Captain America Rules Question

The Captain America Player’s Guide

(and for Worlds 2011)

If you’re at your local venue buying the new Captain America set, then you are ready for the updated Player’s Guide! All of the mechanics for figures that have been released since the last guide are in there including Green Lantern Gravity Feed, Green Lantern Fast Forces, Hammer of Thor Fast Forces and Captain America. We even have the 3 Toys “R” Us exclusive figures in there!

From a game play perspective, very little has changed. There are no sweeping changes, mostly typo corrections and some more locations where we found “old” mechanics referenced. For example, since mechanics cannot be canceled, there were a number of clarifications that added a non-optional mechanic that is no longer necessary. We also  changed the name of “Alternate” team abilities to “Additional” team abilities.  Same great abilities, same abbreviation (ATA), new more accurate name!  Check them out in the  Print & Play section on the Downloads page.

A new set brings us new mechanics and new questions along with it, so we have a number of clarifications that stem from Captain America.

With the exciting “double dials” available in the 10-figure Captain America Gravity Feed, we expanded the “Starting Lines” portion to make sure it covered the different ways that alternate starting lines are executed.

Folks had a lot of questions about the cool “removable elements” from the Captain America figures. Many people wanted to know if they could use Falcon or Monkey Joe on any team – who wouldn’t love an army of 0 point characters?! (By the way, the answer is “no, you cannot” – sorry!)

We also wanted to make sure it was clear that if you are among the lucky folks to pull a figure with the “countdown timer” – Weapon X or the Captain America “on ice” – then you needed to be aware that healing the character would not ever put your character back on a “timer” click.

Fixer generated a lot of questions with his special power, so let’s take a look at that together:

Cobble Any Object Into a Weapon: Give Fixer a power action when he occupies a square with an object. Replace that object with any light or heavy special object you own from outside the game that’s not already on the map or being held and has an equal point value.

The question that comes up is just how one uses this power in different game environments. It boils down to three main categories:

Sealed – in a sealed event, the game elements that you “own” are only those that were inside one of the boosters you opened for the match. This same idea is why, in a sealed match, you can use Alter-Ego to change from a “Peter Parker” to a “Spider-Man”, but only if both Peter and Spider-Man were among the figures you opened in your booster. So if you’re playing a game of sealed with mixed sets, and you build a force with Fixer and you have access to a special object from that other booster, then you are in luck. Outside of that, this power would not be of much use in the sealed environment.

Modern Age events – in Modern age, Fixer is limited to swapping in objects from other Modern Age sets. It is the same concept as sealed. Even though you may own special objects that are Golden Age, the very nature of the Modern age format precludes these older elements from being brought into the match.

Golden Age events – in a Golden Age event, Fixer’s power is unlimited! In this format, since any set is legal for play, Fixer can bring in special objects from any set.

That about wraps up the various updates in this release of the Player’s Guide. Notice that it becomes tournament legal the same week as GenCon, so you have these few weeks to familiarize yourself with it and follow up with questions at

GenCon is less than 3 weeks away – hope to see you there!


As usual, the links below provide a version of the Player’s Guide that has red-lining to show you what’s changed. A version with no red-lining is available in the Downloads section.

Captain America Preview

Happy Release Day Captain America Fans!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Everywhere Heroclix players are opening boosters from the latest expansion for Marvel HeroClix, Captain America and sharing news of their fantastic pulls and enjoying their collections’ newest additions.  What better way to celebrate than to share with you a sneak-peek at the set’s limited edition figures?

We begin our article with the Red Guardian!

Red Guardian comes to the fight ready for battle! With Charge and Exploit Weakness on his opening clicks, not only can the Red Guardian manuever into combat aginst his foes, but he’s sure to deal damage against even the most hardened enemies! Late-dial he switches tactics and uses Incapacitate to stymie his opponents while Close Combat Expert allows the Red Guardian to smash the foes of the Motherland!

