Justice League Preview

Emerald Archer of the Justice League: Green Arrow!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

DC HeroClix: Justice League is nearly here, and today we take aim at a hero was only recently (and barely) was admitted into the new Justice League, the Emerald Archer from Star City, Green Arrow!

Green Arrow has a trait called Best Shot in the Biz, showing off how good a shot he is at point blank range.  This trait allows Green Arrow to modify his attack value by +2 against a single target within 5 squares when he makes a range attack.  Green Arrow has many options on his opening click to best utilize this trait.  For starters, is his desired target behind another opposing character or already adjacent to Green Arrow?  The Sharp Shooter combat ability will make sure he can target that figure with a range combat attack.  Better yet, Green Arrow can use Range Combat Expert to do extra damage to his target.  If an opposing figure is just a bit outside this area of effect, Green Arrow can use Running Shot to close this gap, and Willpower will allow him to attack again next turn with no fear of pushing damage.  Energy Explosion with 3 targets and a 7 range will allow Green Arrow the potential to harm swarms of foes.

As Green Arrow progresses through the first half of his dial, he remains potent even while losing a power on each click.  On his second click, he loses Willpower.  On his third click, Green Arrow loses Energy Explosion, still keeping a solid attack value.

At the midpoint of his dial, Green Arrow switches tactics, choosing to hide in the shadows, as Stealth will cover the rest of his dial.  As he should be difficult to make range attacks against, Green Arrow picks up Combat Reflexes to make him more difficult to hit in close combat for the rest of his dial.   Also appearing at this point, and for the rest of his dial, Green Arrow gets a special power called Flurry…of Arrows.  This special power allows Green Arrow to be given a range combat action against a single target.  After this action resolves, as a free action, Green Arrow may make a range combat action targeting a different figure.  For his last two clicks, Green Arrow sees the return of Energy Explosion.

Green Arrow has the Justice League, Martial Artist and Politician keywords, giving him a few theme team options.  The Justice League team ability will allow Green Arrow to have his move actions not count toward your action total.  For 95 points, Green Arrow has steady damage ability and solid attack values, both of which can be augmented by his powers.

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans.  Be sure to join us later this week as we continue to explore more upcoming HeroClix releases!

Justice League Preview

Justice League: The Fury of Firestorm!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League set previews, we head back to the classroom and visit with two teenagers who don’t have a lot in common except when they change into the superhero known as Firestorm!

A quick look at the character cards for both versions of Firestorm show that they have a trait, which we’ll discuss in detail later.  You’ll also notice that both characters have the same combat values on their dials and share a lot of the same names for their standard powers.  So without further delay, first up we have Ronnie Raymond’s version of Firestorm!

This version of Firestorm checks in at 95 points and begins play with a click of Phasing/Teleport.  In his attack slot he starts by throwing around EMP Bursts (Pulse Wave) to go with his range of seven.  Defensively, Firestorm begins with two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection as he transmutes projectiles aimed at him into harmless items.

In Firestorm’s damage slot is a special power, Disable your Weaponry, which sticks around for three clicks.  Disable your Weaponry allows Firestorm to use Probability Control once per turn when he is attacked.  When he uses Probability Control, if the rerolled attack is a critical hit, he can use the power one more time!

As we move off Firestorm’s first click, we see that he switches from Phasing/Teleport to two clicks of Running Shot.  This power works in combination with Energy Explosion, which has replaced Pulse Wave for four clicks in Firestorm’s attack slot and is quite potent with ability to target two characters.

On Firestorm’s third click, his defense changes to Toughness for three clicks as he hardens his skin to protect himself.  On his fourth click, he drops Disable your Weaponry in favor of two clicks of Ranged Combat Expert.  On his last two clicks, Firestorm regains Phasing/Teleport and Energy Shield/Deflection.  In addition, he picks up Perplex in his damage slot.

