Worlds 2011 – The Map Menu

The battlefield for your HeroClix game is a key component of the HeroClix match. It is one of the reasons people will often play a Themed Team, in order to increase the odds of being the first player. It is why many players choose to select the map and be the first player rather than put that crucial decision in the hands of their opponent.

Another thing that’s true about maps is that not everyone has all maps. Some were given away during a time before some players were in the game. Some were sold as a part of sets that some players missed or couldn’t afford.

Many venues have sent questions along the lines as to what is acceptable for them to restrict in a “WizKids Event”. The fact is that venues are empowered to make any kinds of decisions about the play experience at their venues. Map lists, scenarios, build types, etc. If folks are having a good time getting together to play HeroClix, then we at WizKids are delighted.

To demonstrate this, GenCon Worlds will begin a new tradition of specifying a specific list of which maps will be permitted. To be clear, this is not “retirement” for maps, games outside of Worlds will allow any official 2’x3’ WizKids map (larger maps with colored terrain lines might be allowed, as space permits). In addition, the list below has been established by trying to pick maps from as far back as Armor Wars all the way to the latest maps that was just released with the Green Lantern Fast Force pack.

This is not actually new. Many years ago, the high end tournaments actually limited the map “choice” to … one map. This goes back a long time, but when Supernova and DC Origin expansions released, those conventions maintained a map requirement. This in itself was not good for the meta game (people would build very different teams based on knowing what map they would play on). Similarly, having any/every map available to be played on also affects the meta game in unintended ways. The middle of the road solution is to provide a list of legal maps for the Worlds environment.

Armor WarsThe Lab
Collateral DamageThe Junkyard
Justice LeagueThe Bank
Secret InvasionSpaceship Crash Site
Arkham AsylumThe Asylum
Hammer of ThorFountain of Asgard
The Brave and the BoldGraveyard
Web of Spider-ManThe Bridge
Brightest DayThe Crater
Brightest DayThe Monument
DC75Airport Terminal
GL Fast ForceFerris Aircraft
GL Fast ForceOA

There is little doubt that many of your favorite maps have not made the list. Certainly there are some team strategies that are impacted by map choice. We wanted to get this list compiled and “out there” now, 3 months before GenCon, so that people have time to make sure they have the map they want to use for Worlds and practice accordingly. What’s more, those favorite maps are still legal maps at GenCon, just not for Worlds.

This list is not going to be changed between now and GenCon. So although there are new maps that are coming out between now and then, they will not be added to this list for Worlds 2011. Players can expect to find some or all of these maps on the tournament tables when they arrive and players who are choosing maps may opt to use the map supplied or any of these 15 maps as their selection if they have brought it with them (players will not be permitted to take a map from another table, even if it is not in use).

With this list of maps, you have just about all of the game pieces you need for the big event. Of course, any pieces that are released prior to the Worlds Constructed tournament on Saturday will also be legal for team building and that includes the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Moonstone, and Wonder Woman. More on how you’ll be able to get those figures in a little bit!

By Lee

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