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WizKids Release Date Updates


WizKids Release Date Updates

Over the past few months, many of our shipments have been delayed and release dates have been pushed back. This is of great concern to us and we are hoping that port issues will be resolved as soon as possible. West Coast ports are facing ongoing problems with contract negotiations and equipment shortages. These issues are further magnified due to an increase of imports and delays in rail service. Supply chains have been slowed down for many companies across the United States and Canada. These problems are out of our control but we are doing our best to minimize the effects on you.


Unfortunately, there will still be future release date changes as the port problems continue. Our products are manufactured overseas and many of our cargo containers are stuck. At this time we can confirm that our shipment of DC HeroClix: Justice League- Trinity War is on one of these containers. The US release date of this set will be pushed back until February 18, 2015. We will continue to provide weekly updates on the rest of the items on the list below as new information becomes available.


Item #DescriptionCurrent US Release DateNew US Release DateEuropean Release Date
71562HeroClix DC 16 Justice League Booster Brick2/4/152/18/15 2/21/15
71566HeroClix DC 16 Justice League Fast Forces Crime Syndicate2/4/152/18/15 2/21/15
71564HeroClix DC 16 Justice League OP Kit2/4/152/18/15 2/21/15
71565HeroClix DC 16 Justice League Case Incentive2/4/152/18/15 2/21/15
71567HeroClix-DC Justice League Dice & Token Pack2/4/152/18/15 2/21/15
71992DC War of Light Construct Gravity Feed2/4/15FEB TBDFEB TBD
71778Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes IFEB TBDFEB TBDFEB TBD
71787D&D Dice Masters “Battle for Faerûn” – Series 1 Starter Set2/11/15FEB TBDFEB TBD
71905D&D Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn Minsc and Boo Promo Card and Die2/11/15FEB TBDFEB TBD
71788D&D Dice Masters “Battle for Faerûn” – Series 1 Gravity Feed2/11/15FEB TBDFEB TBD