Next up, we take a look at Jason Rusch’s version of Firestorm!  This incarnation of the nuclear man is 105 points and starts with three clicks of Running Shot in his movement slot.  For two of those three clicks, Firestorm starts with Energy Shield/Deflection to give him a defensive boost against ranged attacks.  In his damage slot, Firestorm starts with a click of Ranged Combat Expert, followed by two clicks of Perplex.

Mid-dial, Firestorm reaches fantastic speeds for two clicks by dropping Running Shot over Hypersonic Speed.  Defensively, Energy Shield/Deflection is dropped in favor of three clicks of Toughness.  On his last two clicks, Firestorm takes a defensive stance.  Hypersonic Speed makes way for Phasing/Teleport in his movement slot while Incapacitate shows up in his attack slot.  Toughness makes way for Barrier in Firestorm’s defense slot.

Both versions of Firestorm have the Justice League team ability and keyword.  The #009 Firestorm, however, also has the Justice League International keyword.  Earlier, we mentioned a trait that both character possess.  This trait, appropriately named Merge, kicks in when both Firestorm characters are adjacent to one another and neither have action tokens.  When this happens, you may give either character a free action to replace both characters with #021 Fury, which begins its dial on the same click number as the character given the free action.


Fury comes in at 200 points and has a range of eight with two targets.  He also begins play with a trait, Split.  With this trait, Fury can be given a power action if it has no action tokens and replaces itself with #009 Firestorm and #010 Firestorm.  Each replacement character is assigned an action token and can’t be given an action this turn.  The characters also begin their dials a number of clicks from their starting line equal to the click number.

Fury has Phasing/Teleport on each click of his movement slot.  He also has the Giant Damage symbol, which grants him the Giant Reach and Great Size combat abilities.  In his attack slot, Fury starts with two clicks of a special power, Release Energy, which allows him to use Pulse Wave and Poison.  In his damage slot, he starts with two clicks of Ranged Combat Expert while Impervious is his defensive power of choice on those same two clicks.

On Fury’s third click, he switches from Release Energy to standard use of Pulse Wave.  In his defensive slot, he drops impervious and gains another special power, Absorb Energy.  This special power allows Fury to use Invulnerability.  In addition, if Fury possesses this power after an action resolves in which he took damage from a ranged combat attack, you may heal Fury of 1 damage.

As we reach the midpoint of Fury’s dial, we see that he switches from Pulse Wave to Poison.  Absorb Energy sticks around another click in Fury’s defense slot, and then makes way for a click of Impervious.  Meanwhile Ranged Combat Expert reappears in his damage slot.  Regeneration brings up the rear in Fury’s defense on his last two clicks.

Fury has the Quintessence team ability and the Justice League keywords.  At 200 points, he makes up a good portion of many forces but has a variety of useful powers, along with the Split trait to transform into two different Firestorms!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview as we visit with the eagle-eyed savior of Star City.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!



Justice League Preview

Winged Warrior of the Justice League – Hawkman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview we turn our gaze to the skies and visit a hero with a complicated past and a pair of Nth-metal wings.  Please welcome Carter Hall, the savage Hawkman!

Hawkman comes in at 95 points and begins play with a special power in his movement slot, Dive Bomb.  This special power allows Hawkman to use Charge.  In addition, when Hawkman uses Charge his attack and damage values are modified by +1 if he makes an attack that targets a character at a lower elevation than the square in which he began his movement!  This power appears on Hawkman’s first three clicks.

Defensively, Hawkman has the Indomitable combat ability and begins his dial with a click of Energy Shield/Deflection to make him difficult to hit with ranged attacks.  Once Hawkman is off his top click, he drops Energy Shield/Deflection in favor of Combat Reflexes to make him difficult to hit with melee attacks.  In his damage slot, Hawkman picks up Close Combat Expert for his next four clicks as the combat prowess he’s gained through his past lives is on display.