Initially, the Red Guardian is protected from damage  first by Invulnerability, and then Toughness. while Combat Reflexes helps keep the Red Guardian safe from melee reprisals towards the end of his dial.

At 90 points, the Red Guardian is an excellent addition to your Soviet Super Soldiers roster, and his Soviet Duo trait grants an attack bonus to both he and the Black Widow (his ex-wife!) when the two fight alongside each other!

Next up, we have the unsinkable ally to everyone’s favorite “merc with a mouth”, Bob-Agent of Hydra!

At 33 points, Bob is an excellent sidekick, um-minion, er-support piece for your force! Bob’s I’m Really Good At Hiding Behind Others special power blocks lines of fire drawn to him when he’s adjacent to a friendly figure named Deadpool, or any friendly figure that is 150 points or more.   Bob’s Cowardice is My Attack! Your Accidental Death is My Victory! special power also allows Bob to use Probability Control (but only during your opponent’s turns)!

Front-loaded Willpower grants Bob the ability to act without fear of pushing, and Energy Explosion allows him to have an impact on the battlefield.  Sure, he’s only got a 3 range value, but watch out if you get within his sights!  Or, um, something.

And let’s not forget that Bob has the Hydra team ability which lets him help friendly figures make ranged combat attacks against their enemies!

Next up, we have a former Howling Commando and veteran S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Gabe Jones!

Gabe Jones is an excellent addition to your force as both a secondary attack and support piece.  Early-dial Running Shot allows Gabe to manuever onto the battlefield making ranged combat attacks, while Energy Explosion gives Gabe the opportunity to affect multiple enemies at once! That’s not all, Gabe Jones grants a bonus to the speed values of friendly figures with the Howling Commandos or S.H.I.E.L.D. keywords via his The Heart and Soul special power, allowing you to gain a greater advantage on the battlefield!

Initially Gabe Jones is protected from some damage by way of Toughness, but mid-dial his determination is represented by Willpower.  Late-dial Gabe Jones gains protection from ranged attacks with Energy Shield/Deflection while he gains Outwit and demonstrates that experience often makes all the difference in battle!

Last up, we have an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the most wanted women on the planet, Madame Hydra!

One of Captain America’s and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most persistent foes, Madame Hydra is a master strategist and dangerous foe! Striking from the shadows via Stealth, Madame Hydra demonstrates her skill with her sword with Blades/Claws/Fangs, while Mastermind allows her devoted followers to step in harm’s way and protect her from her foes!

Madame Hydra’s Psychedelic Presence special power represents her ability to manipulate, cajole, or otherwise ensure that her minions perform to her expectations.  This special power allows Madame Hydra to use Perplex normally, or when she targets a friendly character withe the Hydra team ability or keyword, she may modify any combat value but damage by +2!

Mid-dial Madame Hydra steps out of the shadows and resorts to Incapacitate to stun her foes, while Combat Reflexes protects her in close quarters.  And should someone try to base Madame Hydra, she gains Exploit Weakness as well allowing her to strike at her enemies’ weak points!

At the end of her dial, Madame Hydra returns to the shadows and again resorts to her Psychedelic Presence special power and Blades/Claws/Fangs to strike at her foes!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak-peek as we spotlighted the remaining limited edition figures found in the Captain America HeroClix Organized Play kit! Find a venue today and play for your chance to win one of these fun and exciting figures!

That’s all we have for today, but join us again soon as we take a closer look at some of the other incredible products releasing in the months to come!

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Summon the Helicarrier!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we pay a visit to the flying fortress that serves as the headquarters for the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.  That’s right! We are proud to present the latest battleground for all of your amazing HeroClix action, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier! (click on image)


The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is an exciting addition to your map collection.  Now your HeroClix teams can do battle in one of the most iconic locations in the Marvel Universe!

