them.  At GenCon 2012 this year there will be another opportunity for a player to win the Design an ATA Prize.  Look for details in the future and plan on attending GenCon 2012.


Finally we have updated the Tournament Guide.  This version does include the 2012 retirement plan.  Starting July 1st 2012 all sets after Brightest Day forward will be Modern Age Legal.  This means that Web of Spider-Man to Infinity Challenge will be Golden Age.


Well that’s about it for now.  And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.




HeroClix Comprehensive Tournament Rules 2012-03


Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play Special

Player’s Guide October Update

Here’s the latest from Sean (TechG0D) Braunstein, your illustrious Rules Arbitrator…


Hello there Clixers,

Well with the Superman set out for a couple of weeks it’s time for the latest Players Guide.  You will notice that there were a couple updates to the guide.  The first is the addition of the Captain America Set ATA’s.  That’s right four new ATA’s to help you build the perfect theme team or to just beef up a couple of your favorite characters.  So let’s get right to it.

First off we have the Secret Warriors ATA.  So what is it?Your Secret Warriors can now add to the Theme Team for your H.A.M.M.E.R., Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D. teams.  The Secret Warriors can also now potentially get those keyword bonuses from other figures.  Like with Baron Strucker, you can use your Secret Warriors ATA to give them the Hydra Keyword and now they can see through each other for line of fire purposes once per round. Or like Steve Rogers, his trait will give the Secret Warriors that start an action adjacent to him the Avengers Team ability.
Next we have the Winter Guard ATA.Have you ever wanted to heal your character, but your team lacks Support and the figures do not have Regeneration or Steal Energy?  Well if they have the Winter Guard or Soviet Super-Soldier keyword you can add this ATA for ONLY 1 Point!  As long as you don’t KO the figure with the unavoidable damage you are guaranteed to at least get back the one click and maybe 2 more! Not bad for just one point.
You might be saying to yourself….What if I’m just a giant head in a floating chair? Can I get an Alternate Team Ability too?  Of course we have you covered.  Introducing MODOK’s 11:These masters of the machine can take away objects from the game.  As a free action they can remove a light or heavy object in the characters square or adjacent square.  Need to get rid of that pesky Yellow Lantern?  The MODOK’s 11 ATA is for you.
Last but certainly not least we have the Great Lakes Avengers.Ever have your opponent re-roll that Critical hit only to have it miss or worse, critically miss?  If you are playing a Great Lakes Avenger with this ATA, that will not happen again. These guys have the ability to make sure their attack rolls do not get re-rolled, unless they miss first of course.

So you may be asking yourself, what else does the new Players Guide have in it?  Are there any other surprises?  Well we added the Halo, Gears of War and Street Fighter Team Abilities to the Players Guide.  I guess you thought that was a no brainer…But we also made a slight change to one of the existing team abilities to match one of the Halo team abilities.  Without further ado we have the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Team Ability:


Adjacent friendly characters modify their range values by +1. Give this character a power action and choose an adjacent friendly character. The chosen character modifies its damage value by +1 while adjacent to this character and making ranged combat attacks this turn.

You will notice that the free action to increase the range has been removed completely.  So now you can use that range increase as well as giving that Power Action to increase the damage at the same time.  This will make all those S.H.E.I.L.D. guys and gals much better just added to your team as filler, not to mention themed teams that will see the added range boost.

My, my, that’s a lot to take in, but wait there’s more.  How about we officially announce that the Street Fighter set will be MODERN AGE LEGAL!!  That’s right your teams at your local venue and at major conventions can now include those Street Fighter figures as part of your Modern Age Team.

Finally I would like to thank all the well wishers for the kind words on my appointment to the role of HeroClix Rules Arbitrator.  I’m very happy to have this opportunity to help out NECA and the HeroClix community.  Thank you all very much.  I I want to leave with this, always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading,


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Print and Play Has Finally Arrived!

WizKids is happy to announce that Print & Play is now 100% supported on the website!

Recently, Wizkids began a dialogue with Team Mobilehorror with the goal of bringing PnP officially to  Team Mobilehorror’s contribution to PnP over the years is proven and they’ve become a trusted name to HeroClix fans everywhere, and we’ve enjoyed working with them on this project.