As we reach the midpoint of Hawkman’s dial, we see that Dive Bomb is replaced by regular use of Charge for two clicks. Toughness replaces Combat Reflexes for three clicks and represents the Nth metal armor that protects Hawkman. Following the two Charge clicks are two clicks of Flurry that allow Hawkman to really let his punches fly. Energy Shield/Deflection returns on his second-to-last click, which helps set Hawkman up when Dive Bomb returns on his last click.

Hawkman has the Justice League team ability and three keywords (Justice League, Past, and Warrior) that make building a team around him easy, and his steady combat values ensure that he’ll be a valuable addition to many forces!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview as we take a look at a pair of heroes who are full of energy!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!

Justice League Preview

Justice League Adversary: Deathstroke!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue to explore the DC HeroClix: Justice League set as we check in with one of the villains in the set, Slade Wilson, Deathstroke!


Deathstroke begins play hiding the shadows to gain an advantage with Stealth.  From his position of relative safety, Deathstroke can deprive an opposing figure of a critical power.  Possessing the Indomitable combat ability, Deathstroke can act without fear of pushing damage, and his 7 range will allow him to make range4 attacks with little fear of retaliation from range.  If an opposing figure chooses to base him, an entire dial of Toughness will reduce damage.  Deathstroke also has a pretty cool special power allowing him to use Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Additionally, this special power, called Precisely-Timed Strike, allows Deathstroke to roll a d6 and deal the result in damage to an opposing figure that moved into a square adjacent to Deathstroke after their action is resolved.

Once off his first click, Deathstroke gets more aggressive with his ability to make range attacks with a couple clicks of Running Shot, giving him some move and attack ability.   Also, a few clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast will allow him to ignore damage reducers.

In the middle of his dial, Deathstroke loses Running Shot and sees the last of his Penetrating/Psychic Blast clicks.  Outwit returns for a click at this point in his dial.  From this point forward, Deathstroke katana wielding close combat machine.  First, Precisely-Timed Strike returns for a click, this time paired with Exploit Weakness.  Next, Deathstroke gets a standard click of Blades/Claws/Fangs, with Flurry to give him an extra attack.

At the end of his dial, Deathstroke again has the combination of Precisely-Timed Strike and Exploit Weakness.  His last click sees the return of regular Blades/Claws/Fangs, again with Flurry, and this time with Exploit Weakness added to his dial.

Deathstroke will have some solid theme team options to choose from with the Injustice League, Martial Artist, Soldier, and Society keywords.  With an aggressive power set and solid stats, at 120 points,  Deathstroke will be an excellent choice on whatever force you include him on.

Justice League Preview

ecitsuJ eugaeL kraD: Zatanna!

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Woof! THAT’S not as easy as it looks! The subject of today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview has followed in her father’s footsteps as an on-stage illusionist and a practitioner of real magic off stage!  From the pages of Justice League Dark, please welcome Zatanna!


A quick glance at Zatanna’s character card reveals that all her powers are written backwards, a nod to her preferred method of spell casting!  Zatanna clocks in at 90 points and leaves plenty of room on a force for other members of Justice League Dark, many of whom are featured in the DC HeroClix: Justice League set!  This set features 20 ALL-NEW unique sculpts and dials based on characters from DC’s New 52 Universe.

Recruited by Madame Xanadu  into the ranks of Justice League Dark to battle a crazed Enchantress, Zatanna begins her dial with Phasing/Teleport (Tropelet) in her movement slot.  Offensively, she packs a punch with Penetrating/Psychic Blast (Citsym Gnits) in the attack slot of her first and third clicks.  Zatanna’s stage persona is represented by three clicks of Super Senses (Kcirt fo Eht Thgil) in her defense slot.  Perplex (Rewopme) is assigned to the first and third clicks of her damage slot.

Once Zatanna is off her top click, she drops Phasing/Teleport in favor of a special power, Raelc Dnim, which allows her to target a friendly character within four squares and line of fire.  Until your next turn, the target character can’t be affected by Outwit or PerplexZatanna can use Raelc Dnim if she’s given a power action; however, she can also use the power as a free action if she has no action tokens!

