HALO Heroclix

Foot Soldiers of the Covenant!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our series of regular HALO HeroClix previews with a visit to the Convenant front lines.  We begin today’s article by checking in on the Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon)!

At only 40 points the Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) is the perfect foot soldier for the forces of the Covenant.  The Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) begins play with the Stand Together special power which grants him a +1 modifier to his attack value when he is adjacent to another figure named Grunt.  Early-dial, the Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) also possesses the Fuel Rod Explosion special power which potentially deals penetrating damage to not only the target of his attack but figures adjacent to the attack as well!

Willpower allows the Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) to take multiple shots at his enemies on subsequent turns while late-dial Penetrating/Psychic Blast gives the Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) the opportunity to bypass his foes’ damage reducing powers.

Lastly, the Convenant Empire team ability grants the Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) the option of carrying other figures with the same team ability.  The Grunt (Fuel Rod Cannon) is an excellent mobile gun battery for most team builds and strategies!

Next up, we have another dedicated foot soldier for the Convenant cause, the Grunt (Plasma Grenade)!

The Grunt (Plasma Grenade) begins play manuevering into battle via Running Shot while his Sticky Grenade special power grants him the ability to use Grenades as a ranged combat action rather than the standard power action.  The Grunt (Plasma Grenade) adds two to your available Grenade pool and his arsenel of Plasma grenades ensure that his opponents will be on their toes when he begins throwing Grenades their way!

Energy Shield/Deflection helps protect the Grunt (Plasma Grenade) from ranged retailatory attacks while late-dial his Suicidal Charge special power grants the Grunt (Plasma Grenade) the ability to use both Charge and Quake at the cost of one of the Grenades in your Grenade pool.

The Grunt (Plasma Grenade) also possesses the Covenant Empire team ability ensuring that he will remain mobile on the battelfield as he and other members of the team manuever and carry each other to where they’ll do the most good (or is that bad?).

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later this week as we spotlight more figures from HALO HeroClix!

HALO Heroclix Preview

In the Footsteps of the Forerunners – A HALO HeroClix Preview!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we offer a special bonus sneak peek to launch our previews of the upcoming HeroClix release, HALO.  We could think of no one better to start off with than Master Chief and Cortana!

Master Chief and Cortana begin the game with a very useful special power, Strategic Positioning; this special power allows Master Chief and Cortana to use both Running Shot and Stealth, meaning not only can they manuever for that critical shot but if positioned correctly they can also hide from retaliatory ranged attacks!  Penetrating/Psychic Blast represents the Master Chief and Cortana’s ability to pinpoint their opponent’s weak points, while Outwit allows them to counter a power or ability of their choice.

Mid-dial, the Strategic Positioning special power is replaced by Stealth, while a new special power makes an apperance; Battlefield Requisition demonstrates our heroes’ resourcefulness as Master Chief and Cortana can select either to add one Grenade to their Grenade pool or instead add a +1 modifier to another friendly figure’s attack value (for that turn) each time an opposing character takes damage from Master Chief and Cortana’s attackOutwit gives way to Perplex as Master Chief and Cortana utilize unpredictable tactics to defeat their foes!

Initially Master Chief and Cortana are protected by Invulnerability and switch to Toughness mid-dial.  Willpower rounds out the end of their dial as they display their trademark “never give up, never surrender” attitude!

When added to your force, Master Chief and Cortana add one to your Grenade Pool and you can select from two Grenade types when using this special ability: Frag and FlashbangFrag Grenades deal damage to anyone successfully hit in the target square as well as those figures in squares adjacent to the target square, while Flashbang Grenades add a action token to anyone successfully hit (with zero action tokens) in the target or adjacent squares.

The UNSC team ability is also very handy as it adds one to another friendly character’s range value or (if you give Master Chief and Cortana a power action) damage value when mking a ranged combat attack.

At 150 points and with consistent combat values and an extremely useful power profile, Master Chief and Cortana are the optimal choice to lead your forces into battle against the forces of the Convenant!

That’s all we have for today’s HALO HeroClix preview, but be sure to join us later this week as we spotlight more figures from this upcoming release, due out on September 28th everywhere HeroClix is sold!