Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Marvel HeroClix Free Comic Book Day Thor!

Greetings HeroClix Fans and Comic Book Enthusiasts!

In just over two weeks comic book stores all over North America will be celebrating the first Saturday of May.  “What’s so special about this day?” you may ask? Why it is Free Comic Book Day and for the fourth year running WizKids Games is happy to support the event with the FCBD Thor HeroClix figure!

This single-figure booster will be available at participating comic book retailers all over North America on Free Comic Book Day.  As you can see form the packaging, it is thematically tied to the recent release of The Avengers movie HeroClix set and features a figure and dial design not found in that set:

Playable at two different point values, 250 and 150 points, Thor is a veritable powerhouse to the battlefield and he brings a significant presence to your Avengers teams! A full dial of move and attack powers coupled with a good balance of both close-combat and ranged-combat powers makes Thor a daunting piece to oppose on the HeroClix map!

Thor also wields his trusted weapon, Mjolnir, as represented by his 8 Range and his Flight and Indomitable abilities ensure that Thor will be able to take full advantage of the battlefield as he maneuvers into position and presses the attack against his enemies!

Thor will definitely make his presence felt in your next HeroClix game, so be sure to find a comic book store near you and get your’s on May 5th, 2012!

And don’t fret if you cannot find a FCBD participating store near you.  The Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Marquee Figure is identical in every way to the FCBD Thor above, save for the packaging:

The only difference between the two figures is the “Marquee Figure” label on the side of the box! The Avengers Marquee Figure is our solution for fans and supporters who aren’t able to participate in Free Comic Book Day, so ask your local retailer how you can get your’s in just over two weeks.

As an added bonus, each Free Comic Book Day and Avengers Marquee Figure will also include an Online Enhanced code that will unlock exclusive content in HeroClix Online!

Thanks go out to all of the Free Comic Book Day retailers, supporters, participants, as well as our distributing partners and of course to you, our fans.  Have a safe and happy Free Comic Book Day on May 5th, 2012!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Avengers Anger Management With The Hulk!

Greetings HeroClix Fans, and Happy Avengers Release Day!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie preview is a brilliant scientist with some pretty phenomenal anger management techniques.  Let’s check in with Bruce Banner!

Bruce Banner begins play with Stealth, evading those who would awake the power of the monster inside himHowever, should Bruce find himself cornered by the enemy, his Caught on the Run special power adds a unique twist to being targeted by an attack! Caught on the Run allows a d6 roll when an opposing character would make an attack targeting Bruce Banner;  on a result of 6, you may replace Bruce Banner with #014 Hulk (below) on its orange starting line before the attack is even made!  Existing action tokens are applied to the replacement, and the attack now targets Hulk (#014).  On his second click, Bruce gains a single click of Outwit, allowing him to further take advantage of his Stealth by countering an opposing figure’s key power hidden from view!

Late-dial, Bruce Banner gains a single click of Perplex and reveals a more familiar way for him to transform, courtesy of  his Alter Ego: Hulk special power.  Has your opponent angered Bruce Banner sufficiently? Well, give him a power action  and replace Bruce Banner with either #014 Hulk or  #202 Hulk (your choice!) on its orange starting line, and get ready to hand out some Gamma-powered punishment!

Bruce Banner is n effective Alter-Ego and support piece for only 40 points.  His ability to bring a less expensive Hulk piece into your games is useful for both Theme play (Bruce possesses both the Avengers and Scientist keywords) and team building.

Now let’s take a look atone of Bruce’s potential Gamma-powered alter-egos, the Hulk (#014):

Hulk (#014) begins play with the always-useful combination of Charge and Super Strength with the added bonus of Flurry thanks to his special power, Two Fists of Destruction!  An initial click of Toughness will provide some  protection from an inevitable counter attack, but after that first click Invulnerability become Hulk’s damage reducer of choice through his early-dial.  Leap/Climb alternates with Charge for the next few clicks, allowing for both easy mobility and move and attack respectfully.

Mid-dial, we see Hulk’s combat values rise in a very familiar Gamma-fueled fashion, Hulk (#014) also gains Impervious just as his defense values peak.    Leap/Climb and Charge continue to swap back and forth,  while Quake in conjunction with the Giant Size combat ability allows the Hulk (#014) to deal damage to a wide swath of multiple foes, or his printed 4 and 5 damages will be sure to give a single target a very bad day! Late dial, the Hulk (#014) closes out his dial with a couple of clicks of Super Strength, and Invulnerability makes one last appearance before giving way to two closing clicks of Toughness.

