Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

An Inhuman of Few Words…

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we travel to the blue area of Earth’s Moon to visit with royalty! No, we’re not talking about Prince William and Princess Kate! Please bow (or curtsy) as we turn the spotlight to the monarch of the Inhumans, Black Bolt!

The King of the Inhumans rarely speaks since he can shatter mountains with the merest whisper! This is represented by Black Bolt’s special power, Silent Scream, which allows him to use Pulse Wave normally or, if given a double power action, use it as a free action. If Black Bolt uses Pulse Wave as a free action, his damage dealt becomes his printed damage value instead of 1! On the front half of his dial, Black Bolt cycles between a Silent Scream and Penetrating/Psychic Blast. On the back half of his dial, he switches to two clicks of Energy Explosion, then two clicks of regular Pulse Wave.

Black Bolt sports a range of 9 and can target three characters. He also has the Sharpshooter combat ability, which allows him to make ranged attacks while adjacent to opposing characters!

Since Black Bolt isn’t very chatty, his decisions are voiced by his lovely wife, Medusa. To represent the unspoken bond between the king and queen of the Inhumans, Black Bolt has a special power on the first three clicks of his damage slot. This power, She Speaks for Me, lets Black Bolt use Leadership normally. However, if he’s adjacent to a friendly character named Medusa, Black Bolt can instead remove an action token from each adjacent character that shares a keyword with him and add that many actions to your action pool for the turn!

Defensively, Black Bolt starts play with two clicks of Impervious to help him partially or completely reduce any damage he takes. Mid-dial he switches for Invulnerability for four clicks. On the back end of his dial, Black Bolt gains Toughness to keep him in the game.

At 193 points, Black Bolt makes a great addition to many teams, particularly those that share his keywords (Illuminati, Inhumans, Kree, and Ruler)!

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview! Until next time, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

A Hulk of a Different Color!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we shine the spotlight on a Hulk whose skin isn’t green, grey or red. Please welcome the blue-skinned Cosmic Hulk!

Imbued with Captain Universe’s Uni-Power, Cosmic Hulk has a range of five and begins play with Running Shot on his first two clicks to help him maneuver and fire at opposing characters. Cosmic Hulk also has Super Strength on his first two clicks, allowing him to grab objects as he maneuvers around the battlefield! Early- and late-dial, Cosmic Hulk has Probability Control as he utilizes the Uni-Power to change the odds.

But Cosmic Hulk hosted the Uni-Power while it was in a weakened condition. To represent this, Cosmic Hulk gains a special power mid- to late-dial called Weakened Uni-Vision. With Weakened Uni-Vision, Cosmic Hulk’s line of fire is never hindered and is blocked only by walls and blocking terrain! Cosmic Hulk has Super Strength on his last two clicks.  Mid- and late-dial Cosmic Hulk also enjoys a sprinkling of Pulse Wave as he unleashes cosmic energy in dynamic blasts!

After his Running Shot clicks, Cosmic Hulk gains Flurry for two clicks. That’s followed by two clicks of Hypersonic Speed! On the back half of Cosmic Hulk’s dial he picks up Charge, then ends his dial with Shape Change. You’ll also note that Cosmic Hulk can dish out four clicks of damage throughout his entire dial!

Defensively, Cosmic Hulk opens with four clicks of Impervious, followed by four clicks of Invulnerability. He ends his dial with two clicks of Super Senses.

Cosmic Hulk weighs in at 280 points and has the Brute and Cosmic keywords. He also has the Power Cosmic team ability, which allows him to ignore pushing damage and prevents his powers from being countered!

That’s all we have for today! Please join us next time when we visit a character whose words have had quite an impact on the Marvel Universe! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Definitely Not Your “Friendly Neighborhood” Kind of Spiderman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we preview a former crime lord and lieutenant from Daredevil’s reign over Shadowland, the Black Tarantula!

Black Tarantula begins play utilizing his 6 range as he uses Running Shot to get into position. On his second click, Black Tarantula picks up Support which will show up on all of his even numbered clicks throughout his dial.  Initially, Black Tarantula is protected from damage by Invulnerability, and then later by Toughness.

Mid-dial, Black Tarantula shows off his training from the Hand as he uses Charge to maneuver into close combat and Blades/Claws/Fangs to try to inflict as much damage as possible! Around this point in his dial, Black Tarantula also switches defensively to Super Senses as he tries to avoid attacks altogether!