On her second and fourth clicks, Zatanna changes her attack power to Energy Explosion (Nommus Erif), which comes in handy with her range of six and two targets.  Sandwiched between her Perplex clicks is Probability Control (Igam).  Defensively, Zatanna switches strategies on her fourth click by replacing Super Senses with Energy Shield/Deflection (Tcetorp Em!) to make it difficult to hit her with ranged attacks.  A new power, Exploit Weakness (Egats Noisulli), appears in her damage slot.

Phasing/Teleport returns on Zatanna’s last two clicks, along with a choice:  Regeneration (Laeh Em) appears in her defense slots and allows Zatanna to heal herself.  Support (Laeh Uoy) occupies her damage slots and allows her to heal others.

Zatanna has two team abilities, Mystics and Justice League, along with the Mystical and Justice league keywords.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview when we check in with the New 52 Universe’s most dangerous mercenary!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!

Justice League Preview

Prognosticator of Justice League Dark: Madame Xanadu!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

We continue our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: Justice League set by visiting with a fortune teller who has ties to the demon Etrigan (and his human host Jason Blood) in the New 52 Universe’s dark ages and in current times with John Constantine (Link to Constantine preview) of Justice League Dark.  Please welcome the mysterious Madame Xanadu!

Madame Xanadu comes in at 62 points and has the Mystics team ability, which dishes out a retaliatory click of unavoidable damage to her attacker if she takes damage from an attack. Her named and generic keywords (Justice League and Mystical) offer some team-building options.

Madame Xanadu begins her dial with a special power in her attack slot, Fortune Telling, which appears on her first three clicks and represents her ability to see future events.  When Madame Xanadu is given a power action to use Fortune Telling, she chooses an adjacent character.  If that character misses with an attack you may remove one action token from it after actions resolve.

In Madame Xanadu’s defense slot, she begins with two clicks of Perplex to represent her support of the New 52 DC Universe’s magical community.  She then switches to Probability Control on her last three clicks to give her allies second chances on their die rolls or force her opponents to reroll the dice and hopefully fail in their needs.

Defensively, Madame Xanadu begins without any powers on her first two clicks.  She then gains Regeneration for the remainder of her dial, which continues the whispers that Madame Xanadu may be immortal.

Remember HeroClix fans: DC HeroClix: Justice League features more than 20 ALL-NEW sculpts and dials for characters from the New 52 DC Universe.

That’s all we have for today!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview when we visit with another teammate of Madame XanaduLitnu neht, peek rouy xilC ffo rieht sOK!

Justice League Preview

Founding Member of the Justice League: Aquaman!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview we dive to the depths of the seven seas and visit with a hero who sleeps and communicates with the fishes.  From the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, please welcome Aquaman!

Aquaman begins play with a trait, Defending Mera, which modifies his speed value by +2 if he occupies water terrain at the beginning of an action. In addition, if a friendly character named Mera has been KO’d during the game, Aquaman’s combat abilities are modified by +1!

It’s hard to take seriously a hero who’s mainly known for talking to sea life and riding around on a giant seahorse.  Aquaman, however, has worked to change that perception through his heroic deeds around the small coastal village of Amnesty Bay, Maine.  In his movement slot, Aquaman has Charge on all but his last two clicks to show that yes, you’re being rescued by Aquaman. Naturally, he also has the Swim combat ability.  Leadership appears in Aquaman’s damage slot, a nod to the hero’s rule before abdicating the Atlantean throne.

Super Strength appears on Aquaman’s top two clicks and represents the strength he’s developed from exploring the ocean’s depths.  Defensively, Aquaman starts with two clicks of Invulnerability to show his half-Atlantean heritage.  That’s followed by two clicks of Combat Reflexes, which showcase his agility in water and on land.  On those same two clicks, Aquaman trades Super Strength for his trident (Blades/Claws/Fangs).