Together, we have uploaded all of the Print & Play content originally found on their website to HeroClix.Com.  That’s right! All HeroClix sets, ranging from the feats and battlefield conditions introduced in Mutant Mayhem through the latest character cards found in the Thor Fast Forces set, are available for download in a convenient pdf format.

Here’s what you’ll find on the new and improved Print and Play page:

  • Character Cards
  • Feats
  • Battlefield Conditions
  • Additional Team Abilities
  • Bystanders
  • Rules for Colossal figures
  • Special Objects

All of the feats and battlefield conditions have been updated to reflect the latest rulings in the Player’s Guides. Team Mobilehorror will continue an ongoing effort to provide updates for new sets as they are released!

To use Print & Play content, simply download and print the cards you need (Note: some of these files are quite large) and bring them to your next game. This policy does not apply to 3D elements, though it does apply to the cards that accompany them. Best of all, all content available
for Print & Play from the WizKids site is 100% legal in tournament play!

WizKids is now your one-stop shop for everything Heroclix Print & Play!


Special thanks to Team Mobilehorror for helping to make this effort possible:

Mike Wethington (Blue Atoll on HCRealms)

Sylvain Mallette (Batman1970 on HCRealms)

Jeremy Beaver (lancelot on HCRealms)

Announcements Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

Don’t Call Them “X-Babies” Anymore!

Hello There HeroClix’ers!

Today’s article comes courtersy of the GenCon 2011 King of the Hill Champion, Stephen Plasco.  Below, Stephen shares with us all the thought and processes that went into the design of his very own Alternate Team Ability:

“After winning the King of the Hill tournament this past year at Gen Con, I knew I wanted to do something around one of my favorite comic books from when I was younger – The New Mutants.  I have always enjoyed the storylines that went along with this group and felt that as characters in HeroClix, they really did not receive enough love and attention, though GSX has certainly helped.  You would almost never see them in a competitive play environment, and they were also one of the rarer teams used with regards to theme teams.  I felt they needed a bit of a boost and an ATA might do just that.

 “My original intent on this card was to have it so a character could jump in front of another character and “save” them.  In essence, when a character with the ATA was attacked, and adjacent friendly character with the same ATA could take an action token and become the target of the attack instead (regardless of the legality of the line of fire).  While this was a good idea in theory, in practice it caused a lot of rules issues and would have needed a page of errata in order for it to be used properly.  It just wasn’t feasible for it to be written as simply as I originally envisioned it.  So we simplified the effect a bit, and decided to make it function similar to Mastermind.  Also, wording it so that characters taking the damage could only use the power once per turn was getting both tricky and wordy so we decided to get rid of it.  In reality, a character with zero action tokens jumping around to save his friends twice in a row seems a bit silly, but in terms of game play,  it makes the card a little bit stronger.

 “In the end, we decided to word it the way that it is now as to have no confusion on how it worked, but still capture the flavor of one New Mutant sacrificing themselves for another.

“I made a card to utilize the team (s) included correctly and in a fun way, as well as allow wildcards to use it so that it was playable in a competitive environment.  I hope that was accomplished and you all enjoy playing with it, and The New Mutants, in future games.

-Stephen C. Plasco (AKA Logansan)”

Thanks Stephen! Without further adieu, here is the New Mutants alternate team ability:

Thanks for all your hard work Stephen.  As a fellow New Mutants fan I’m very grateful and cannot wait to play this ATA at my Venue’s next tournament!

The New Mutants is our last GSX print and play article, but we will have some exciting articles in the weeks to come so stay tuned and keep on clixin’!

Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

The Age(nts) of Apocalypse

Hello there HeroClix Fans!

Today’s article takes a turn for the darker as we examine the Horsemen of Apocalypse Alternate Team Ability!

Apocalypse has many minions and followers, but the most feared are his Horsemen.  This quartet is dedicated to their master’s tenet of “survival of the fittest” and the boost in attack values this ATA offers allows them to more readily test their opponents!