At 140 points, Hulk (#014) will be a powerful addition for many forces.   Thanks to the Avengers Initiative team ability, Hulk (#014) treats hindering terrain as clear terrain for movement and line of fire purposes, will not only make him very useful, but will also pair well with allies possessing a Wildcard team ability.  Hulk (#014) also has some great theme team options courtesy of his Avengers, Brute, and Monster keywords.

If Hulk (#014) is brought into the game via the Alter Ego mechanic, he comes into play with one click each of Charge and Leap/Climb for some mobility.  Super Strength will allow him to utilize any objects around, and Toughness will provide him a bit of protection from counter attack.

Now, let’s take a look at Hulk (#202):

Hulk (#202) begins play with a special power called Fury Embodied, which grants him the use of Charge. Hulk (#202) can use it normally, or he can be given a double power action to use Charge but does not halve his speed value if he doesn’t use the Carry ability or pick up or hold an object.  An opening 12 attack with 10 movement and 4 damage, along with his Giant Size ability will all but ensure Hulk (#202) smashes the opposition!

The Indomitable combat ability allows Hulk to press the attack tirelessly, while Impervious and a 19 defense affords its own protection from damage!  An entire dial of Battle Fury means Hulk (#202) is going to ignore opposing figures’ Shape Change, as well as shield Hulk (#202) from Mind Control or Incapacitate attacks.  Hulk (#202) will keep this power set into his mid-dial before he changes them up.  But before he does, his printed damage climbs on each of his first three clicks, up to a 6, making Hulk (#202) only the third figure on a single based dial to have this value.

Mid-dial, Hulk (#202) exchanges Fury Embodied for standard Charge (which he retains for the rest of his dial)while   Impervious gives way to InvulnerabilityHulk (#202) then gains Quake as he becomes an effective swarm disruptor.

Hulk’s late-dial is also the 40 point Alter Ego starting line; Charge combined with the Giant Size ability again ensures he can get around to where he will be most useful, while Quake continues to be a useful option to scatter your foes’ forces. Two clicks of Toughness will provide HULK some protection against counter attack, and a final click of Regeneration can keep him in the game longer.

Hulk (#202) possesses the Avengers, Brute, and Monster keywords, as well as the Avengers Initiative team ability.  At 255 points, Hulk brings an aggressive power set as a close combat “brick”, with move and attack options on every click, as well as consistent damage reduction and defensive values, and attack values that never see single digits.

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to join us later this week as we turn our spotlight upon our favorite God of Thunder as we preview the 2012 Free Comic Book Day figure! Until then, we hope everyone enjoys their Marvel HeroClix: Avengers release day!

Announcements Avengers Movie Heroclix Special

Avengers Movie HeroClix! Choose Your Team Facebook Contest!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for our Facebook fans to win some great prizes from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix release, The Avengers movie set.  One lucky winner will be awarded with a Factory Set of Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie, and three runners-up will win a copy of the Avengers movie Starter set!

So, how do you enter?

It’s easy to participate:

  • Choose one of the four Cover banner images below, and declare your allegiance by posting it as your Timeline cover image between April 16th and April 22nd
  • “Like” and share our “Choose Your Team” Facebook post (found here: on your Facebook page
  • Share your declared allegiance (“I’m with Asgard!”, “I’m with S.H.I.E.L.D.!”, etc…) on our “Choose Your Team” Facebook post

Be sure to leave your cover image up the entire time, as we will be checking and validating entires through April 22nd! We will announce our winners on May 2nd!

Not on Facebook? Join now and find us at! Good luck everybody!

Here are the Cover banner images (click to enlarge, right-click to save and use):

Choose HYDRA:

Choose S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Choose Jotunheim:

Choose Asgard:

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Guardian of the Bifrost: Heimdall!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie preview takes us to the rainbow bridge Bifrost as we visit it’s guardian, Heimdall!


Heimdall opens his dial being able to Charge into combat, where he can deal his printed 3 damage, or opt to roll for Blades/Claws/Fangs, giving him a 50/50 chance to deal more damage!  Defensively, Heimdall has a special power in his damage slot called The All-Knowing, allowing Heimdall to use Super Senses to try and avoid an attack altogether.  Should the roll for Super Senses fail, Heimdall still benefits from his printed Invulnerability, reducing damage by 2!

Mid-dial, Heimdall changes half his powers as he can now use Phasing/Teleport to position himself where he can be the most useful to his force.  Blades/Claws/Fangs is less of gamble now as Heimdall has a printed 2 damage.  His special powerThe All-Knowing is still in place to try and avoid attacks, but his damage reducer is now Toughness.