Since the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is an aerial battleground, your non-flying figures will have to watch their step! One wrong move and they may find themselves with an additional action token per the map’s special rules:

(click on image)



The incredible HeroClix action doesn’t stop with just one map though! The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is actually the LARGEST map we’ve ever created! By joining together the different sections of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (represented by seperate maps found in your Captain America Organized Play kit) you can act out your most awesomely epic HeroClix battles in the greatest arena of them all!

Here are sections two and three of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier battleground (click on images below):













As you can see, if you lay the maps end-to-end you can recreate the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in its entirety! That’s right! You can create a larger battlefield for your games but you don’t have to use all three sections, you can instead use just two if you prefer.  Sections one and two, or sections two and three all work equally well if you would rather not use the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for your game.  Let’s take a closer look at the special map text for combining the maps:

(click on image)

Essentially, when you combine maps you ignore the starting areas where the maps meet, and instead use the starting areas at the furthest edges of the combined map.  Nothing could be easier to do!

The action doesn’t stop there! We can make the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier even larger still! By combining maps two and four (four?!?), we can create an indoor and outdoor map for your Helicarrier battles!  Let’s take  closer look at the interior of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier:

(click on image)

Now you can stage battles on the deck of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and the interior of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier’s command center! Of course, moving from section to section isn’t as easy as stepping through a door on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, but instead of security checkpoints and clearances, we have these special rules for you:

Map two (click on image)

Map four (click on image)

Give your figure a power action and you can move them between the map sections, but watch out for the orange squares on map four! If you’re knocked into these squares your figure will end up with a click of unavoidable damage!

Prepare yourselves for the biggest, baddest, and most epic HeroClix battles as we get ever-closer to the exciting release of the latest Marvel HeroClix expansion, Captain America! Join us Wednesday as we continue our exploration of the Captain America HeroClix Organized Play kit.  Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!



Captain America Heroclix Preview

Armored Patriot!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we spotlight one of the Motherland’s most celebrated soldiers with a career spanning years of service! While he is sometimes a foe and sometimes an ally to his armored American counterpart, there is no denying he is a hero for the Russian people.  We are pleased to present the Crimson Dynamo!

Crimson Dynamo comes to the game ready for battle and armored to fight for the people! His early-dial opens with Running Shot as he manuevers into position to soften up his target with Energy Explosion while Impervious (and then Invulnerability) protects him from his foes’ retaliatory attacks.

Mid-dial Crimson Dynamo employs camouflaging technology as he gains Stealth while offensively he picks up a very useful weapon with his High-Frequency Electrical Bolts special power which allows the Crimson Dynamo to not only use Penetrating/Psychic Blast but when he targets a figure with the Armor or Robot keyword, their defense value is reduced by 2 for his attack!

Mid- to late-dial the Crimson Dynamo switches between Running Shot and Stealth some more, alternating between strategies to keep his enemies on their toes, while late-dial he gains Toughness to further protect himself from opposing attacks.  Lastly, Crimson Dynamo gains Ranged Combat Expert as fires from the shadows for maximum damage!

At 146 points, Crimson Dynamo has very consistent combat values and an aggressive power profile and will make an excellent addition to your team.  At each point on his dial, Crimson Dynamo is an asset and has a variety of combat-oriented uses that will benefit both you and the Motherland!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest preview from the upcoming release of Marvel HeroClix: Captain America! Be sure to join us again soon as we spotlight even more exciting elements from this spectacluar set.  Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!


Captain America Heroclix Preview

Captain … Russia?!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our visit to the Russian homeland of the Winter Guard.  Our preview is none other than the proud son of the Motherland, champion of the Russian people, and communist equivalent of our very own Captain America, the Red Guardian!

As a Rookie and at only 47 points, the Red Guardian is a potent addition to your force! Ever-willing to lead his comrades into battle, Red Guardian begins his dial with Charge as he manuevers himself onto the battlefield.  Familiar with commanding from the front lines, the Red Guardian also possesses Leadership on his first click.

While many of his Winter Guard peers won’t benefit fully from Red Guardian’s Leadership, we cannot forget that he is the champion of the people and generic soldier-types will work well with the Guardian. and can take full advantage of his Leadership.