Of course, this ATA is uncopyble by Wild Cards as Apocalypse doesn’t take just anyone into his fold, let lone the ranks of his esteemed Horsemen, and a +1 one benefit to attack Values may seem minor but at only one point per chracter, this ATA is actually pretty economical.  Sure you may lose it if you do not have the requisite four Horsemen, but Apocalypse is a harsh master and does not reward failure or compromise! If the Horsemen prove unworthy, Apocalypse has no compunctions against removing his favor!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us tomorrow for a very special Alternate Team Ability article penned by our GenCon 2010 King of the Hill winner, Stephen C. Plasco! As many of you may recall, top prize for the Battle Royale events was the opportunity to design an Alternate Team Ability and Stephen’s article will take us behind the scenes to examine both his process and strategy.  

We’ll see you all tomorrow! Until then, keep your Clix strong and fighting!

Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

It’s Like Shakespeare, But With Lots More Punching!

Hello HeroClix Fans!

Today we visit the mysterious headquarters of H.A.T.E. for the latest addition to our GSX Print and Play gallery.  We present to you the Nextwave Alternate Team Ability!

Nextwave specializes in tackling montsrous and powerful foes, whether it be insane clones of Fin Fang Foom or their very own employers, H.A.T.E. themselves!  Among their arsenel of equipment is the Shockwave Rider which swiftly carries them from foe to foe, and from battle to battle.  What better way to represent the Shockwave Rider than the ability to place a member of Nextwave anywhere on the map?

That’s right, simply dispatch a foe of a greater point value and then you can place your Nextwave member where they’ll do the most good!  

So prepare your Nextwave force and bring the battle to the doors of the Beyond Coroporation with this extremely useful alternate team ability.  Whether your foes be dangerous Broccoli Men or the Mindless Ones, this ATA will be sure to make your team all the more formidable!

That’s all the explosive action we hve for you today, but be sure to join us tomorrow for even more x-citing GSX print and play action!

Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

The Reavers are Coming!

Hello there HeroClix’ers!

We continue our GSX print and play experience with the Reavers Alternate Team Ability!

The Reavers have always been dangerous foes for our favorite band of mutants, but this alternate team ability (ATA) increases that danger manyfold! The ability to continually act regardless of action tokens can be incredibly effective and is certainly worth one unavoidable damage, especially if that action allows you to K.O. an opposing figure or puts you on a more useful click!

The Reavers ATA demonstrates how relentless these cybernetic maruaders are, and certainly adds a great deal to their arsenel of options.   Whether they be hunting mutants or establishing their dominance on the battlefield your opponent will think twice before engaging your Reavers!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to check in tomorrow as we continue our x-ploration of the GSX print and play elements!

Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

The Inheritors of Hellfire

Hello HeroClix Fans!

We begin our Giant-Size X-Men Print and Play experience with none other than an Alternate Team Ability from the Massachusetts Academy.   Today we present to you the Hellions ATA!

The Hellions may have been the White Queen’s answer to the New Mutants, but these young students never quite learned to play nice with each other.  Unlike the X-Men team ability which allows Xavier’s students to help each other out with some healing, the Hellions ATA represents the manipulative nature of Emma Frost or her protege, Empath and rewards you when one of your Hellions fails to make the grade (i.e. is K.O.’ed). 

Push your figures or manuever them into position to force your opponent’s hand and reap the benefit when your more powerful figures are freed up to act on your next turn! With 10 figures to choose from in Modern Age format games, and 14 total in Golden Age games, you will definitely have options to best take advantage of the Hellions Alternate Team Ability. 

Be sure to join us tomorrow for another installment in our Giant-Size X-Men print and play elements.  Until then, keep your figures off their K.O. clix!

Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

Destiny Awaits…

Hello there HeroClix fans!

The last installment in our series of Print and Play elements for DC 75th Anniversary is no other than the White Lantern Corps ATA!

As you can see, the White Lantern protects its own; before any attack roll is made, you can boost a friendly figure’s defense by +1!  Repel the Blackest Night with your own White Lantern Corps and defend your figures from your opponents’ attacks!

So grab a cheesburger, assemble your White Lantern Corps, and battle it out for victory at your local Venue’s next tournament!

Thank you for joining us for this latest addition to the PnP universe.  Be sure to check in with us tomorrow for a very special article that will sure be the talk of the HeroClix world!