End-dial, Heimdall keeps his mobility as he continues to use Phasing/Teleport for the rest of his dial.  For his last three clicks, Heimdall puts away his sword, and his special power, and uses his fists to pummel his foes in the form of Close Combat Expert.  Heimdall enters this ending stretch still using Toughness, and trades up to Impervious on his last click.  Also on his last click, Heimdall gets all of his highest stats back as he gives his all to defend Asgard !

Heimdall possesses the Indomitable combat ability, allowing him to use Willpower for his entire dial.  He also possesses a trait called The All-Seeing, that makes opposing characters modify their attack value by -3 when attacking Heimdall if they don’t occupy the square in which they began their turn.  The Asgardian, Deity, and Herald keywords are all on Heimdall, giving him a good selection of theme team options.   At 135 points, Heimdall is a solid, mobile brick of a figure to add to your forces!

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to come back next Wednesday when our Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie previews conclude with a scientist and his dark inner self!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview Retailers

Avengers Movie HeroClix: Know Your Avengers!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Just under two weeks to go until the official release of the Marvel HeroClix: The Avengers movie HeroClix set! On April 18th stores everywhere will be selling this exciting addition to the HeroClix universe, and we thought it would be a good time to take the opportunity and introduce you all to the Avengers movie HeroClix product line!

Let’s start with The Avengers movie HeroClix Starter set:

The Avengers movie HeroClix starter is designed to be everything a new player needs to get playing HeroClix, and should be a familiar product SKU for experienced players and retailers.  Included are six figures optimized to play together or one of several team combinations, two maps, the complete HeroClix rulebook, the Powers and Abilities card, tokens, and exclusive Online-Enhanced content!

As a bonus preview, let’s check out the Captain America, The First Avenger, from the Marvel HeroClix: The Avengers movie Starter:


Next up for the Core-Hobby Channel, we have The Avengers movie HeroClix CounterTop Display:

 The Avengers movie HeroClix CounterTop display features something new to HeroClix: the three figure Team Pack! Team Packs are designed to offer players three figures that are thematically tied to each other for easy team building and play experiences! An example of a Team Pack would be the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team pack that includes a Nick Fury HeroClix figure, a Black Widow HeorClix figure, and a S.H.I.E.L.D.  Agent HeroClix Figure.

There are four Team Packs per Avengers movie HeroClix CounterTop display, and each comes initially shrink-wrapped with six single-figure boosters for easy purchases:

 Retailers can sell these as one “brick”, or break them down for individual purchases! Whichever they decide to do, you can be sure that these boosters are filled with exciting figures from The Avengers movie, as well as the recent blockbuster movies Thor and Captain America!

Next up, for our mass-channel retail partners, there is the Marvel HeroClix: The Avengers Gravity Feed display:

A familiar sight in the mass-channel market, The Avengers movie HeroClix Gravity Feed is available in a couple of different flavors, both 24 count and 30 count displays.   These are targeted at broader channels, both domestic and international (big box stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, specialty retailers, etc…).  As a special treat, hidden in the 30 count displays are some exclusive goodies for players lucky enough to find them!

Also available to the mass-channel is The Avengers movie HeroClix Mini-Game:

The Avengers movie HeroClix Mini-Game is intended to serve as a mass-channel starter game.  Included are four figures (identical to four of the six figures found in the core-hobby Starter set below), rules, a Powers and Ability card, and fold-out gameboard.  The Mini-Game is a new product type WizKIds Games is experimenting with in order to introduce a starter-style SKU into the mass-channel.

We hope this has been a helpful breakdown of all of The Avengers movie HeroClix product coming soon to stores near you!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

The Avengers’ Master Archer: Hawkeye!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie preview features the master archer and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clint Barton, better known to the world as Hawkeye!


Hawkeye begins play taking the action to your opponent with Running Shot and his 7 range.  For the first four clicks of his dial his attack special power, Found the Weak Spot,  deals penetrating damage whenever Hawkeye’s attack roll is 10 or higher!  After his opening click, Hawkeye switches to Leap/Climb for a click, and then he alternates between the two powers through his mid-dial.

Further demonstrating his skill with ranged attacks, Hawkeye also possesses the Sharp Shooter combat ability.  Even when he is based by an opposing figure, Hawkeye’s Found the Weak Spot special power is still deadly, and he can ignore opposing characters for line of fire!    Furthermore, Hawkeye also possesses the  Avengers Initiative team ability allows him to treat hindering terrain as clear terrain for movement and line of fire purposes; unless they’re hiding behind a wall(or something similar), Hawkeye can target almost any opposing figure on the battlefield!

