Business Update


WizKids has been hopping lately with one project after another, making 2012 look like it’s going to be a great time to be a HeroClix fan! A few things are popping that I thought would be good to update you about.


We’ve been talking about a concept we refer to internally as the “Road to Worlds”.  The conversation has its roots back at the Seattle office but has been developed and refined with the current team.  So what is the “Road to Worlds”?  Simply put, it is program that feeds (qualifies) players for our yearly Worlds event.  In theory, we would run qualifiers around the world, at stores and even routinely on HCO to qualify players to compete at HeroClix’s most prestigious event, the HeroClix World Championship.

We’ve been testing our capabilities to host these sort of events on HCO and we’re going to host a a physical event in Philadeliphia later this month.

The event is called EpicCon, and the show dates are September 30 through October 2 and we’ll be there for all three days.  If we get a good response to the event we’ll consider rolling this out to other markets (including our rapidly growing international markets).

Our tournament team is working out the details now, you can expect to hear more about this early next week.


While you’re at EpicCon, give Sean (TechG0d) Braunstein a pat on the back. Sean will be heading up the rules team as our new Rules Arbitrator. He and the rest of the rules team have already begun getting the Player’s Guide ready for Superman’s release in a few weeks. The deputies will continue to be the main online presence, answering rules questions and the like. Sean will take over the various rules projects from Norman (NBPerp) Barth.

Norman is not retiring, exactly. But over the past year and a half, he’s helped us in so many different projects that it made sense to start taking something off his plate. (Shhh – don’t tell him it’s bcause I’ve got other projects I want his help on).


Many of you have already taken advantage of our new product replacement policy and we will continue to support this program moving forward. Rares and Super-Rares from Watchmen, Web of Spider-Man, and DC75th are all covered by the policy and you can look for the remaining sets to be added to the list shortly.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!