Starting on click five, Aquaman changes up his defensive scheme by dropping Combat Reflexes and relying on the protection of his chainmail (Toughness) for the remainder of his dial.  Leadership returns for two clicks and is followed by two clicks of Close Combat Expert.

Aquaman comes in at 111 points and makes a great choice as a primary or secondary melee attacker for many teams. He also has the Justice League team ability, along with the Atlantis, Justice League, and Ruler keywords.  With 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials featuring the characters of the New 52 DC Universe, the DC HeroClix: Justice League set provides plenty of options for building a team that includes Aquaman!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview when we visit a fortune-teller featured in the pages of Justice League Dark!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!

Justice League Preview

Amazon Princess of the Justice League: Wonder Woman!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!


For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview we shine the spotlight on a warrior who commands an equal amount of respect from the superhero community as her colleagues Superman and Batman.  From the island nation of Themyscira, please welcome the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, Wonder Woman!

DC HeroClix: Justice League features more than 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials for characters in the New 52 DC Universe.  As one of the New 52 Universe’s strongest characters, Wonder Woman packs quite a punch with the combo of Charge and Super Strength on her first click.  Those powers are backed defensively by Impervious.

Wonder Woman’s next two clicks feature the same mix of powers:  Charge remains in her movement slot to help her defend the helpless, while her Amazon strength is represented via Close Combat Expert in her damage slot.  Defensively, Wonder Woman switches from Impervious to Invulnerability.  She also has the Indomitable combat ability.

As we reach the heart of Wonder Woman’s dial, Charge makes way for three clicks of Flurry to show that Diana has two bracelets to go along with her two fists. A special power, Lasso of Truth, appears on these same three clicks and represents Wonder Woman’s ubiquitous weapon!  When Wonder Woman is given a power action to use Lasso of Truth, she can make a ranged combat attack as if she had a range value of 4. The attack deals no damage but a character that is hit is given an action token and all its speed and damage powers are countered until your next turn.

Defensively, Wonder Woman puts her hand-to-hand Amazon training to use as she drops Invulnerability in favor of Combat Reflexes for two clicks.  Wonder Woman gains Toughness on her last three clicks.

Charge and Super Strength return on Wonder Woman’s last two clicks. In case there are no objects for Diana to use with her Super Strength, she also regains Close Combat Expert to help her dish out extra damage.

Wonder Woman comes in at 136 points and has the Justice League team ability.  She makes a viable main attacker on many forces and her keywords (Amazon, Deity, Justice League, and Warrior) offer plenty of options for team building.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview when we visit with a monarch who spends as much time on land as he does in water!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!

Justice League Preview

Justice League: Cyborg!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview, we spotlight a newer hero to the ranks of the New 52’s Justice League!  Please welcome Victor Stone, aka Cyborg!


Cyborg hits the battle map with a trait, Electronic Eye, which allows him to ignore other characters’ Stealth.  He has the Justice League, Robot, and Teen Titans keywords, along with the Justice League team ability.

A former high school football star, Cyborg starts his dial with a click of Running Shot to go along with his range of six.  In his attack slot he start by breaking out a Sound Amplifier (Pulse Wave), which can be used in tandem with Running Shot! Defensively, Cyborg opens with two clicks of Invulnerability to represent his steel-plated body.  He also has the Indomitable combat ability so he can use Willpower and ignore pushing damage!

Once Cyborg is off his top click, he puts the Sound Amplifier (Pulse Wave) away in favor of two clicks of his Ultrasonic Emitter (Poison). Mid-dial, Toughness replaces Invulnerability in Cyborg’s defensive slot. On click three, Exploit Weakness shows up in Cyborg’s damage slot and represents his enhanced intelligence finding flaws in his opponents’ game plans.  Pulse Wave returns on clicks four and five.