Toughness protects the Red Guardian from some damage on his first click, and after he relies more on his shield as he picks up Energy Shield/Deflection.

Mid- to late-dial, Red Guardian exchanges Charge for battlefield mobility as he gains Leap/Climb.  He also picks up Combat Reflexes in place of Energy Shield/Deflection as he engages the enemy and ties them up.  The Red Guardian then utilizes his melee skills to strike his opponents’ weak points with Exploit Weakness!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later in the week as we spotlight another Soviet super soldier who’s armored might has long served the Russian people.  Until then, keep on clixing!


Captain America Heroclix Preview

Russian Bear-Hug!

Due to the Independence Day holiday, we have a special guest correspondent reporting today’s preview.  Please welcome Sergei Grigonyeauvich! We let Sergei select today’s preview, hopefully he has chosen well!


Greetings Comrade HeroClix Fans!

Today we are having most spectacular preview to be showing you! It is most glorious day to share with you very special HeroClix. Please to be enjoying Ursa Major!

Ursa Major is one tough customer, da? He is starting with Charge and moving in to attack enemies of Motherland, while Invulnerability and Shape Change are helping against retaliatory attacks. Ursa Major is then having Super Strength to be grabbing objects and smashing his targets!

Mid-dial, Ursa Major is then using Super Senses to evade attacks, and Battle Fury is giving Ursa Major ability to be ignoring other figure’s Shape Change and he is not susceptible to enemies’ Mind Control or Incapacitate attacks!

Towards end of dial, Ursa Major has increased durability from Toughness and is using Charge again, but this time with Blades/Claws/Fangs as Ursa Major is attacking with his big claws and teeth!

At 102 points, Ursa Major is wonderful addition for your team. Ursa Major is working hard for you to be making your force a success and reflecting well on the Motherland! Let Ursa Major be joining your next team and help to be bringing great victory for you!

We are hoping you enjoy today’s preview. Be sure to be joining us later this week when we spotlight proud son of Motherland and champion of Russian people! Until then, be keeping your HeroClix off their K.O.’s!

Captain America Heroclix Preview

Bake and Shake!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we finish our Secret Warriors article series with our last two members of the core team.  Our first preview is the grandson of the original Phantom Rider, Hellfire!

From convenience-store clerk to super-powered commando, Hellfire is one of Fury’s Secret Warriors and is as volatile as his namesake! Hellfire’s early-dial begins with Plasticity to keep his foes close as his Mystical Hellfire Chain special power allows him to use Energy Explosion and Exploit Weakness.  Foes keeing their distance won’t necessarily be safe though; if Hellfire uses Energy Explosion he deals penetrating damage to the figures hit by his attack!

A slightly above average close-combatant, Hellfire begins with a couple of clicks of Combat Reflexes, but mid- to late-dial he picks up both Poison and standard Exploit Weakness as he reveals his true colors; that of a Hydra mole!

Hellfire’s ability to deal penetrating damage on every click should not be underestimated and at 45 points,  he is an excellent tie up and harrassment piece for your Secret Warrriors (or Hydra!) force.

Next up we have the Secret Warriors’ squad leader and Hellfire’s better half, Daisy Johnson, better known as Quake!

The super-powered daughter of the villainous Mister Hyde, Quake is quick to jump into the action and disrupt her foes via her Charge and the They All Fall For Me special power.  This special power gives her access to the Quake standard power (coincidence?) but with a powerful twist! She can target opposing charcters up to two squares away as if they were adjacent and once the action has resolved, Quake deals one click of penetrating damage to one of the figures affected by her attack!

As Fury’s handpicked squad leader for the Secret Warriors, Quake begins her dial with Leadership but once she’s off her first click, she demonstrates her tremor-building powers in another useful fashion; Quake’s Bring Down the House special power allows her to destroy any and all walls and blocking terrain that she would normally be able to target with a close combat attack!