Late-dial, Hawkeye remains mobile with Leap/Climb on his last two clicks as he gets to where he can do the most good with Range Combat Expert, or makes a tactical retreat to get some support.   An entire dial of Energy Shield Deflection helps to make Hawkeye a tough target from a distance.

Hawkeye has the Avengers, Martial Artist, and S.H.I.E.L.D keywords, allowing for some solid theme team options.  At on;y 75 points, Hawkeye  will be an asset on any force he is included on.

Thanks for reading!  Join us on Friday for our next Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians preview as we go to Knowhere to visit with it’s head of security!  Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday when our Marvel HeroClix: Avengers movie  previews continue with one of Asgard’s most trusted guardians! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Just Call Them “S.H.I.E.L.D.”: Agent Coulson

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie preview we spend some time in the shadows with one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best “Men in Black”, Agent Coulson!

As a key member of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Coulson is no rookie when it comes to the world of espionage.  As a matter of fact, the silver ring around his dial designates his experience level as unique, which means that only one Agent Coulson can be on your force!

Agent Coulson begins his dial with a pair of special powers on the first two clicks of his movement and attack slots.  In his movement slot, Agent Coulson can make friendly characters mysteriously appear with a special power called I Need all of this Confiscated, Now!  This power allows Agent Coulson to place up to two friendly characters adjacent to him.  These characters must have the S.H.I.E.L.D. keyword, be 50 points or less, and be within eight squares of Agent Coulson!  The second special power, I’m Not Intimidated by Any “Super” Heroes, prevents characters with a point value of 100 points or more from targeting Agent Coulson with attacks unless he’s the only character remaining on your force!

Defensively, Agent Coulson has Standard Issue Kevlar (Energy Shield/Deflection) on his first two clicks which make him difficult to hit with ranged attacks.  He also has Perplex on those same two clicks.

On the back half of Agent Coulson’s dial, he ditches the special powers in favor of standard ones.  Stealth represents Agent Coulson’s knack for sneaking off to take care of secret stuff for S.H.I.E.L.D. while Penetrating/Psychic Blast represents his usage of confiscated technologies (likely obtained from Tony Stark) as weaponry!  Agent Coulson sheds the Kevlar protection in favor of Willpower to show that he’s not afraid to loosen his tie, roll up his sleeves, and put his S.H.I.E.L.D. combat training to use!

Agent Coulson’s file lists him at 50 points and possessing a range of six.  He has both the S.H.I.E.L.D. keyword and team ability and makes an excellent, low-cost addition to any force of heroes!

That’s all we have for today!  Join us on Friday for our next Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians preview when we spotlight a monarch who has been the Fantastic Four’s greatest enemy and an ally of the Future Foundation!  Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Defender of Asgard; The Destroyer!

Greetings HeroClix Fans! Today we continue our previews of the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie set as we explore the most powerful weapon in Asgard’s armory, the Destroyer!

The first thing we notice about Destroyer is his trait; Relentless Engine of Destruction, which says Destroyer can’t use the Carry ability. Also, at the beginning of your turn, Destroyer may be placed into an adjacent square.   Destroyer also possesses the Sharpshooter ability, allowing range attacks against adjacent foes, Indomitable, allowing pushing damage to be ignored, and the Giant Size ability, allowing him to ignore terrain and characters for movement. Destroyer begins play utilizing his 9 range with 2 clicks of Running Shot.  After this, the Destroyer sports 4 clicks of Flurry, one on each of his odd number clicks.  On his attack slot, the Destroyer unleashes his disintegrator beam in the form of Penetrating/Psychic Blast on each of his 5 even numbered clicks. Defensively, the Destroyer has massive damage reduction abilities in the form of 5 clicks of Impervious to start his dial, and 5 clicks of Invulnerability to close it out.  The Destroyer has aggressive combat abilities, starting with a 12 attack and ending with a 9, and damage values ranging from 3 to 5! Destroyer possesses the Armor, Asgardian, Herald, Mystical, and Robot keywords, allowing him plenty of theme team options.  At 250 points, he will be most of a force in small point game, but what a force he is! Thanks for reading, and join us next Friday as we preview another figure from the Marvel Heroclix: Galactic Guardians set, as we go to Yancy Street to check in with Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Loki: God of Mischief

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie preview brings us back to the hallowed halls of Asgard as we visit with a character who played a role in forming the Avengers.  Please stay alert as we welcome Thor’s adopted brother, Loki!