Late-dial, Black Tarantula gains a special power on his movement slot called Many Arms of the Black Tarantula.  This special power allows him to be given a double power action to make an attack withBlades/Claws/Fangs. Once this attack resolves, Black Tarantula automatically breaks away, and can move up to 2 squares to make a range combat attack! (Notice this power says nothing about who he must target.) Defensively, he trades Super Senses for Regeneration as he shows his powerful healing factor. On his last click, Black Tarantula shows a super power he will only use as a last resort as it is so physically draining; his ability to shoot energy beams from his eyes is represented by Penatrating/Phsycic Blast!

At an economical 87 points, and with an useful selection of keywords, Black Tarantula could be just the support your force needs! Thanks for reading and join us next time as we keep previewing figures from the upcoming Incredible Hulk set! Until then, keep your dials off their KO clicks!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The Doctor Is In!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we look to a long time friend and ally of both Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the psychiatrist to X-Factor, and a man who recently helped the Intelligencia create the Red Hulk! We are of course talking about Doc Samson!

The first thing worth noting about Doc Samson is his Deprogramming trait.  Give Doc Samson a power action and choose another friendly character within 4 squares and line of fire, now that character can’t be targeted by Outwit or Perplex! 

Doc Samson’s dial starts out in good Gamma-irradiated fashion with Leap/Climb to maneuver into position, Super Strength to grab an object on the way with which to pummel a foe, and Invulnerability to protect him from the inevitable counterattack. On Samson’s second click, he switches to a long string of Toughness to protect himself asPerplex makes it’s only appearance on his dial.

Mid dial, Doc Samson shows that even though he is “hulked out”, he keeps his wits about him as demonstrated by his special power, Psychological Trickery.  This special power allows Doc Samson to useMind Control with a +1 to his attack.  After this action successfully resolves, Doc Samson can then use Perplex and Outwit on that figure!

Late dial, Doc Samson reveals a secret he has long kept from his friends, that of another personality within him known as Samson! Doc Samson gains Charge, and Super Strength returns to his dial as he moves to attack his opponents. Once there, Invulnerability again protects him while Close Combat Expert shows how savage this new personality is!

At 108 points and with a good selection of keywords and the ability to offer some protection from a couple of favorite support powers, Doc Samson is ready to provide his counsel to many team builds.

Thanks for reading and join us next time as we continue our previews from the upcoming Hulk set! Until then, keep your dials off their KO clicks!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Survival of the Fittest

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we visit the Savage Land and, more specifically, the wife of Lord Kevin Plunder (who is more commonly known as the jungle adventurer Ka-Zar)! Please welcome Shanna the She-Devil!

Shanna often fights alongside her husband to protect the Savage Land and its inhabitants from the influences of the modern world. To show this bond with Ka-Zar, Shanna begins play with a trait, Savage Duo! This trait activates whenever a friendly character named Ka-Zar is adjacent to Shanna and boosts both their attack values by +1!

Spending so much time in the jungle has taught Shanna how to move unnoticed. This is represented by Stealth on Shanna’s first two clicks. Shanna is also a formidable close-combat fighter so she switches mid-dial to Charge! She’s also experienced with the use of knives and other primitive weapons, which is represented on her early-dial thanks to Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Before Shanna met Ka-Zar, she was an accomplished Olympic athlete with extraordinary agility. This high-level of training is represented on Shanna’s dial by Super Senses on her first and last clicks, and Willpower on her middle clicks!

Fighting in heavy jungle foliage isn’t easy but Shanna manages just fine. To show this, Shanna has a special power, The She-Devil, which appears on the first four clicks of her dial. This special power boosts Shanna’s attack value by +2 when she attacks a character that occupies printed hindering terrain! Above all, Shanna’s goal is to protect the Savage Land, not destroy it, so she becomes a healer on her last click when she gains Support!

At 45 points, Shanna leaves plenty of room on a force to add Ka-Zar or other allies. Her keywords (Ruler, Savage Land, and Warrior) also allow for many team-building options.

That’s all we have for today! Please join us next time when we visit the Marvel Universe’s resident psychiatrist! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The Few, The Proud, The A.I.Marine Hulks!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Hulk preview, we turn the spotlight to some of the soldiers associated with Advanced Idea Mechanics, better known as the terrorist organization A.I.M.! Let’s take a closer look at the A.I.Marine!