Quake’s early-dial Toughness is available via special S.H.I.E.L.D. equipment, and her  S.H.I.E.L.D. training is evidenced by mid-dial Combat Reflexes.  Quake also demonstrates her ability to work from the shadows with some mid-dial Stealth.

At 67 points, Quake is an excellent addition to your S.H.I.E.L.D. or Secret Warriors teams, or any strategy that revolves around battlefield control!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest in our series of previews featuring the Secret Warriors.  Join us next week as we journey across the ocean to spotlight another group of patriots from a wintery land! Until then, keep on clixing and have a safe holiday weekend!

Captain America Heroclix Preview

Sling and Stone!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our look at the Secret Warriors with a pair that has both speed and strength on its side.  Today’s preview begins with the heroic daughter of the villainous Griffin; Yo-Yo Rodriguez, better know as Slingshot!

Y0-Yo Rodriguez is the Secret Warriors’ resdient speedster and serves as the unit’s scout and first-srtike commando.  Gifted with super-speed, Slingshot can use Hypersonic Speed by means of her Bounceback special power.  However, true to the comics, she must end her burst of super-speed where she began her sprint, otherwise she suffers great pain (in the form of one unavoidable damage).

Super Senses represents her superhuman reflexes and ability to avoid being the target of an opposing attack, and towards her mid-dial Slingshot exchanges her Bounceback special power for Flurry as she stands her ground and pummels her foes with fast attacks!

At only 50 points, Slingshot is a great harasser piece to use against your opponents behind their front lines! What she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed! And if strength is what you’re looking for, look no further than the son of Absorbing Man and Slingshot’s teammate, Stonewall!

Stonewall begins the battle by rushing at his foes via Charge, while most likely grabbing a light or heavy object on the way via Super Strength and smashing his opponent with it! As the son of the Absorbing Man, Stonewall is able to take on the properties of his surroundings and his Abosrbing the Environment special power represents this nicely! If Stonewall finds himself in clear terrain, he uses Toughness while if he should be in hindering terrain, he instead uses Invulnerability! Shape Change further represents Stonewall’s ability to mimic his environment’s properties and demonstrates how he uses his surroundings to his advantage.

Toward his late-dial, Stonewall’s Absorbing the Environment special power is replaced with standard Toughness as his endurance is not as limitless as his father’s (yet!).

At only 62 points, Stonewall is a great secondary or tertiary attacker and is well-suited for close-combat tasks.  While his fellow Secret Warriors may prefer to strike from a distance or use hit and run tactics, Stonewall would rather stand toe-to-toe with his opponents and beat them down!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest addition to the Secret Warriors roster.  Join us for our next preview as we spotlight the daughter of none other than Mister Hyde, and the grandson of the original Phantom Rider!

Captain America Heroclix Preview

Godkiller and Grasscutter

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview is a double dose of skilled and deadly combatants.  We begin our article with the Gorgon!

At 106 points, Gorgon adds a potent close-combat element to your force; early-dial Charge allows him to rush in against his target while his Godkiller special power grants the use of Blades/Claws/Fangs.  And should the target of Gorgon’s B/C/F attack possess the Deity or Mystical keyword(s), Gorgon can re-roll his damage roll once!

Gorgon’s ability to endure pain is represented by Toughness, which he trades for Combat Reflexes mid-dial where Gorgon also gains Mind Control (to represent his telepathic powers) as well as standard Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Towards the end of his dial, Gorgon again demonstrates his resiliency with Regeneration, which allows him to get almost back to full health potentially, while Flurry demonstrates his expertise with the blade.

Gorgon’s telepathic genius is further represented by his early- and end-dial Outwit while the Hydra team ability allows him to assist with friendly ranged attacks by lowering the defense of his foes.

Lastly, Gorgon’s Stone Gaze special power grants the use of Energy Explosion and should any of the hit targets be less than 100 points, they get an action token for their trouble as they’re frozen in place!