Loki begins play with a suit of Asgardian Armor, which is represented on his dial as Invulnerability, and the ability to come and go at will via the Rainbow Bridge (Phasing/Teleport).  In his attack slot, Loki possesses Telekinesis. As the Norse god of lies and mischief, Loki also has Outwit on the first three clicks of his dial.

On his second click, Loki retains Phasing/Teleport but the Asgardian armor is removed to reveal his frost giant heritage (represented on the dial as Toughness)!  Loki also gains a special power in his next three attack slots.  This special power, Convince You to Do Something Rash, allows Loki to use Mind Control with some perks. When Loki uses this special power, he may heal one damage after actions resolve if an opposing character takes damage from an attack during the action. He also isn’t dealt unavoidable damage when using Mind Control to target characters of 250 points or less! 

Mid-dial, we see some changes in Loki. He ditches Phasing/Teleport in favor of three clicks of Stealth. On his second Stealth click, he drops Outwit and gains Perplex for three clicks. On Loki’s last Stealth click, he changes offensive tactics again and uses Penetrating/Psychic Blast for the remainder of his dial.

On Loki’s last two clicks, he regains Phasing/Teleport to make his escape and also switches defensively to Mastermind so that others can take damage meant for him while he slips away to further his schemes against Thor! Finally, Loki drops Perplex on his last click in favor of Probability Control.

Loki clocks in at 125 points and has a range of seven to make good use of his attack powers. Loki’s keywords may be few (Asgardian, Deity, and Mystical) but his point cost and array of powers make him a clever choice when choosing a force!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Friday for our next Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians preview as we visit with a shape shifter who has a love/hate relationship with the Fantastic Four!

Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

The True Face of Evil: The Red Skull!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie preview we take a look at Johann Schmidt, the man who would become Captain America’s greatest enemy, the Red Skull!


As the leader of HYDRA, Johann Schmidt begins play with a special power in his damage slot, My Own Private Army.  This special power appears on Johann Schmidt’s first two clicks and allows adjacent friendly characters with the HYDRA team ability to also use the S.H.I.E.L.D. team ability.  This means Johann Schmidt’s allies can lower the defenses of opposing characters by -1 with the HYDRA team ability and raise range values by +1 with the S.H.I.E.L.D. team ability!  The S.H.I.E.L.D. team ability also allows characters who are given a power action to modify an adjacent friendly character’s damage value by +1 when making ranged combat attacks.

Johann Schmidt’s first two clicks also include Energy Explosion and Mastermind.  On Johann Schmidt’s third click, an Alter Ego special power appears in his movement slot and allows him to transform into the Red Skull!  A single click of Shape Change in the middle of Johann Schmidt’s dial represents the scientist becoming the true face of evil!

Johann Schmidt has a range of five, the HYDRA team ability, and can be found in the HYDRA team pack.  At only 40 points and with a variety of useful keywords, he makes a great addition to almost any force!

The Red Skull begins play with a trait, Build Me a Doomsday Weapon, which allows him to modify his combat values by +2 and use the Flight ability once he’s collected at least seven Research counters!  To get these counters, once per turn Red Skull can give a power action to a friendly character with the Scientist keyword and a point value of 25 points or more.

If Red Skull is brought into play through Johann Schmidt’s Alter Ego special power, his dial starts on click five.  If played at full strength, he starts with the ability to move then attack via Running Shot!  Defensively, Red Skull starts with three clicks of Toughness to represent his exposure to a prototype of Abraham Erskine’s super soldier serum.  As the leader of HYDRA, Red Skull also starts with two clicks of Leadership.

Once Red Skull is off his top click, he switches from a ranged attacker to a hand-to-hand combatant when Running Shot is replaced with Charge.  On his second Charge click, he also gains Exploit Weakness to make sure the damage he deals sticks!  Running Shot makes a return on click four and is paired with Penetrating/Psychic Blast for an effective combo!  Defensively, Red Skull switches from Toughness to Willpower.

When Red Skull is at his orange Alter Ego starting line, he retains Penetrating/Psychic Blast but defensively he allows others to take hits for him via MastermindWillpower makes another appearance on Red Skull’s second-to-last click before he ends with Mastermind.  Finally, Red Skull regains Exploit Weakness on his last two clicks.

Red Skull clocks in at 85 points, has a range of six, and possesses the HYDRA team ability.  Red Skull’s keywords (HYDRA, Past, Ruler, Scientist) make him versatile enough to add to any force.

Thanks for reading!  Join us on Friday for our next Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians preview as we visit with a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who hails from the farthest reaches of our solar system!  Don’t forget to come back on Monday when our Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians Annihilators Fast Forces pack previews continue with one of the few beings to wield Mjolnir!