At 50 points, the A.I.Marine leaves plenty of room available for many forces, particularly those utilizing the A.I.M., Intelligencia, and Soldier keywords.  Speaking of soldiers, the A.I.Marine is an elite combatant who has Running Shot on his first two clicks to quickly get into position and attack. He also has the Swim combat ability, which allows him to treat water terrain as if it were clear grounded terrain when moving!

When it comes to weapons and armor, the A.I.Marine is equipped with cutting-edge gear that is represented on his dial via Energy Explosion and Toughness! The A.I.Marine also has a range of six and the Hydra team ability to lower the defenses of opposing characters. Once the A.I.Marine is off his first click, he retains Energy Explosion but switches defensively to Combat Reflexes.

On the back half of the A.I.Marine’s dial is Shape Change to represent his exposure to Gamma radiation. The A.I.Marine also has an alter ego special power, A.I.Marine Hulk, which allows him to transform into the formidable A.I.Marine Hulk!

The A.I.Marine Hulk is a 92-point Red Hulk version of its former self and possesses the A.I.M., Brute, Intelligencia, and Soldier keywords!

When the A.I.Marine Hulk comes into play, he has Charge on his first two clicks to rush into close combat. He then switches to two clicks of Leap/Climb to either escape from danger or reposition himself.  The A.I.Marine Hulk gains one more click of Charge before wrapping up opposing characters with two clicks of Plasticity at the end of his dial.

Like other Hulks, the A.I.Marine Hulk has Super Strength for most of his dial, which allows him to clobber enemy figures with objects for added damage! Defensively, the A.I.Marine Hulk can’t seem to make up its mind and alternates between Invulnerability and Toughness until its last two clicks, when it sticks with Toughness.

The A.I.Marine Hulk has a special power in its damage slot for its first three clicks, Hulk Platoon! This power boosts the A.I.Marine Hulk’s attack value by +1 for each adjacent friendly character named A.I.Marine or A.I.Marine Hulk. Hulk Platoon also boosts the A.I.Marine Hulk’s damage value by +1 for each set of two adjacent friendly characters named A.I.Marine or A.I.Marine Hulk! On the back half of the A.I.Marine Hulk’s dial, he alternates between Exploit Weakness and Close Combat Expert.

That’s all we have for today but join us next time when we visit with a devilishly delightful denizen of the Savage Land! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The Best At What He Does

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

These days, the subject of our latest preview has enjoyed a history of working with teams and on his his own.  But there was also a time when Wolverine was a member of the all-new Fantastic Four, alongside Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Joe Fixit!

Being the best at what he does, Wolverine enters play with a trait, My First Non-X Team, which boosts his attack value by +1 if other friendly characters on the map possess three or more different team symbols among them!

Wolverine also starts with a special power, Lunge, on the front half of his dial. Whenever Wolverine is given a close combat action, Lunge allows him to automatically break away and move up to two squares before the attack is made! Mid-dial, Wolverine switches to Charge in order to rush toward an opponent and attack!

Speaking of attacks, Wolverine’s attack values remain fairly steady and unassuming but starting on his third click he unsheathes his razor-sharp Adamantium claws (Blades/Claws/Fangs) and can potentially do six damage with his attacks!

When Wolverine’s claws are out, he often goes into a berserker rage. This is represented by two clicks of Battle Fury at the middle of his dial. Wolverine opens with two clicks of Exploit Weakness because he is the best at what he does, after all!

Defensively, Wolverine starts out with Toughness to help him absorb damage. He then switches to Super Senses in order to evade attacks altogether! At the end of his dial, Wolvie’s healing factor kicks in and he gains Regeneration!

Wolverine has the keywords and team abilities for the Fantastic Four and X-Men, making him an excellent candidate for many teams. At only 70 points, Wolverine also leaves plenty of room for other allies on your force!

That’s all we have for today but join us next time when we reveal more secrets from Marvel HeroClix: Hulk! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

This Beast is no Beauty!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Pack a sandwich and grab your climbing gear because we’re traveling to the top of Mount Wundagore to visit the Man-Beast!

Man-Beast begins play with Stealth to prevent opposing characters from drawing line of fire to him. He also has a trait, Master Impersonator, which lets him use Shape Change. If Man-Beast KOs an opposing figure, Master Impersonator “changes” Shape Change so that it succeeds on a roll of 4-6!