Gorgon is a very dangerous foe and as one of the many heads of Hydra, not to be underestimated.  However, his fearsomeness is matched by none other than the God of Fear himself, Phobos!

Phobos is the son of Ares, the Greek God of War, and his pedigree shines true here! At only 59 points, Phobos is a formidable opponent and his dial begins with both Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs which he uses to gain ground on his foes and cut them down! And while his famous blade, Grasscutter, may be absent from his lore, it is firmly strapped to his back as Phobos chooses instead to wield his father’s axe in battle.

Early-dial, Phobos gives up Charge to gain his God of Fear special power which allows him to use Force Blast.  However, on a result of 4-6 the targetted figure joins your force for an action as they will do anything to escape the Phobos’ gaze!

Toughness helps protect Phobos from damage and end-dial Regeneration can potentially land him back on his starting click.  Phobos also displays his precognitive powers  with late-dial Probability Control while Close Combat Expert guarantees he’s no pushover, even on his last click!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as we! Be sure to join us again soon as we check in with more of Phobos’ secret allies!  Until then, keep on clixing!

Captain America Preview

Hyde and Sneak!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today brings us a special double preview of one of villaindom’s oldest and perhaps oddest pairings.  Originally joining forces to combat their mutual enemy, Thor, these two represent both brains and brawn, stealth and savagery! We begin our preview today with Mister Hyde!

At 81 points, Mister Hyde brings a potent punch to your force.  Hyde begins the game with modest combat values as he begins the battle, and your opponent may be lured in by what they believe to be an easy target, but appearances are often deceiving when Mister Hyde is involved!  Hyde begins the game with Charge and Super Strength which allows him to maneuver and attack opposing figures while grabbing an object to increase his damage value.  While Toughness helps protect Hyde from some retaliatory damage, getting hit actually makes him more dangerous as his combat values and his damage potential both increase!

Close Combat Expert ramps up the offensive potential early- to mid-dial, while Hyde retains his Super Strength for most of his dial preserving your options for increased damage output! Toughness is eventually replaced by Invulnerability as Hyde’s combat values continue to increase and Battle Fury demonstrates Hyde’s savagery in combat!

The Masters of Evil team ability allows Hyde to continue pushing beyond his second action token, giving you another option to reach his more savage clicks as well as possibly control Hyde’s development (de-evolution?) during the course of the game! All in all, Hyde makes an aggressive addition to your force, and an interesting co-conspirator for his former partner,  Cobra!

Immediately, players and fans alike will notice that Cobra is a slippery customer! Leadership represents his brief stint as both commander of the Serpent Society as well as his partnership with Mister Hyde, while Leap/Climb demonstrates his ability to move through and around the tightest of obstacles.  Cobra’s No Essssscape special power allows him the opportunity to potentially lock down opposing characters and force a breakaway roll even if they possess Hypersonic Speed or Leap/Climb themselves!

Speaking of breakaway, Cobra’s Slithery Duo Trait grants him Plasticity throughout his dial making him a difficult foe to escape!  Also, if paired with Mister Hyde, both figures modify their attack values by +1! (And if that weren’t sufficient reason to play the two together, Mister Hyde and Cobra add up to 150 points which is only half of a standard tournament build!)

Early- to mid-dial Cobra picks up Poison as he demonstrates the venomous aggression of his namesake, while he adds Shape Change to represent his ability to contort and squeeze out of harm’s way.  Not only is Cobra difficult to get away from, he’s a tough customer to hit and damage as Toughness absorbs some of the damage dealt to him.

Mid-dial Cobra exchanges Toughness for Combat Reflexes as he engages in melee with his opponents and really puts his flexibility to work in combat! Toward the end of his dial Cobra picks up Toughness again as he relies on his armor to protect him from any late-game attacks!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this double feature preview! If you’re at Origins this weekend, be sure to stop by our Tournament Headquarters and say “Hi!” as well as by our demo tables for a quick introduction to some of our newest additions to the WizKids family of games!