Announcements DC 75 Heroclix

Product Replacement Update: DC 75th Anniversary

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

In a recent article we outlined the return of Product Replacement to HeroClix beginning with figures from the Watchmen Collector Set. We are pleased to report that the product replacement program is operating per expectations and we are expanding it to include product from DC HeroClix: DC 75th Anniversary.

Plese note, at this time we can only offer replacement for Rares and Super Rares from DC: 75th Anniversary so please limit replacement requests to these rarity levels.

The replacement program will require you to create an account (if you haven’t already) and fill out an online request for replacement. The system will generally guide you through the process and only present you with options that are available.

Click to register for the Product Replacement program


DC 75 Redemptions

Seeking Redemption (January 2011)

The Buy it by the Brick redemption page has been activated and we are now accepting redemption requests for DC75th WLC Sinestro.

You can find the page here


We will not process requests that are sent to the WizKids Office or do not have any of the required documents, receipts, etc.