Leap/Climb appears at the end of Cyborg’s dial in his movement slot, which allows him some options with respect to the other powers that appear on his dial.  Defensively, Cyborg drops Toughness and his Self-Repair Systems appear in the form of RegenerationExploit Weakness makes a return as well.

At only 100 points, Cyborg leaves plenty of room on a force for other attackers and/or support characters.

That’s all we have for today!  Please join us again when we uncover more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Justice League set, which features more than 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials for the characters of the New 52 DC Universe!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!

Justice League Preview

Justice League Dark – Enchantress!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview, we bring you a character who has struggled to stay on one side in the fight between the forces of good and evil.  From the pages of Justice League Dark, please welcome Enchantress!


As one of the most powerful mystical beings in the New 52 universe, Enchantress possesses the Mystics team ability and can be played at either 250 or 50 points.  If Enchantress is played at 250 points, she possesses the following keywords: Justice League, Shadowpact, Suicide Squad, and MysticalEnchantress also gains a trait, Defeating the Justice League, which boosts her attack and damage values by +1 when she attacks a character with the Justice League keyword!  When used at her 50-point level, Enchantress does not gain the use of the trait and also only possesses the Mystical keyword.

When played at her 250-point level, Enchantress begins with two clicks of Charge in her movement slot as she frantically searches for June Moon.  In Enchantress’ attack slot, she starts with a special power which represents the magical might she displayed when the Justice League tried to subdue her.  This special power, Storm of Witches’ Teeth, appears on her first three clicks and allows Enchantress to use Poison and Quake.  When she uses either power, all squares within a range of two and line of fire are considered adjacent.  In addition, damage dealt may not be reduced below one!

Defensively, Enchantress starts with two clicks of Impervious, which represents her insanity boosting her threshold for pain and damage.  Shape Change takes up the first three clicks of Enchantress’ damage slot as her simulacrums of June Moon confound her opponents!

Enchantress switches her game plan once she reaches her third click.  Hypersonic Speed replaces Charge for two clicks as her hunt intensifies.  Storm of Witches’ Teeth and Shape Change remain but Enchantress gains a new special power in her defensive slot: A Force Not to Be Trifled With!  This special power appears for three clicks and allows Enchantress to use Invulnerability and Willpower.  On her fourth click, Enchantress drops Storm of Witches’ Teeth and gains two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  She also ditches Shape Change in favor of Probability Control to show that she’s a sorceress of the highest order!  Probability Control remains on Enchantress’ dial for all but her last two clicks.

Enchantress’ quest starts to waver once she hits her fifth click.  Running Shot replaces Hypersonic Speed for two clicks and complements her range of eight and two targets.  On her sixth click, Enchantress gains two clicks of Regeneration to allow her to continue her search for the elusive Ms. Moon.

Starting with her seventh click, Enchantress appears to have calmed down.  Enchantress drops her move-and-attack tactics as Phasing/Teleport becomes her preferred method of movement and appears on three of her last five clicks.  Telekinesis appears on Enchantress’ eighth and tenth clicks as she calls upon a burst of wind to move characters around or attack with objects.  Defensively, Enchantress’ ability to sense mystic energy emerges in the form of Super Senses on her eighth and ninth clicks.

Starting with her ninth click, Enchantress utilizes a scry shield (Stealth) to prevent characters from discerning her whereabouts.  She also relies offensively again on her mystical bolt (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) on two of her last three clicks.  Finally, on Enchantress’ last two clicks she drops Super Senses and gains Energy Shield/Deflection, which represents personal enchantments which she has cast to protect herself!

At her 250-point level, Enchantress can comprise most of a force and has a set of stats that make it appealing to use her as the focal point of a team.  When played at 50 points, Enchantress leaves plenty of room for other team members.

Thanks for reading!  We hope you’ll join us again when we uncover more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Justice League set, which features more than 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials for the characters of the New 52 DC Universe!  Until next time, keep your Clix off their KOs!