Move Man-Beast off his first click and he gains a special power, Emotional Corruption. This power allows Man-Beast to use Mind Control as a free action against a character that has just taken damage from his attack! Late-dial, Man-Beast switches between Phasing/Teleport and Stealth.

On his opening click, Man-Beast shows that he’s no slouch in close combat with Blades/Claws/Fangs. Push him off that first click and he gains Penetrating/Psychic Blast to go along with a range of six. On the back end of his dial, Man-Beast alternates between Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Defensively, Man-Beast opens with two clicks of Mastermind to dish off any damage to friendly figures with a lower point cost. Mid-dial, Man-Beast picks up Invulnerability, then Toughness, to reduce damage dealt to him. At the end of his dial, Man-Beast regains Mastermind.

Man-Beast’s opening click also features Leadership, which then becomes Outwit for his next three clicks. At 128 points, Man-Beast makes an imposing addition to any force utilizing the Animal, Knights of Wundagore or Ruler keywords!

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview! Please join us next time as we feature the final member of the “new” Fantastic Four (he’s pretty good at what he does) and reveal more secrets from Marvel HeroClix: Hulk! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The House Always Wins When THIS Guy Is Around!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today we travel to glitzy casinos of Las Vegas and visit the Hulk’s ill-tempered and wise-cracking incarnation, Joe Fixit!

A casino enforcer and member of the “new” Fantastic Four, Joe Fixit clocks in at 115 points and boasts the Brute and Fantastic Four keywords. He also has the Fantastic Four team ability!

Joe Fixit starts off with Charge to rush into battle against his foes. Midway through his dial, Joe Fixit switches to Leap/Climb. At the back end of his dial, Joe Fixit gains a special power, Incoming! This special power allows him to use Leap/Climb. Then, as a free action, he can then use Quake to knock back his enemies!

Offensively, Joe Fixit enters play with Super Strength to grab and use objects against his targets. On his second click, Joe Fixit also gains a special power, Stunning Throw. This special power allows Joe Fixit to give a character an action token if he’s used an object in a successful ranged combat attack! Mid-dial, Joe Fixit loses Super Strength and Stunning Throw but shows off his finesse as a brawler when he switches to Close Combat Expert.

Early dial Invulnerability represents Joe Fixit’s durability, which then becomes Toughness. Joe Fixit gains Regeneration on his last click to help him stay in the battle longer!

We hope the slot machines treated you well during this visit! Be sure to join us next week as we take a look at the final member of the all-new Fantastic Four (he’s pretty good at what he does) and uncover more mysteries in Marvel HeroClix: Hulk! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Everybody’s Favorite Sidekick!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we shine the spotlight on one of the Hulk’s trusted companions, an honorary Avenger, and a sidekick to several other heroes. Let’s say “hello!” to Rick Jones!

At 48 points, Rick Jones can easily be included on many forces. He possesses the Avengers and Cosmic keywords. A well-traveled fellow, Rick Jones has two team abilities (Avengers and Spider-Man) which reflect his time with the Avengers and his versatility as a sidekick.

Rick Jones enters play with Toughness and Close Combat Expert on his opening click. Move him off that click, and he switches defensively to Combat Reflexes and gains Perplex. Rick Jones also gains an alter ego special power, I’ve Led an Interesting Life, which allows him to switch to his alter ego, A-Bomb! Wait, there’s more! I’ve Led an Interesting Life also allows Rick Jones to switch to two more alter egos that will be available in future Marvel HeroClix sets, Captain Marvel and Genis-Vell!

For now, let’s focus our attention on A-Bomb!  At 151 points, A-Bomb begins play with Charge, Super Strength, and Impervious. He also has a trait, Camouflage, which blocks lines of fire to him when he’s targeted by an attack while adjacent to a wall or blocking terrain.

A-Bomb switches to Stealth midway through his dial before regaining Charge. At the end of his dial, A-Bomb gains Leap/Climb, allowing him to break away automatically from other characters or attack characters on a different elevation!

Defensively, A-Bomb switches from Impervious to Invulnerability toward the middle of his dial. At the same time, he also has Exploit Weakness to get through those tough-skinned (or armored) opponents.  Speaking of armor, A-Bomb has both the Armor and Brute keywords!

That’s all for today but be sure to join us next time as we reveal yet another member of the new Fantastic Four in Marvel HeroClix: Hulk! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!